Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 35: Shawn

I was so angry at Manic, I went home and got my property cut out, grabbed my boots, jeans, and a tee-shirt. I packed my clothes and had a prospect put them in a Van drive them to Greenville, Ohio straight to Manic's clubhouse.

He is my mate, and we were both in the wrong but he some things to answer for just as much as I have. I left him a letter on the bed. Why is he lying about not knowing where I was?

After I dressed, I walked out to the garage. I walked over to my bike. I sat down started it and rode to Greenville. One hour later I was parking in front of the club.

I opened the door and walked over to the VIP table. Just as I got there, we heard a woman scream. "No! You can't be back."

I turned and looked over at Rachel grinning. " Well, hello, Rachel. Now I know why, Manic did not know where I was."

"You went into our bedroom and took the letter, so he didn't get it."

"What, letter?"

"I left a letter on the bed for you the day I left. Now, I know why you never contacted me. That whore took it."

I turned my head and looked over at Rachel. "Did you go to my bedroom and take the letter my mate left me?"

"Do not lie to me, Rachel. Did you or did you not take the letter my mate left me?"

"Yes, yes I did. She left you. It was my chance for you to claim me. To mark me as your mate."

"As you see, that never happened. You are not my mate. Shawn is my mate. She will always be my mate."

"Now, you know the rules. It is her right to give you a punishment. I believe she owes you an ass beating. She now as permission to do that."

"What's the matter, Rachel? Did you always think I would stop her from beating the shit out of you?"

"I am no longer in control of the punishments dished out to the whores. My daughter, and my mate have that right. I cannot and will not change any punishment they give you."

"Please Manic. She is a Beta female; I am a low she-wolf." Said, Rachele.

"That's right. You are not a Beta or Alpha female. So, it is her right to punish you any way she feels."

"Let me think on it for a day or two. I have other things to discuss with my mate. Then, I will give you the punishment I think fits the crime."

"Hell, I might even cut a finger off or two to teach you not to touch what is not meant for you, and to teach you to stay out of bedrooms that are not yours."

"Now, I want to talk to you in your office. I turned to look at Renegade. When my things arrive put them in the president's bedroom. And thank you."

" Once inside Manic's office I glared at him. "How dare you think that I fucked another man. How dare you, scream at me. And how dare you, not contact my sister."

"You knew she would tell you where I was at. It seems to me that you changed your mind about me. And how dare you to tell me to go to hell."

"Our daughter was the only thing that kept me living. Besides the spells when I went into heat. And since you think that much for me. I will cock block your fucking ass from now on."

I sat in my chair smiling at her. "You are back now. You will go into heat in two weeks. You will need me, and you know it."

"Will I, guess again. I will go to the house and the married wolfs will guard the house. I have spells to keep the pain away. Since you hate me that much, Manic. I don't need you or any male wolf to help me through the pain."

"That is what the new dido's can be used for."

"I will make sure the house in very secure condition."

I turned and walked out of his office. I watched as she walked away from me my mouth hanging open. I could not believe what she said to me. I know it hurt her when I told her to go to hell.

I also had sex with that whore out there three or four times. I know she know it. I don't know how but I know. Then I yelled. "Fuck, I had sex here, at the clubhouse. Shawn felt it every time."

"I cheated. She knows I cheated. But she didn't say one word to me about it. She wants me to figure out why she hates me. And why she is going to cock block me."

"Human, you are one stupid human. You knew she was going to feel it. She was here not one hour drive from this clubhouse. So of course, she felt it, not to mention she is a witch and wolf."

"Our mate will share our bed, but not mate with us. She will share her command of the club, and she will make any whore pay for even looking at you. But what she will do to Rachel, you will not like."

"You and I know that first chance you get, you will fuck that whore. She is the only one you fucked while our mate was gone."

"Our mate never cheated on us. You know it or you would have felt it. Our mate hates us. She hates us for cheating."

"And right now, you best head to the bedroom. Rachel is laying naked in the bed. Our mate is almost at the bedroom door."

I was reaching for the doorknob when I saw Manic running down the hallway. I turned the knob and opened the door. I looked at the bed and Rachel lay there grinning at me naked.

"You no longer share, Manic's bed. I do. I had your things moved to another bedroom." Rachel said.

I stopped furious at what I heard Rachel tell my mate. I then watched as Shawn was dragging Rachel down the hallway naked with Rachel screaming.

"I am second in command here now. Get your fucking hands off me"

Shawn just dragged her kicking and screaming. I followed Shawn as she continued to drag Rachel out the back door and over to the pole in the middle of the yard.

"Prospect, chain her hands to the post above her head. Then tie rope around each of her ankles and stretch her legs apart as far as you can get them."

"Listen up and listen good. Every fucking single man in the club enjoy her ass and pussy until Saturday. She is to remain hanging here until I give her, her final punishment."

I turned and looked at Manic. "Did you think I would not feel it?"

"I am going to make sure that you never fuck this whore again."

"I grinned at him."

"I will make sure both of her holes are so big that all of you can't even feel her walls."

My face went white. "You would not do that."

"Of course, I will. All four of them will be here Friday night."

"They are really going to enjoy having a tight ass, and pussy. After all they hand to their knees. And that is soft. Imagine them hard and banging her ass and pussy for hours"

I turned and walked pass Manic smiling. You promised me. You broke that promise. Now I will make sure your whore suffers for it.

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