Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 46: Day before the Claiming

We all sat at the booth in the corner next to the VIP table. I sat with my back against the wall and my legs over Revenges. Donna told us all the gossip she heard on her way here about Revenge and me.

When she heard about what Razor had done, she was pissed. It serves him right. If he had not been holding that whore on his lap, he would not have accidently marked her.

“So, have you picked out your dress for the claiming?”

I looked at her in shock. “You didn’t even think about it did you?”

“Well, we best go to the mall and find you a dress.”

“We can take my truck. Donna, said.”

We will follow you, “Ace said.”

We walked out the door followed by Ace and Revenge. As we climbed into the truck, Ace and Revenge started their bikes. When we reached the mall, Ace and Revenge parked next to us.

They held our hands as we walked into the mall. We walked over to the prom section for the dress. For my claiming it needed to be a bit fancy.

I found the won I liked and paid for it. A plastic bag was put over it. As we walked out Revenge held my hand and walked us to the jewelry department.

“I am marrying you, so we will wear, wedding rings.”

I tried to talk Revenge out of the wedding set he bought. The rings were $5,000. He put the engagement ring on me. It is beautiful. Then we walked out to the truck and their bikes.

As Donna and I walked out of our rooms and down the hallway we heard the loud music. We walked into the bar and found it to be packed.

We walked over to the VIP table as we reached it a man grabbed my arm. “Well, hello beautiful. Care to sit with me?”

I glared at him. “No, I do not want to set with you. I am going to sit at the VIP table with Revenge, and my family.”

“Shit, you must be my brother’s mate and woman.”

“If you are talking about Revenge. Then, yes. I am.”

I walked around him and saw Revenge looking at the man behind me. He reached out and pulled me down to set on his lap.

“I see that you have met my brother.”

“Yes, I did. He tried to get me to sit with him.”

I felt a kiss on the side of my neck. As I kissed her neck, I never took my eyes from Stanley. He knew I would kill him. He turned and walked away.

I turned back to the table and saw that Donna was sitting on Ace’s lap. We all talked and were enjoying ourselves until Cammy, my ex-mate walked in the door.

“So, it is true.”

“You are claiming Razor’s mate.”

“I am not his mate anymore. You are. After all you wear his mark.”

“He doesn’t want me.”

“I came to get Revenge back.” She spoke.

“You are mated to Razor whether you like it or not. That is for life.” Revenge told her.

“But, he won’t touch me.”

“Not my problem. I guess you are an unwanted mate than.”

“Now you can leave. I don’t want you either. I will be claiming, Julie then I will mate and mark her. She is going to be my mate and wife.”

Ace told a prospect to throw, Cammy out. Now go back to your mate, Cammy. We do not care if he wants you are not. You are stuck with him.

We turned and faced the table again and picked up our beer. Stupid bitch. She is stuck with him. I don’t want her. I am going to have what I waited for to come home for five years.

I will mate and mark, Julie. We will live together, we will fight, argue, and make love. One day she will have pups. It will be interesting to take her to the packhouse and introduce her as their new Luna.

Then we will go to the clubhouse, and she will be introduced as my woman and second in command. The whores will hate her. I don’t care if they do or don’t. She will be the Queen of my pack and my club.

I was rubbing her arm and she leaned against my chest. I never thought I would get to hold her let alone have my arms around her.

Because so many people were staying her tonight, we decided to have my things moved into Revenges room and Donna’s into Ace’s. After all I will be claimed tomorrow so I may as well sleep with him starting tonight.

I handed Manic my room key and Donna did the same. One of the whores will pack everything, and Angel will monitor the move from my room and Donna’s.

As the whore was packing Julie’s room, I made sure that she did not put anything in her pockets. I had noticed her looking at a neckless, Julie has worn several times.

She was not going to take it. Not under my watch. After the girls were moved, I escorted the whore down the hallway but stopped before reaching the bar.

I looked at the whore. “Give me the neckless you took from Julie.”

“I didn’t take a neckless. Check my pockets.” She spoke.

“It is not in your pockets. It is in your boot.”

“Take the boots off. Now.”

I took the neckless from her and grabbed her arm. I walked to the VIP table and laid the neckless in front of Julie. “This whore thought she would steal this. I am not stupid. She put it in her boot.”

Manic looked at the whore. “Did you steal this neckless?”

“Yes. I was caught.”

“You will be punished after the claiming. You have tried stealing before. This time your little finger will be cut off. Now go entertain the men.”

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