Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 32: The Members See the Real Julie

I did not like being disrespected by my aunt. I stood up walked over to her and looked at her. “Outside right fucking now. I told her.”

As we walked out the door the members ran outside to watch. “I Aunt Shawn, I do not like being disrespected. I have held my tongue for a long time. Now, I am telling you if you disrespect me again, I will punish you.”

“You will punish me. Your own mother!”

“You are not my mother. You, are my aunt.”

“You, listen here you little bitch. I am your mother. I let my own sister raise you as her daughter. I have used my spells to try and keep you safe. Safe from what I found out were lies. Your father is Manic, and I am his mate. You are our daughter.”

“Now you listen and listen well. You will not disrespect me. Do you understand me?”

“I changed into my wolf. I will disrespect you if I choose to. You are not my mother. If you were and if Manic is my father, you would never have left him, taking me with you. I should have been with my father. Not with a woman who would use spells on me to make me forget my true father and my true mate.”

We started fighting each other and I left a scar on Aunt Shawns neck. That is until Manic screamed enough. My wolf knowing, he was my father made me step down and change back to human form.

I took the shirt that Razor handed me and put it on. It reached well past my knees. I looked over at my father and back to Aunt Shawn. The woman who claims she is my mother. “Do not look at your mother with hate, Julie.”

“You, tell me why I shouldn’t hate her? She stole me from you, and my true mate. It is because of her I was used by so many men, claiming to be my mate. It was because of her I felt the sparks from each of them. The only thing she could not stop was when I touched my real mate. The sparks were so strong I lost consciousness.”

“I turned and looked at Wolf. “Wolf, I am sorry. Our mate mark has faded. I love you, but I love my true mate more. I belong to, Razor. I will be leaving and going with him. But first. I have to divorce you.”

“I need some gas.”

I threw my property cut in the barrel and the gas and lit it. “I, Julie divorce Wolf as I am not his true mate.”

“I then walked into the clubhouse and told three prospects to bring boxes to my room.”

I went into the bedroom and started packing all of my things. Once the boxes were filled and I had left a change of clothes out I told the prospect to put the boxes in the shed to be picked up.

I knew that Razor was going to sleep in the room next to my old one. I walked inside the bedroom and put my clothes on the chair. I then walked back to the bar where I saw Shawn sitting next to Manic. I sat in the empty chair next to Razor.

I looked over at Wolf with sad eyes. Just then Kathy yelled across the room. “I will have you now as my mate, Wolf.”

“Come here, Kathy. Just as she started to sit Wolf looked at her. “I did not give you permission to sit next to me.”

“Stand in front of the bar.”

“I am telling all the members not to have sex with you until further notice. I will be getting a pup from you. Once that pup is born, you will continue as the club whore.”

“I will come to your bed. You will not come to mine. You will remain a club whore. I will never mark you, or make you the Luna of my Packhouse, nor second in command of this clubhouse.”

“Any questions?”

“So, Wolf. What you are telling all of use, is that she is only to give you the pups you want.”

“Kathy, has no special privileges, nor any power?”

“That is correct. She is not going to ever be my marked mate. I just need her for pups. Her rejection of me stands as is.”

“I will either find my second chance mate, or I will choose my mate. Kathy rejected me; I don’t want her for anything but the pups I can get from her.”

“Now, Kathy. Go back to the whores table where you belong. The table you always will belong at. In one month be prepared to have sex with only me, until you get pregnant.”

I walked back to the whores table in disbelief. I really thought he was going to change his mind and take me back. Wanda was right. I will never be his marked mate. I will be used for the pups he wants. Nothing more.

As I sat down, I glanced at Wanda. “Stop smiling at me like that.”

“Well, how the mighty has stayed fallen. Have you forgotten that he accepted your rejection now and forever?”

“He will never mark you, Kathy. Especially not having fucked his own brother.”

“You are only good to him for one thing. Those pups he wants.”

“It would not surprise me that after he gets them, you will be traded or sold to another MC.”

“He won’t do that. He needs me near him.”

“No, he doesn’t. Not after he gets those pups. You will not be worth dirt under his feet.”

“Mark my words, Kathy. After he gets what he wants, he won’t even fuck you anymore.”

“The first thing he will do is get rid of you. Who knows, he might even sell you to Snake. After all, you keep refusing Snake when he visits. That would be his revenge, besides making sure you never lay an eye on your own pups.”

“Have you not noticed that Wolf has not yet gotten his revenge against you and Psycho?”

I looked at Wanda with hate in my eyes. “You have always hated me for rejecting, Wolf. Tell me why that is Wanda?”

“I will tell you, Kathy. I hate you just as much as I hate my own sister. My sister fucked my mate. My mate rejected me thinking my sister would let him claim her as his woman, and his mate.”

“Laughing I told her. “I did the same thing that Wolf did you. When my mate rejected me, he did it in front of five MCs and Five visiting, Alpha’s.”

“I shocked the hell out of all of them. I accepted the rejection. I accepted that rejection, now and forever. Then he made a fool of himself again. He asked my sister to let him mate and mark her. She laughed at him. Told him she only wanted to fuck him. And that he wasn’t even worth fucking.”

“My mate thought that I would let him give me pups. When I told him no, he was furious. My father told him; my second chance mate would give me pups.”

“I have not met him yet. In fact. I don’t think I want to. I have found out that most men cheat. So, I might as well fuck when I want to fuck. And fuck who I want to fuck.”

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