Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 43: Julie Returns Home

She is cold, I like that. It is her coldness that will draw many males wolfs, presidents, VP’s, enforcers, Beta’s and Alpha’s to her. Thank God, I am an Alpha. Besides, Manic. I am the most feared Alpha alive. We would make a good match.

“Leave, Razor. Do not come back unless you are called for a meeting. That is the only time I need to see your face. And just so you know. Our mate bond is broken. I feel nothing for you.”

“Ask your wolf, he will tell you all about that, I am sure. Even my wolf does not want yours. What we want is a strong Alpha male by our side. One is will not want to change us but accept us as their mate and partner. Good-bye Razor.”

“Good luck finding an Alpha Male to put up with, Julie.”

“I don’t need luck. He will find me when he is ready.”

I turned and glared at the members. “What the hell are you all staring at?”

“I see a lot of new faces. Let me introduce myself. I am the oldest daughter of manic and Shawn, I am second in command here next to Shawn. I am also your next president. And remember this. I do not like to be disrespected.

I grabbed my backpack and walked into the bar. “Whiskey, give me the key to my bedroom.” I held out my hand as he dropped the key in it.

I then turned and walked toward the hallway and then my bedroom. Once inside I noticed it had been kept clean. I stripped, took a shower and dressed. After putting my hair in a messy bun, I put on my property cut.

I was talking with the president of the Viking MC when we were told that Manic’s daughter came home. The VP told us everything that happened, and I was in the middle of drinking my beer when he looked at me.

“Razor told her she would need him when she went into heat, she told him she had not needed any man for the past five years. Then she said, as much as I hate Angel, I would rather have him touch me than you.”

I spit my beer across the table, and they started laughing. I had changed my opinion of her after I checked out every think Renegade told me. I should never have treated her the way I did.

“She hates me, so why would she tell her mate that? Oh, wait, he marked a whore the night she left. So, no matter how much Razor wants to believe that Julie is still his mate, she isn’t.”

“Razor would want to kill me if I helped her through her heat.”

“Not that I wouldn’t. I owe her for how bad I treated her, myself.”

Just then Ice walked into Jim’s club. As he sat down, he looked over at me laughing. I have to show you something, Angel. It might make your day.

“We all watched the video. And I was shocked at the change in Julie. She is colder, harder, showed no emotions.”

The five years and everything that happened to her made her even more angry. She will hate seeing me. I looked over at Ice. “Does she know that I am the enforcer?”

“Nope. She has not asked, and she doesn’t seem to care. She is cold, Angle. She is as cold as an ice queen. Some of the prospects and members are calling her the ice queen behind her back.”

“Truth is, I don’t think she would give a shit if they called her that to her face.”

“And she is fast. We never saw her kick Razor across the compound, she is that fast.”

I rubbed the scar on my face. “Are you still angry for the scar?”

“No, I am not angry about that. I am angry I believed Kelly. I should have investigated first. I didn’t.”

“Do you want me to tell her you are the enforcer now?”

“I don’t really care if she knows or not. The day she takes over I will be her enforcer. When are you coming back to the club?”

“Tonight, I will ride back with you.”

Back at the club we watched as Julie walked out the door and toward the backyard. She was dressed in a tight cut off shirt that came below her breasts. She had tight leggings on, and she carried two swords.

I had been practicing for about an hour when I heard two bikes ride into the compound and turn off. I heard the footsteps behind me. I swung my sword short of the man’s neck.

He just stood looking down at me. “What do you want, Angel?”

I looked at his cut. He is now the enforcer. “So, you moved up in the past five years I see.”

“Yes, and I owe you an apology.” He told me.

I moved my sword from his neck and put it away. “You don’t owe me shit. You hated me on sight. I hated your cocky attitude. It seems we changed sides.”

“You are no longer cocky. I am an Ice cold, bitch.”

“I heard what you told Razor. I will accept if you ever need help.”

“I won’t need help, Angel. I lived five years with real wolves. No human contact. I managed just fine without help. I can continue to manage without any help. But thank you. I will remember that.”

I picked up both my swords and walked back into the club and to my room. I knew I would be going to heat in a weak. I showered, dressed and went to find Shawn.

“What is it, Julie?”

“I need the key to the cabin. I need to make sure it is stocked. I will be going into heat this week. I also need mate wolves assigned to guard the cabin when I do.”

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