Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 39: Someone Is Watching

I followed Manic, Razor, and Shark here to this clubhouse. I sat back in the corner by the back door. No one seemed to bother me. I just sat her watching and listening.

I didn't go near the whore's table. And none of the men seemed to notice me. I was ordered to let him know if Julie was safe. If she, wasn't they would move in and take her right under their noses.

The boss won't like to hear how big she is, and that she is the true Alpha and really Manic's daughter. He likes strong woman though. But Julie seems to be so much younger than him.

I don't know why he wants her, or how he even knows about her. It is a need-to-know basis. And I do not need to know. I just need to watch her and report back to the man.

I looked up to see Angel walk into the bar and over to the table he usually sets at. I grinned as I took a drank of my beer. Julie put him in his place, and he is not as cocky as he was when he challenged her.

I looked closer at his face and almost laughed. By God, she told him what would happen if he challenged her. She left a scar on his face. It really doesn't draw from his looks that much.

Not the boss will love that. Julie does just what she says she will do. And she leaves the person that challenges her in pain. I noticed that she hates most men. She also calls Manic by his name. She does not call parents mom and dad.

There is certainty a puzzle here. Manic does not hold Shawn to him, Shawn glares at Manic. I will find out why. I have watched the cabin in the woods being remodeled. It looks like it is going to be for Julie and Shawn if and when they go into heat.

I know that Julie and Shawn share the bedrooms with their mates. I understand why Julie and Razor have not mated yet. She was used by most of the men from her past. Razor is her real mate.

They are getting to know each other and plan on mating and marking each other in six months. Julie will then go to his clubhouse and be mated.

No one knows but I have my own reason for watching her. I walked out the back door while everyone was getting drunk and walked to my car.

I drove to the house and as I walked in my brother looked at me. "You do not look very happy."

"I am not. I am so furious I want to rip your head from your shoulders."

"You have got to stop this. You should never have rejected your mate let alone fucked around on him. I warned you years ago that it was not going to turn out well."

"I know you did. I just never thought he would add that now and forever when he accepted my rejection."

"tell the truth. You thought that Psycho would mate and mark you. But he didn't. He still won't. And now you are pissed because Wolf refuses to give you another chance."

"I am telling you, Kathy. You are going to get yourself, killed. You need to just leave it alone and go on with your life."

"I can't. She is the first woman that he mated and marked. I should have been the one he mated and marked. Not her."

"Kathy, if you continue with this, I will call Manic and tell him what you are up to. Now go back to the club and think about what can happen."

I watched my sister walk out the door. She is crazy and she is lying to someone as she does not plan on letting them take Julie. She wants to hurt, Julie.

Back at Wolf's club I walked in and looked over at the table. What the hell. I sniffed the air. The woman is a she-wolf. A very beautiful she-wolf at that.

Who the hell is she and what is she doing with Wolf? I walked over and sat down at the table. I looked over at the VIP table. Candy saw me looking.

"She is beautiful, isn't she?"

"Who is she?"

"She is the sister-in-law of Black Angel."

"She and Wolf seem to be getting to know each other."

"I heard Wolf ask her to go on a date with him."

"And she accepted. They are going out Friday."

Son of a bitch. While I was watching Julie, this bitch as wiggled her way into getting Wolf to take her on a date. Then my wolf said. "I told you that another woman will his property cut, and mark. You would not listen to me."

"Shut-up, I told my wolf."

I decided that I need to leave the club. "Candy, have you ever thought of leaving the club?"

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know moving to another state. I am thinking of moving to Florida. I have a college degree in teaching. I thought about trying to get a teaching degree."

"I have thought about it. Why don't we go together? We can get decent jobs and find good men to settle down with. Maybe our second chance mates."

"Let's go to my room and look some things up online. You know, houses for sale we could buy a two-bedroom house, at the edge of town if possible."

We stood up and walked down to the basement. I followed Candy to her room. We are going to start a new life together. Get away from the clubs.

It will be interesting and a new start for us. I really need to stop feeling so angry and start a new life where I don't have to see, wolf every day, and wish I had never rejected him.

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