Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 42: Razor and Shark receive a phone call

I picked up my phone and saw it was Renegade. “What’s up Renegade?”

“Julie is home. Thought I would call you and let you know.”

I heard Razor’s phone ring. I watched as he picked it up. “Razor, Julie is home. She doesn’t want to see you. She said she doesn’t need a mate and for you to stay away from her.”

“Manic, I can’t do that.”

“She won’t talk to you, Razor. She has changed. She is cold, and she hates you.”

“You know she is my mate. You know, I have to see her.”

“Good luck with that, Razor.”

I know that Manic had told Razor, she was back, and she didn’t want to see him. I am going to Manic’s club. See you later. I stood up and walked out the door. I than sat on my bike and started it. I drove to Manic’s to see for myself.

I turned to see the bike ride into the compound. I didn’t smile or show any emotions as Shark got off the bike. “Just where the hell have you been the past five years, Julie?”

I have looked everywhere for you. I can’t believe that you just left the letters. I reached out to touch her. “Do not touch me, Shark.”

“What is wrong with you Julie. Did someone hurt you, did the hold you somewhere?”

“No one hurt me, and no one held me anywhere. I was running with regular wolves. I am making sure that I remain as I am. I don’t want to be touched, that’s all.”

We all heard the sound of more bikes ride and then turn off. So, this is the cousin that Ace was so insistent to see. I calmly looked at Julie. Something is different about her. She looks so cold.

She is beautiful, but cold. She looks like an ice queen. I watched as she looked at me, Ace, and Razor with such cold eyes.

“Julie got dam you. How dare you leave and disappear for five years. Why couldn’t you just come to me and tell me what that son of a bitch did?”

“I am a big girl, Ace. I am a female Alpha; I do not answer to anyone. I am the next president of this club. Or maybe not, I turned and looked at Shawn’s belly.”

“You are first born, so you are still the next president. Doesn’t matter if that baby is a boy.” Manic said.

“As for you. You can leave. Unless you have a meeting with Manic.” I said looking at, Razor.

“I have no meeting with him. He was told you did not want to see him.”

I knew that the mark on the whore never went away. I crossed my arms glaring at him. “Why are you here? Why are you not back at your club with your mate. “?

“She is not my mate, and you know it, Julie.” Razor said.

“I am afraid that the mate mark is still on her neck. That makes her your mate. Not me.”

I sat on my bike looking at her. I wanted her before she left, I want her now. I am still pissed that, Kelly lied to me and moved to Florida.

I watched as Razor got off his bike and reached out to grab, Julie. I was shocked to see Razor suddenly fly backwards. He didn’t stop until he hit the garage door across from the clubhouse.

It happened so fast no one saw it coming. “Fuck me, lady.”

I turned and looked at the man that said that. He is handsome. With emerald, green eyes, long black hair hanging to his waist, long legs, strong arms, and a six pack.

“And just who are you?”

“I am the president of the Wind Rider MC; my name is Revenge. And I am a friend of your cousins.”

“Did you really just kick your mate across the compound?”

“He is not my mate, not since the day he gave that whore in his club the mate mark. That was the day I left here.”

I heard her tell Revenge she was not mate and I yelled at her. “You are my mate. It was an accident that I marked that whore.”

“As long as she wears your mark, she is your mate. I am no longer your mate. Ask any man standing here if that is not the truth?”

“Razor, you know it is the truth. We all know that when you marked that whore, she became your mate. Julie is no longer your mate.”

“Razor, do not come near me again. I hate you. I would rather kill you then let you even try to claim, mate, or mark me even is that whore was dead.”

“I was right to not leave here that day. You are just like every male on earth. You can’t keep your cock out of other women’s pussies.”

“You will need me when you go into heat.”

I started laughing. “I have not needed you, or any other man for the past five years.”

I lived among wolves with no human contact for five years. I don’t need you. And even if I did need a man, it would not be you.”

“Any single man here can help me through my heat if I need it. I would prefer one of them over you. So, you just keep on thinking that. I may hate Angel, but I would even prefer him over you.”

“So, stay away from me. Go back to your mate, you are not wanted here. Not for the past five years.”

“I do not need a man to satisfy me or take care of me. I can take care of myself.”

I still want her. I will have her in time. Even if it is just for her to keep other males away from her. I would claim her, mate her and mark her. She is my chosen mate.

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