Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 34: Angel

I thought all the members would agree to have a change in the club. Now that Manic is back they have changed their minds. When I found out just who Manic was, I almost shit my pants. He called me into his office the next morning.

“I am telling you to your face, Angel. I know just who you are, and what you are. This is not the club for you. We are a legit club. The other business is run now by my brother. In case you were not told. I was the head of all the Mafia.”

“I also am telling you; my daughter and her mate will arrive sometime today. Stay away from, my daughter. If you do something she doesn’t like, I will not be responsible if she hurts you.”

“She is an Alpha female, and the second in command even if her mother comes back, and the next president of this clubhouse.”

“Of course, you can feel free to challenge her, but she will kill you. You are no Alpha.”

“And of course, her mate might take objection to you disrespecting her. Razor is not one to mess with. Neither is his brother Shark, or her cousin, or brother as she calls him, Ace.”

“You will meet all of them later tonight.”

“Do you have any questions?”

“No, I understand, Keep my hands, and mouth to myself.”

“That is about it.”

“You can go back to work now. We will have a meeting in a few days. After Julie and her mate settle in.”

“I am going to be reviewing the member’s files. Julie will review the whores.”

I watched as Angel walked out the door. I don’t like him, and I don’t trust him. He will need to be watched. The prospects do not walk around as if they own the place. I will have Renegade choose two members he trusts to watch him.

I looked up as I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

“Manic, the prospect called. Your daughter is on her way. They should be here in an hour.”

“Did, you get her property cut, the one I told you to get?”

“Yes, the box is on the bar.”

“I wanted to make sure that everyone knew she was hands off and she is my daughter.”

“It arrived late last night.”

“Good. Shall we go and grab a few beers and sit on the front porch?”

“I would like that. I want to hear how things have gone for little Julie.”

“She is not so little anymore. Well, maybe she is tiny.”

I just finished the bike I had worked on when I looked up to see three bikes pull into the driveway. My cock twitched when I watched one of the men lift a tiny woman off the back of his bike.

I froze when Manic hugged her. I also noticed how the three men surrounded her. She will be mine. I looked over at the member calling my name. “Angel it is not going to happen.”

“What are you talking about Ice?”

“That is Manic’s daughter and Razor’s mate.”

“She is also an Alpha Female. She can rip you to pieces.”

“Hell, I heard she and her mother got into a fight, she gave her mother a scar on her neck for disrespecting her.”

“Just imagine what she would do to someone that puts their hands on her.”

“Not to mention that Manic, Razor, his brother Shark, and Ace would kill you.”

“Angel, you are not even warrior material. And you sure are not an Alpha or Beta.”

We looked back over to Manic and then the woman hugged Renegade. We heard the growl over here. Then, “Take it down, Razor. I have known this woman since the day she was born. Most of the older members have held her, changed her, protected her.”

“Come on I have your property cut inside.”

We walked into the clubhouse and over to the bar. I watched Manic lift the lid off of a box on the counter. As he took the jacket out, I saw it said, the name of his club and daughter of Manic on it.

Manic put the cut on me and told me. “Wear this all the time. That way the bikers that come here, or meet you outside know you are not to be touched.”

“She will wear that until I claim her biker style and she wear's mine,” Razor told them all. Then we walked over and sat down at the table. I sat between Manic and Razor with Renegade on his other side, and Ace and Shark across from us.

I was seated on Manic’s right side because it let others know that I will be the next president. If Mom was to come here, she will set on his left side showing she is his wife and second in command. But I am the next president and second in command as well as my mother.

Soon the clubhouse started filling up with more and more members. Most of them looking over at the VIP table. Soon, Renegade stood up and walked to the bar.

"Most of you know your president is back. For those of you that are new, Welcome your president, Manic back home."

I stood up and walked to the stand next to Renegade. "I see a lot of new members, and new prospects. I am the president of this club. My name is Manic."

"I am back for good. Next, meet my daughter, and Razor's mate."

I walked over and stood next to Manic. "This is my daughter, Julie. She is the next president of this clubhouse. She along with her mother are my second in commands."

"Razor standing at the table is her mate. Julie is an Alpha Female; you do not want to mess with her. If anyone complains to me about her, you will end up dealing with her."

"All you whores best listen to her as well. She will be in charge of you, until and if my mate comes to the clubhouse."

"She is hands off to every one of you."

"Now, if you have any questions talk to Renegade."

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