Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 45: One week later

I laughed when she told me all that. “Well, honey. Welcome to the club. What do you expect? We are both Alpha’s. That is not going to change.”

“So, do you still want to claim me?”

“I said, I would. And I will claim you. It will take place this Saturday in front of Manic’s members.”

“So be it. Do not say, you were not warned. I will argue with you and I most likely will do what I want, when I want rather you like it or not.”

“This is going to be fun,” Ace said.

“I wonder which one of them will kill the other first.”

“Shut-up, Ace. That is not even funny.”

“Come on Aunt Shawn. You and I both know how, Julie is.”

Word had gotten out to Black Angle, Jim’s, Revenges, and Wild Rider MC of Revenge claiming Julie. When they all heard it was Manic’s daughter being claimed they called him and told him they would be coming to see this.

They all know my attitude and Revenges. I had been hearing those members were saying that Revenge and I were made for each other.

Maybe they are right. We will see. At least I no longer have to worry about Razor, and he will have to accept Revenges second chance mate as his mate.

I sat drinking coffee watching Valkyries running back and for and could smell the different foods cooking and good they smelled. They were even baking pies, cakes, and homemade bread.

I turned to see Revenge slide into the booth I was setting in. He lifted my legs and placed them across his. “Julie, I have to tell you something.”

“What is it Revenge?”

“I had you watched before you ran, five years ago. I wanted you for myself even then. But I never came her personally or talked to you in public.”

“Why, why would you do that. You had that whore.”

“She rejected me going to Razor’s club. He lied to you. He fucked her when you were not around.”

“At first, I wanted to take you from him for revenge.”

“Then the more I watched you from afar. I fell in love with you.”

“I never thought he would accidently mark her. But he did. He didn’t want to accept that. He hates the fact he did it and she is his mate rather he likes it or not.”

“I will treat you good, Julie. I take my responsibilities seriously.”

“When I claim you, you will be my wife. When we mate and we mark each other. You will be my mate. I will not cheat. That I promise you.”

“I know we will fight and argue. That is what Alpha’s do. We can’t help it. But in the end, they say make-up sex is really good.”

I smiled at him. “You are something, Revenge.”

“I think we can manage to deal with each other.”

“I hope so.”

“We can make the most of it. Now, tell me Revenge just where is your club and packhouse at?”

“St. Mary’s. Your cousin Ace happens to be my VP in case you didn’t notice.”

“I noticed. How did you meet?”

“We were in the same unit.”

“I should have known. It seems all of you ended up in towns next to each other.”

I looked up to hear yelling going on outside. “What the hell is going on outside? I asked.”

We stood up and walked across the room to the front door. I leaned against the post with Revenge standing behind me. I started laughing.

“Donna what the hell are you yelling at my cousin about?”

I turned and saw Julie standing on the porch. I noticed the man standing behind her. “That jackass right there told me that I could not come into the club.”

“Ace, why would you tell her she could not come in?”

“I was trying to get her to stand still.”


“Look down at her feet.”

“I gasped. Donna, don’t move.”

“I knew she was terrified of snakes, just like me.”

“I know it is not going to hurt you. Just let, Ace remove it.”

Then Donna jumped into Ace’s arms wrapping her legs around him. I started laughing. She turned and looked at me. “Bitch, if that snake was on your foot, you would do the same thing.”

“I admit that. I hate snakes just as much as you do.”

I walked to the porch with the woman in my arms. You can stand on the step now, “I told her.”

“Thank you, sorry for yelling at you.”

“Not a problem.”

“I would let you yell again if it made you jump in my arms again.”

Once I calmed down, I looked into his eyes. I heard them both yell “shit” at the same time. We are mates, Donna yelled.

“It would seem so. Do you have an issue with that?”

“I never thought I would find my mate. And I never thought it would be my best friend’s cousin.”

“That is a good thing. My president and military buddy happen to be the man that is claiming, Julie on Saturday. She will be coming to our clubhouse.”

“So, you two will still be living in the same clubhouse.”

“Come on inside. Now that the snake is gone.”

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