Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 44: Word Gets Around

I took the key to cabin and turned walking out the back door. I reached the cabin and unlocked the door. It was clean, it had two bedrooms. I looked at the cupboards and saw it was filled with food.

I than checked the freezers, they were stocked with meat. Next I turned on the four huge icemakers. It would take a few days for the to fill up. They would be ready by the time my heat starts.

I shut and locked the door putting the key in my jean pocket before going back to the club. I walked over and sat at the VIP table. I looked across the table to see Angle sitting there.

I noticed she didn’t touch any male. I can’t say I blame her. Not after everything that has happened to her. I asked a prospect to bring me coffee, and bisque and gravy.

I watched her eat the food and then she stood up carrying her plate into the kitchen. She came out a few minutes later with more coffee.

I watched as she sat back down. I did not notice the small laptop she had. I watched as she opened it and started typing. Then her phone rang.

“Hello, Donna.”

“Yes, I am home it is true.”

“Sure, you can come in two weeks. I will have finished my heat by then.”

“It will be nice to see you again. Alright. See you then.”

“Donna is one of the people who trained me since I have been gone. She is as cold and full of hate as me. She went through the same thing.”

“She and I understand each other. When we get together, we scar the shit out of most men. We love it.”

I woke up and knew I was going into heat. I grabbed the things I would need for a week. As I walked over to tell, Shawn you could see the single males sniff the air.

I walked out the back door and to the cabin. Once inside I locked and bolted the doors. I then took the padlocks and put them on the doors.

I looked over at Revenge and Angel. Being single we all sniffed. Fuck, Julie is going into heat. “What the hell smells so good, Angel asked Ice.”

“Julie, she is going into heat. I would say she is at the cabin by now.”

“Her scent is going to drive Razor crazy. That whore he marked. She is human. To him, Julie is still his mate. He didn’t mark the whore on purpose it was an accident. That is why he says she is not his mate.”

“Ice, I will be watching over her. You and I both know that Razor will smell her and be here soon. I can’t let him get past them.”

“I understand you think you need to make up to her for how you treated her. But Angel you are single. Her scent will make you go crazy.”

“I can handle it, Ice. Trust me.”

Just then we heard the howl. “He is here in the woods. Close to the cabin.”

We turned to see Manic, Revenge, Renegade, Shark, and Ice head toward the cabin. Something is wrong. Ice and I changed and followed them.

As we got there, we noticed the mated men fighting and Razor had ripped the door off the cabin. Then we saw a wolf fly out the door and Julie’s wolf ripping into him.

“Shit, she is even bigger than before and she is trying to kill, Razor.”

They were circling each other and snapping their teeth. Then we saw Razor go flying so fast you barley saw Julie’s paw swipe across his side.

I growled at him then turned back human. “Get a fucking medal door on the cabin right now. We saw Razor turn human and stand up.

“You are my mate. I have a right to mate and mark you.” Razor yelled.

“No, you are not my mate. You marked that whore; I refuse to let you mate and mark me.”

“How much more do I need to make you understand? I hate you, Razor. I despise you. I would rather accept the first man that is Alpha or Beta as my mate.”

“You would not do that.”

“Try me. Razor.”

“I dare you to get any of these wolfs to claim you, and mate and mark you.”

“I will claim her, mate and mark her.”

“Revenge, don’t you even think about it.” Razor yelled.

“Why not? My mate died when we were in school. My second chance mate fucked you, and I do believe, you marked her.”

“Tell, Julie the truth.”

“Fuck you Revenge. I didn’t mean to mark that bitch.”

“But you did mark her that make her your mate.”

“Revenge, I will accept your claim first. Get the property cut and have it here this weekend.”

I was shocked. She agreed to let him claim her. I can’t let that happen. I ran toward her in wolf form. I will be fucking mate and mark her in wolf form then.

They were so fast I didn’t see it coming. I was suddenly chained down with silver. I turned to see my own cousin standing there with gloves on and he clasped a silver color around me.

I growled at him. “Stop it, Razor. She does not belong to you anymore. You marked, Revenges second chance mate. She is now your mate.”

Suddenly I was hit with my heat again. I ran back inside the opening and several mated Guards moved to stand in front of the doorway.

I watched as several men ran to the cabin with a steal door and started to put it on. Then it was shut and locked. I was safe again. I poured ice and water in the tub and got in it.

I felt better. The pain I learned to manage a long time ago. I had no choice. I don’t know what is going on at the club, but I know that Razor’s cousin was helped to take him back to his club.

He will remain chained in silver until my heat is over. And until, Revenge claims me. Finally, I will not have to worry about him. I said I would let, Revenge claim me, I will keep my word.

Finally, my heat is over. I showered and threw my other clothes in the washer before walking out the door. I thanked the male guards, and we all went to the clubhouse.

As I sat down, Manic looked at me. He started laughing. You would say that your heat caused a bit of a problem. “It should not have. He marked Revenges, second chance mate now she is his.”

“He as to accept that.”

“You are right. He does. I am surprised you agreed to let Revenge claim you.”

“Why? He is a strong Alpha he has an attitude just like me. We are both cold hearted, we both hate Razor. I would say it is even. Razor marked Revenges mate; Revenge might as well have Razor’s mate. Don’t you agree?”

Everyone at the table started laughing. “Well, hell. She has a point now, doesn’t she?”

I turned and looked at Revenge. “I will be hard to live with. I have anger issues. And I speak my mind. I don’t care if you like it or not.”

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