Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 36: The Members Are Talking

As we newer members watched Shawn we were pissed. She should not have that much power. Rachel is one of the better fucks. Now she is going to punish her for having sex with the president.

And his daughter is also second in command and the next president. That is bull shit. No woman should be the next president. Angel wants to make us more money. And you all know it.

What angel wants to do is get us in trouble with the law. And what Shawn is doing is making Manic understand that he is her mate and he choose to fuck another woman.

I for one will not follow Angel. I suggest that you all find out just what kind of president, Julie can be and just how strong she is. We did not see Ice standing behind us.

"You want to see what kind of Alpha, Julie is? You will find out tonight. I heard one of the whores is going to call her out for a fight. A fight for the right to fuck, Julie's mate."

"Wait a minute, and here it comes."

We all ran to the back of the clubhouse to see Julie drag, Kelly out the door and throw her on the ground. Julie kicked the whore in the stomach. Then the whore changed into her wolf.

We heard Julie laughing. "You really want to go their bitch." Julie asked. Just then we looked at Julie open mouthed. Shit, she stands as tall as Manic. Well over 7 feet tall. And she had emerald eyes like him."

I took my paw and slapped the whore in her side sending her flying 10 feet into the air and she landed with her back against a tree.

I then walked over to her and took my nails right down her face and one took her right eye out. I lifted my paw and looked at the eye. I shook it off my nail and once it hit the ground, I stepped on it is smashing it.

I then growled and every she wolfs, and male wolf bent their head showing their necks. I changed into my human form and Razor handed his shirt to me.

After putting it on I looked at that whore. Change now, I said using my Alpha voice. Once she changed, I looked at her. Next time you disrespect me I will rip your other eye out leaving you blind.

"Now get the fuck out of my sight."

"Shit, she is worse than Manic the new prospects said. "Too bad that Angel was not here to see that." Ice told them.

"He might think twice before demanding to fight her. He will lose and she will kill him."

"Oh, but he will hear about it. He won't believe it, but he will hear what happened while he was gone."

"Those two women are very angry women. And they want revenge."

"Did you see how much she looked like Manic's wolf? You would not be able to tell them apart. Accept the Manic's wolf has balls."

"I say that when she gets pissed, she gets pissed. And I for one do not want to be on her shit list. Now, I need a beer. I don't know about the rest of you."

We all followed him inside the club and went to our tables and sat down. Once there I leaned against the wall and listened to the new prospects.

I thought to myself. Angel is in for one hell of a shock if he demands to fight Julie. When that happens, it will be to the death. And she doesn't like or trust Angel.

I was talking to Dark Angel at his club. I was shocked when he turned and looked at me. "Angel, I am not interested in what you have to say. Manic's club is run by him. He is also the head of all the Mafia's."

"I know he is handing that side over to his brother, Poison. And Poison is into the drugs, prostition and guns. But they will not kidnap women and sale them. Anyone that does will make a bad end."

"It doesn't matter who is running the Mafia. In the end, Manic is the number 1 boss. And his daughter will become number 1 if anything happens to Manic."

"If you value your life do not fuck with Manic and what is his. Even I will stand behind him. Every MC will."

"No one likes you, Angel. They only tolerate you. But if you mess with Manic, a bounty will be put out on your head. And believe me, I will watch his daughter rip you to pieces."

"How do you know his daughter, Black Angel?"

"I served in the services with her cousin, brother, Ace."

"I am also her cousin on Manic's side."

"So, she is my cousin."

"Mother Fucker. So, this is all a family business."

"Hell, everyone knows that, Angel. You did not do your homework. No MC will help you. And if you ever come back here asking me to go against Manic, I will nail you to a cross. Literally."

"Now get the fuck out of my clubhouse and do not come back."

I looked over at my VP. "Animal lets go to my office. We are going to warn, Manic about Angel."

"I opened my phone and saw Black Angel was calling. I answered and asked what was going on."

"Angel was here. He wants me to help take you down so he can be the president. I told him no one will help him, and if he asked again, I would nail him to a cross."

"He is headed back to your club now."

"Thanks, Black Angel for letting me know. And when are you going to come and see your cousin?"

"This weekend."

"It will be good to see you again, Black Angel. It has been a long time. By the way, Shark, Ace, and Razor are here. And Razor is Julie's mate."

"I look forward to seeing all of them. See you Saturday."

I hung up the phone and looked at Renegade and the men. I told them what Black Angel said. "This is going to be interesting when Angel gets back here." Ace said.

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