Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 37: Renegade Sets Some Members Straight

There was some arguing going on about what Shawn planned for Rachel. Shawn should not be able to give any of the whores a punishment. She is just a woman sleeping with Manic. A prospect said.

We looked up to see Renegade standing in front of us with his arms crossed. "Listen here you dumb mother fuckers. Shawn is Manic's wife, woman, and mate. She is second in command along with their daughter, Julie."

"You better get wise. Things will change now that Manic is back. None of you want to get on his bad side. In fact. All of you will be begging Shawn to forgive, Manic soon. Very soon for cheating."

"When he can't get any sex, he will be angry, and very hard to live with. You will beg, her to forgive him. Mark my words. When she goes into heat and locks herself in the cabin with mated, male wolfs guarding her so Manic can't get to her you will change your tone fast."

"So do not rock the boat. You won't like it or what happens."

"And you do not want to disrespect either of those women. They will fight you like a man, and they will hurt you. After that, Manic, Razor, Shark, and Ace will fight you. So, if I were you. I would walk on eggs in two weeks."

We looked at each other as Renegade walked away. "You don't really think that it will get that bad around here, do you." One prospect asked.

"I think it will be worse. I suggest we do what, Renegade says."

Just then we saw Angel walk into the club. We watched as he walked over to the bar and grabbed a beer before walking over and pulling a chair out.

"What's up, Angel?"

"Nothing good."

" What did Black Angel have to say?"

"He is related to Manic. He told me not one MC will help. He also told me if I ever came back to his club, he would nail me to a cross. Literally."

"I know that after I left his clubhouse the first thing, he did was to call Manic."

"Well, too bad you were not here. Your favorite whore got her ass beat and lost an eye."

"Who the fuck did that to her and why?"

"She decided she wanted to fuck, Julie's mate. She challenged Julie to a fight."

"Let's say she lost. And she is the same size and color as Manic with the same-colored eyes."

"You are lying." Said, Angel.

"Nope, we are not. And look there comes your favorite whore."

"Fuck, I don't want to fuck that anymore."

"Angle, look what that bitch did to me." Kelly said.

"Not my problem, Kelly. I hear you got just what you asked for. Now go away and send, Dee Dee to me." Angel to her.

"But you only fuck me."

"Not anymore. Go now and do what I told you to do."

I walked over to the table and told Dee Dee that Angel wants her."

I looked at Kelly and smiled. "He doesn't want you now that you look like that does, he?"

I stood up and walked over to Angel. Once there he pulled me onto his lap and kissed my neck.

"From now on, I will fuck only you."

Finally, I will get to fuck, Angel. Of course, when he is not here, I have to fuck the other members. I laughed inside. Kelly is no longer his exclusively. I am.

We all looked up as four very huge, tall men walked in the door. "Where is our sweet little Julie at, they yelled."

I stood on a chair and screamed back. "Who the fuck wants to know?"

"Awa, Julie is that anyway to talk to your best male friends?"

We walked over and hugged her and then heard the growl. "Take your hands off my mate."

"No can do, Razor. She was our friend before she was yours."

"You four are really playing with fire." Said, Razor.

"We know it, but do we care? Hell, no we don't"

We pulled up chairs and sat at the table. We looked over at Shawn. "How are you, Shawn?"

"Good, thanks for coming. Your project is hanging outside. Feel free to go and look her over."

We stood up and walked out the door. We saw the whores checking the front of our jeans out. None of them could handle us. We know that.

We walked over looking at the woman hanging from the pole. Should have not fucked, Shawn's mate. Now we get you. We had our backs to club as we unzipped our jeans.

We let our cocks hang out soft. "No, please do not put those things inside me."

"Oh, we are going to fuck that mouth, ass, and pussy with them very hard. You will never be able to fuck anyone but a man with the size of our disks when we finish."

"You should never have fucked a man that you knew has mated and marked. Now you will suffer. And if you think this all Shawn has in mind for you. Think Again."

I watched as they put their cocks back in their jeans. Then I watched as they walked back into the club. I am going to die. They are going to hurt me.

This is all his fault. My wolf said, "No, you went after Manic. He didn't go after you."

I looked in the windows and watched the members moving around. God, I would give a blow job for a beer. But none of the member will come near me.

I am sure that they will complain and Manic will change his mind and not let that bitch do this to me.

"If you believe that he will go against his mate human, you are wrong. You are no good to him now his mate is back. Along with his daughter."

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