Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 38: Angel Goes Too Far

I sat through the night watching that bitch. She thinks she is going to become the next president she has another thing coming to her. I also do not like what she did to Kelly,

I walked over to the VIP table. I looked down at her. "Just who the hell do you think you are to do that to Kelly?"

"I am the daughter of Manic, the second in command, and the next president. And she challenged me. She wanted to fuck my mate. On top of that, I never turn down a challenge."

"Why, do you want to test me, Angel?"

"Let me tell you this before you do. Think twice. Because if you Challange me just to fight, you will not come out of that challenge looking so handsome. But, hey, the choice is yours."

"You fucking, little bitch. I will challenge you to a fight. But let's make this interesting. I get to fuck you, if I win."

I growled. Razor, calm down. You know he is not going to beat me. And you know why."

"Fine, take it outside." Razor said.

"Come on boys, this is going to be interesting."

I followed, Angel out the back door and said, Let's do this. Wolf or human form? She asked. "Human, said Angel."

I changed into my wolf and looked down at him. As I looked up at her, I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I was nowhere near as big as she is.

I changed and once I did, she swiped her claws down my face and then grabbed me behind my neck. She told me, "You actually think you would put your dirty nasty infected cock in my? That is never going to happen."

I threw him across the yard where he ended up hitting a tree. I ran at her but before I could scratch or bit her, she stomped one huge paw on my stomach and nearly smashed my balls.

Then she raised her other paw and placed one of her nails on my check. "I told you that you would not be handsome then she scrapped her nail down my face. She started at my eyebrow and went down to my chin.

I then bowed my head showing my neck. I watched as she turned back to her human form and one of the big men handed her his shirt.

After I changed, she looked at me with icy eyes. "I do not like you; I do not trust you. So, heed my warning. The next time you challenge me, I will kill you."

I watched as she and the members walked into the club. I was helped up by Ice. "I told you when she first got here but you would not listen. Now I think you will."

"Man, she did a job on you, that's for sure. You can't say she didn't warn you. Your wolf might heal some of the damage, but your face will have one hell of a scar."

"Angel, I would have Sworn not only the prospects told you, but what she did to Kelly should have warned you that she is not to be messed with. She is a fucking Alpha you dumb ass."

After I helped Angel to the doctor's office, I leaned against the wall with my arms crossed. "Well, doc what is the damage, Angel asked him?"

"You are not going to be as handsome as you once were. You will have a scar running from your eyebrow down to your chin. You are lucky she didn't take one of your eyes, like she did Kelly."

"I looked into the mirror that the doctor handed me. "Angel, don't keep pushing your luck. I heard about you wanting to become president. Son, that is never going to happen."

"This is a family-owned clubhouse. It will always be a family-owned clubhouse. That will never change. And do not get any ideas of trying to force a mate bond. You still would not be the president."

"Why is that?"

"You do not have the blood of Manic's family running through your veins. That is why."

"So even if Julie became president, and you forced a mate mark, number one, it would not remain permanent, number two, her family would kill you, if she didn't."

"If you want to be a president, you will have to build, you're on club us from the ground."

"Take my advice. Stop while you are ahead. The MC's have already heard about what you wanted from Black Angel."

"They will not help you. Even if you wanted to start your own MC."

"No one likes you, let alone trusts you. One day, you are going to get hurt bad if you do not change your ways. And the members can make it very hard if impossible for you to become a full-fledged member."

"You would have to do something that earned your membership. And that would have to be something really special"

"She came nearly half an inch from taking my eye out. She also could have gone deeper and made sure the scar stuck out bad. It will be a scar but not as bad as I thought it would be."

"Angel, what is it that causes you such anger when you look at Julie?"

"I hate her because she refused to claim by brother, Reaper and she got him killed."

"You heard wrong, Angel. Reaper refused to claim her. Two days after he met did you know he kissed a whore in front of her?"

"No of course he would not tell you that. Did you know that he fucked that same whore that night for hours? A lot of the members felt what she was feeling. They even left the club to get away from her screams."

"He continued to hurt his mate, her on purpose. Ask the and your father if you don't believe me. Reaper deserved what happened to him."

"Hell, go ask Wolf why he marked and mated with her? Because his brother used her as well. Psycho was just like, Reaper. She never deserved what they did to her."

"So, once you have that conversation with all of them. Then you tell me who you should really hate and want to get revenge on."

I turned and walked out of the doctor's office. "Angel, what Ice said is the truth. Julie never cheated on any of them. They all cheated on her and treated her like shit."

"And Angel. Once you hear the truth. You should apologize to Julie. Not that she would accept it. You would be just like the rest of them as far as she is concerned."

"She would not help you if you and an enemy were lying hurt in the middle of the yard. She would help her enemy first. That is how much she would hate you."

"Now, get the hell out of my office."

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