Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 47: The Party

I picked the neckless up from the table and placed it around Julie’s neck. I had seen her wear it a lot. I wonder why she choose not to wear it today.

When I finished, I put my arm around her waist again. I loved the smell of her perfume. It smelled of cotton candy. A slow song came on and I asked her to dance.

I noticed that her behead ended to below my shoulder. I liked that. She is about five foot three inches tall. I am 6 foot 4 inches tall.

I loved the feel of her arms wrapped around me. She is a good dancer. I wonder if she will lay with her head on my chest tonight.

I can’t wait to claim her tomorrow. She will be mine and no one can claim her as theirs. She will be mine until the day I die, or she dies.

I can’t wait to have her ride behind me. She will be the first woman to ride behind me. The only woman. I really can’t wait until we go to Sturgis.

I would see all those bikers with their woman behind them and dream of the day mine would ride behind me. This year, she will. Finally, I will have my woman with me. Holding her hand as we walk around, enjoy watching her dancing, and sleeping with her in my arms.

My life will be what I always longed for since the day I laid eyes on her. I wanted to have her sitting behind me. I always watched for her at Sturges, but she was never there.

She will be there this year with me though. I will make sure she has a fun time. I will be the one making her smile and laugh. Hell, knowing her temper she might even deck someone.

Of course, I could not care. She is strong and I like that. She will tell you what she thinks. I like that as well. Some of the people started leaving and others going to their rooms.

I lifted Julie from my lap and stood up. I took her hand and told everyone good night. We will see you all at breakfast.

Once inside Revenges bedroom I started stripping. I was wearing my bra and panties as I started to the shower. I need one of your tee-shirts to sleep in please.

I walked over to the dresser and opened it. I handed her one and watched her walk into the bathroom. Down boy, I told my cock. She finally walked out wearing my shirt. I watched her climb into bed and scoot over as I walked bare footed into the bathroom.

I walked out wearing shorts and now shirt. I sat down on the bed and braided my hair. Once the was finished I walked over and locked the door shutting the overhead light off.

I walked over to the bed and lifted the covers and sheet sliding in. I lay on my back with my arm over my eyes. I soon felt her slide closer to me.

She was sleeping with her back to me. I rolled over facing her back and put my arm around her. I pulled her closer to me and fell asleep.

I slowly opened my eyes several hours later. I looked down to see that she had rolled over and put one leg across me along with her right arm and had her head laying on my chest.

I didn’t mind. I could get used to this. Today I will claim her. She will finally be mine. I can’t wait for her to wear my property cut. From today forward she will sleep next to me, ride behind me.

And one day, love me. I want that more than anything. I can wait for her to come to me. But I will have to mark and mate her tonight. That way it is official.

After taking a shower and dressing, we walked out of the room and to the kitchen. We ate breakfast and then met with Ace, and Donna.

We decided to go for a ride before it was time to get ready for the cookout and claiming. Since the girls are our mates, they can ride behind us.

I lifted Julie on the back of my bike before I sat down and started my bike. Ace and I drove out onto the street. We headed toward St Mary’s.

I want to show Julie the club. We didn’t stop we just road by. The we rode the back roads just looking. I have my own house a mile from the packhouse.

I also have a cabin about half a mile from the clubhouse. That way, if I want peace and quiet, I go there. I plan on living there and only staying at the clubhouse when we have lockdown, or parties.

As we road we than road around the lake before we stopped at Bob Evans for lunch. We ate and talked and enjoyed ourselves. Around 5pm we headed back to Manic’s club to get ready for the cookout and the claiming.

I can’t believe I am finally claiming a woman and a mate. I have been alone too long. Julie will make a great Queen and Luna. I know at times I can be heard to live with, but so can she. At least that is what Manic says.

I will be last man she is claimed and mated to. We are going to grow old together. I can’t wait for her and Donna to meet my sister, Sara.

Sara is a nurse and can’t be here today. I forgive her for that. But she will meet Julie soon. I loved the feel of her legs around mine. Her arms wrapped around my waist.

I now understand why most men hate it when their woman and mates can’t ride with them. Her breast rubbing my back make me want to hold them in my hands.

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