Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 31: Kathy

I was sitting in my room. I was getting angry thinking about how stupid I was to think that Psycho wanted me as his mate. I should never have rejected, Wolf. My wolf is laughing at me in my mind.

“What the hell are you laughing at, Lisa I asked my wolf.”

“I am laughing because you thought you had it all figured out. You thought you would be able to take your rejection back when you finished with Psycho. He never wanted to mark you, human. He only wanted to fuck you before your mate did.”

“Funny thing was. He wanted to wait until he turned 18. You couldn’t wait two months. Then you saw his twin brother. You didn’t think that when Wolf turned into a man, he would be bigger and more handsome than Psycho.”

“The joke was on you.”

“You will never get Wolf back. You just keep thinking you will. And human, even if he does fuck you. He will never mark you. You will never become the Luna of his packhouse or second in command of this club.”

“All, Wolf needs you for is the pups you can give him. He doesn’t have to give you any power at all.”

“I can see it coming. Everyone will laugh at you. You will not share his bed as the Luna. You will continue to sleep here in this bedroom. He will make sure that none of the members touches you. At least not until he gets the pups he wants.”

“That is not true. Once he mates with me, he will mark me. He will move me into his bedroom. Wait and see.”

“You wait and see. He will not bring you to his bed. He will come to this bed. You will still have no privileges. He will not move you up in rank. You will still be a whore.”

“Shut up, Lisa. You do not know what you are talking about. I do, human. I have talked to his wolf. He will not even claim you as his woman or give you a property cut. But eventually, he will give that property cut to another woman after, Julie leaves.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Lisa.”

“You will see.”

I sighed and stood up walking to my door. I walked over to the whores table and sat down. I heard Wanda gasp. “What is it, Wanda?”

“It can’t be. Her mate mark is fading. There can be only one way that will happen. Julie has met her real mate. And it is someone that has been here at the club.”

I looked over at Julie and saw her mark is fading. I smiled. But who could be her real mate? The only new men that have been here are Manic, and Shark’s brother, Razor. Her true mate is to be either Manic or Razor. She has not been away from the clubhouse.

Looks like Wolf will turn to me after all. “Kathy, he will only fuck you to get the pups he wants. He is not going to mark you. He will not make you his Luna, or second in command here.”

“You don’t know that,Wanda. He could change his mind.”

“He won’t. He will keep you as a club whore. He won’t move you to his bedroom. If he was going to do that, he would have done it a long time ago.”

We looked up as the door slammed open. In walked Manic, Razor, Shark, and Ace. I watched as they sat down and looked over at Wolf. “Manic, we need to talk. In-office.”

I watched as the two men stood up and walked down the hallway. I then turned and looked at Julie. I was trying to figure out which one was her true mate. I didn’t know. At least not yet. I heard her laugh as Ace, said something to her.

In Wolf’s office, he sat behind his desk not saying anything for a few minutes. “Manic, Julie knows the mate mark is fading. She keeps telling me she loves me. I believe her. But I have talked to the Elders. They told me that she will want to stay with me. However, she will fall ill because she and her wolf need their real and true mate.”

“I talked to Julie. She doesn’t want to leave me. She told me she knows that Razor is her true mate. But she loves me. I do not want her to become ill from being away from Razor. I know that her mate bond will increase and that it would be best if you took her to your clubhouse.”

“So, you are going to willingly let her go?”

“Yes, I am. I know this is for the best. I mated and marked her to get her away from Psycho. I hated seeing her in so much pain. I do love her in my own way. However, she is not my second chance mate.”

“She will leave this weekend. You, Ace, Shark, and Razor will move her on Saturday.”

“I will have a prospect or two bring a van here and load up her things.”

“You make sure she understands that you do not hate her. That she would not be cheating if she mates and marks Razor. That you want the best for her, and this is the best.”

“Don’t worry. I will make sure that she understands all that, and that I did love her in my own way. I will also tell her if she is ever in need of help or danger to come to me. I will protect her.”

“Deal. Have you said anything more about her leaving? Yes. I am giving her time to think.”

“You are doing the right thing, Wolf. One more thing. I think that Razor should stay here and sleep in the room next to yours. His scent will help her.”

“I agree with that. He will have the room next to ours.”

We walked back to the bar and sat down at the table. I told, Razor he would be staying here. He would have the room next to Wolf and Julie. I said I will explain later before I leave. I looked back at Julie. Just as she opened her mouth the door slammed open and a very angry, Shawn walked in.

“Aunt, Shawn what are you doing here, and why are you so mad?”

“Do not play games with me, Julie. Not now.

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