Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 4: Shawn

My name is Shawn, I am Peggy’s older sister. I am also a witch. I help she-wolves that are called a mate without a mate. That means their mates found them, but they have not claimed them or rejected them. Their mate will fuck other she-wolves and human women. This causes severe pain, for their mates.

I will block the mate bond. If the she-wolf decides to accept her mate and he mates and marks her I will remove the block. However, if she chooses to not mate and let her mate mark her, the block will remain.

I am here for two reasons. I came to spend a month with my sister, and to block the mate bond between, Julie and Reaper. Yes, I know Reaper. I know everyone. I sensed someone watching. I turned my head and looked into his eyes.

I can mine link any she or male wolf. I mine linked Reaper. “I know what you did to Julie, I am here to block your mate bond, Reaper.”

“I will make sure my niece never feels you fucking another whore, or any woman.”

“I will add something new to the spell. She will forget that you are her second chance mate. She will receive her third mate.”

“And it will be your enemy. Psycho, I think would make the perfect third chance mate.”

“No, witch, you can’t do that,” Reaper yelled in his mind.

“I am not the one doing it. The Moon Goddess is.”

“Ask, the Elders of your pack.”

I closed the mine link and looked over at, Julie.

I turned and walked to the clubhouse and my office. I sat down and lifted the phone and called Elder, Olive. She is my aunt.

“Reaper, I know why you are calling. Gossip spreads fast. So, the Witch, Shawn is across the street from your clubhouse.”

“Yes, she is.”

“Your second chance mate is having the mate bond blocked. You knowingly caused your second chance mate pain and the Pack members felt it happening.”

“You want to know if a mate who has been ignored, or rejected but, not rejected can have a third chance mate.”

“Yes, that is what I want to know.”

“The books have stated the Moon Goddesses will grant a she-wolf a third chance mate. But it has happened once every, 500 years. Look’s like your mate won the lottery.”

“Your mate, Reaper. She does have a third chance mate. And you will not like who that mate will be.”

“You, made a big mistake, Reaper. I hope that you are happy with the choice you made.”

I wondered which enemy is her third chance mate?”

I am going to regret not claiming my mate.

“You, stupid human. I know who her third chance mate is.”

“How do you know, Wolf?”

“We all know. But we are bound not to tell. It has to run its course.”

“And the Elder is right. You will not like who that next mate is. And he is close to you. Closer than you think.”

I thought about what my wolf told me. Closer than I think. Someone in my Pack. it has to be. This is going to drive me crazy.

Back at Shotgun’s Packhouse, Reaper’s cousin Psycho was told he had to visit Reapers, clubhouse with his father. He hates Reaper with a passion. Reaper cheated on his girlfriend, saying he cheated because she cheated first.

That was a lie. Reaper cheated with Psycho’s mate when they were in high school. When Psycho’s mate Terri rejected, Psycho now and forever, she regretted it. She thought that Reaper would reject his mate for her. He didn’t do that.

Even after his mate died in the car wreck. He refused to mark Terri. She still lives at Shotgun’s Packhouse. Psycho has hated being touched by she-wolfs after that day. Really hates being touched by any female.

My wolf started talking to me. “Rasor, what is so important?”

“We are going to see our second chance mate.”

“I don’t want a mate.”

“You will want this mate. She is beautiful, and she was Reaper’s second chance mate. He hurt her. He doesn’t want her. Well, he does, but he thought she was too young for him.”

“She is 20 years old. Four years older than he thought she was.”

“He wants her now that the Elder told him her next mate is his enemy.”

“She won the lottery. Once every 500 years, a mate without a mate gets a third chance mate. And that is you.”

“Is that right? I am so going to enjoy this visit after all.”

“There is a problem, human.”

“What is that?”

“The witch is blocking the mate bond between Reaper and your mate.”

“All the better.”

“Why are you talking to your wolf?” Shotgun asked him.

“I am, Reapers, mates third chance mate.”

“I am going to love going to his clubhouse now.”

“I am going to chase my mate, get to know her. Invite her and her family here.”

“Finally, revenge is so sweet. He will watch his once mate carry my pup’s, watch her kiss me, hold me in her arms, she will smile at me, not him. He will never have another mate or pups.”

“Psycho, do not hurt her as he did.”

“Father, I will treat her like a queen. She will want for nothing. I sure as hell won’t cheat on her. She will give me many, many pups. And I watch the pain in his eyes when he looks at her.”

“The pain he and Terri gave to me.”

“And Terri, she will see the pups she could have had if she had not cheated with Reaper.”

“I do believe that the Moon Goddess knows how to make her wolves that cheat and reject us, or don’t want to mate and mark the mate she gives them a hard-earned lesson.”

“Besides, isn’t my mate’s mother the one you are interested in?”

“You are right. She will come and visit when your mate comes.”

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