Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 41: Razor Screwed Up

I looked over at my VP and put my head in my hands. "Razor, what the hell did you do?"

"I saw Julie, my mate standing there and accidently bit that whore. Thank god, I did not complete the mark."

"That beautiful woman that slapped you is your mate?"

"Yes, she is. But she will never forgive me. Not ever."

"I don't think she will trust you now, Razor."

"And that other woman was who?"

"Manic's mate and Julie's mother."

"Oh, boy. You just got on Manic's bad side. Along with your brothers I might add."

"The look of hate in his eyes when he left here. He wanted to kill you."

"It is a long story."

"I have the time to listen. But not right now. I suggest we meet in your office tomorrow and you tell me just what is going on."

"You have a deal. But, Ranger, keep the whores away from me."

"Not a problem."

I ran to Manic's property, but I could not bring myself to go inside the bar. "I want to die, Julie."

"Our mate almost marked a human as his mate. It hurts. My neck hurts, my heart hurts. We can't trust him now. Not after what he did."

"Maybe we are not meant to have a real mate. A mate that loves us, would not cheat on us. Maybe we are not meant to have pups of our own."

"I closed our mine link and walked into a cave. I sniffed around and then walked over to the back and lay down. I crawled up in a ball and closed my eyes."

When I arrived at the club I looked around for Julie. "Where is she, Manic?"

"I don't know. She closed her mine link."

"No one can find her."

The next morning, I stood up and sniffed the air. I walked out of the cave and went hunting. I was hungry. My human is still hurting and not answering me. I have to keep us alive.

I ran down a deer and lay down eating it. I then walked toward the club and lay down in the grass. I heard everyone talking and telling Manic I cannot be found.

I stayed in wolf form for one week before I changed back to my human form. I found a tee-shirt hanging on a branch. It belonged to Ace. I put it on and walked toward the club. Once inside a prospect looked at me.

"The bitch is back." He spoke.

I growled at him showing my teeth and he backed up. "That's what I thought you little prick."

I walked down the hallway glaring at anyone that looked at me. I walked into my room shutting and locking the door. Then I took a shower.

As I walked down the hallway I sniffed. What the hell is Razor doing here. I walked to the table telling a prospect to bring me a hamburger, fries, and a Pepsi. I walked over and sat down in the empty chair next to Ace and Shark.

I refused to look at or talk to Razor. I saw everyone glaring at him. "Look, I made a mistake. I was wrong. Julie, it was an accident."

"I blocked him out and ate my meal."

"She won't talk to you Razor. She doesn't trust you or believe you."

"His wolf is trying to talk to me. I told him he bit that whore. He would not have done it if he didn't want her for his mate."

"Block him, do not talk to him."

"I think that we should go. Move somewhere far away from all of them. Run with the wolves for a while."

"Go where there are no humans."

"You mean, we need to die."

"No, we need to leave and be alone in the middle of the forest."

"Somewhere that we can mend our heart."

"I agree with you. We will leave letters for Manic, Shawn, Shark, and Ace."

"We will leave tonight."

"I will take a few clothes, after all I won't need much if we remain in wolf form most of the time."

After eating I stood up and said good night. I walked to my bedroom and locked the door. I wrote the letters and slid them under all their bedroom doors. I then walked down the hall and out the back door.

By the time they went to bed we would be long gone. We would be back one day. The day we left was June of 2020. I would not realize that it would be five years before I returned to Manic's club.

It was five years later. The year is 2025. My wolf said, "Human it is time to return home. We have been gone for five years."

"I guess you are right. We are stronger now. We can deal without our mate. By now he must have claimed and marked another."

"And if he hasn't?"

"We don't need him."

"We will leave in the morning. We don't know what has happened since we left."

Back at Manic's club Shawn sat on the swing looking across the field. Maybe today, Julie will come home. I looked up as Manic sat next to me.

"Shawn, she will come home one day."

I lay my head on his arm. "I want her home now. We don't know if she is dead or alive."

"Baby, she will be changed when she comes home. She will be different."

"I know that Manic. But she is our only child."

"I don't care if she is just as angry. Razor almost marked a whore."

"A wolf is running across the filed a member yelled."

We looked over and smiled. "Hell, Manic it looks like your wolf."

"That is my daughter coming home."

As I reached the porch I changed to my human form. I took the shirt Renegade handed me. I took the backpack off and put the shirt on.

"Welcome, home Julie."

As Shawn stood up, I saw she was pregnant. "So, I am going to have a sibling after all these years, I said."

"Yes, in two months."

"I dreamed of you coming home. Why after five years?"

"It was time. I am stronger, I do not need my mate now."

"Tell him to stay away from me."

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