Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 33: Shawn and Manic

As soon as Shawn turned back, I threw my tee-shirt at her. As soon as she put it on, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the barn. As I walked, I yelled over my shoulder. “Razor, go and talk to Julie.”

I was so angry at Shawn that once we were in the barn, I threw her towards the pile of hay. I stood over her with my hands on my hips. “How dare you come here and disrespect, Julie like that. She knew nothing about what you were talking about.”

“You asked for the scar your daughter gave you. After all, you have lied to her all her life about being her aunt. And she was telling the truth.”

“You had no trust in me. You believed that bastard and didn’t even want to talk to me before you packed everything and took my daughter from me. You left me. I didn’t leave you.”

“And all these years, you went into heat without me to help you. So just who did help you through your heat, Shawn? Who cheated on who?”

“I searched and searched for you all these years. I still would not have found you if Ace had not been in the same unit as Shark.”

“Dam you, Shawn. How could you not trust me? I loved you more than my own life. When you left you ripped it to piece? I swore to find my daughter and bring her home. I didn’t care what you did. I hurt so bad that I just want to turn and leave you standing here.”

“Tell me this one thing. Were you and, Savage lovers?”

“No, we were not lovers. I have not loved any man, except you. What was I supposed to think? You would never take me with you after Julie was born. All I could think of was that you no longer loved me. That you had to have a mistress. After all, I saw you ride into the mall parking lot with her behind you.”

“You always told me that the only woman to ride behind you or any biker was his woman or family member. I knew all your family. She was not one of them. So, you go straight to hell.”

“I know you saw me standing there as she got off your bike. So do not lie to me.”

“I never lied to you. And you are right. I broke the rules. I let a woman ride behind me that was not you or a family member. It was the president of the Warrior MC’s sister. I was tricked into giving her a ride. She knew I had a mate. She knew she had no chance with me.”

“But you didn’t even wait until I got home to talk to you. You believe Savage when he told you she was my mistress.”

“Oh, forget it. If you ever loved me, you would never have left me.”

I turned and walked out of the barn door. I walked over and sat on my bike. “Where are you going Manic, Shark asked.”

“My clubhouse. Bring my daughter there tomorrow. I will send a few prospects and a van in the morning.”

I started my bike and rode out onto the road without looking back. I was headed to Greenville, Ohio. Back to my clubhouse. As I drove into the compound an hour later, I turned my bike off and looked around.

I saw several new members. I got off my bike and walked into the door. I looked over and saw my VP, Renegade looks up at me. “I will be dammed. Welcome back, Manic.”

“It’s good to be back.”

“I take it you have found them?”

“I did, that son of a bitch raised my daughter, Shawn told her that she was her aunt. I killed Savage.”

“Savage told Shawn I had a mistress; she saw the president of the Warrior MC’s sister get off the back of my bike. She didn’t wait for me to come home and explain. She had packed her clothes and Julie’s and left me.”

“Julie is Razor’s mate. She will be coming here tomorrow. I need you to have two prospects take a van to Wolf’s club and bring her things here.”

“I will take care of it.”

“I need to talk to you in private. Let’s go to the office.” Renegade said.

Once in the office, I sat down at my desk. “What is it, Renegade?”

“I have had problems with the new prospect. He seems to think that he should be the new president.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, he thinks that either you come back for good, or you make me the president. But he thinks he would make a better president. He wants to change things.”

“Change things in what way?”

“He thinks we should make the women prostitute, and that we should sale some woman and drugs.”

“That is not going to happen.”

“He said he is willing to fight you to become president.”

“I started laughing. He does not know who he is dealing with does he?”

“No, he doesn’t. I can’t wait for him to find out you are back. It is for good, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is for good.”

“What about Shawn?”

“If she really loves me, she will come to the clubhouse. If not, she remains my mate, the second in command. And Renegade, make sure the whores and she-wolves stay away from me.”

“Sure, I will put the word out.”

“Good, now can we go back to the bar and have a beer?”

“First, just who is this prospect?”

“The new prospect is Angel.”

“Really, when the hell did, he come here?”

“Three months after you left.”

“I am so going to enjoy this.”

“Now we can go back and sit down and drink.”

“Renegade please have the bedroom prepared for my daughter next to mine.”

As we walked into the bar and I saw in the president’s seat the old members smiled and yelled “Welcome back, Manic.”

I sat watching Renegade stand. “I need the whores to clean the bedroom next to the presidents. His daughter, Julie, and her mate will be arriving tomorrow.”

I had just pulled in and saw a bike parked in the president’s spot. I was furious. That should be my spot. I stormed into the clubhouse. “However, has their bike parked in the president’s spot move it before I kick your ass.”

“Now, why would I move my bike when it is parked in its spot. I am, Manic the president of this clubhouse. Do you have an issue with that?”

I looked over with anger in my eyes. “So, what are you doing here, just visiting?”

“No, I am not visiting. I am back for good. And as you are a prospect you never question me or what I do. So, sit your fucking ass down, or leave the prospect cut and get the fuck out of my clubhouse.”

I stared at Angel not moving my eyes from his. Soon he walked over and sat down. What the fuck, I thought. I was told he was not coming back. Everyone was wrong. He is back for good. I had planned on becoming the next president. That is never going to happen.

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