Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 48: It Is Time

We finally pulled into the compound. I stopped my bike and turned it off. I got off and lifted Julie to the ground. I took her hand and walked inside.

“About time you all got back. You have to get dressed in an hour.” Shawn said.

“We have time. We went riding and then stopped for lunch.” Ace told her.

Manic looked at me. Your box just arrived. Your enforcer refuses to give it to anyone but you. I laughed as Temper walked over. “Here is the property cut. ”

“Now show me the woman who is stupid enough to let your claim her and mate her.”

“I am the woman stupid enough to let him claim me. And do not ever disrespect me again.”

“I know you. You are Manic’s daughter.”

“That’s right. I am his daughter and the next president of this MC. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, I have no problem with that.”


“Now, Donna and I are going to her and Ace’s room to get ready.”

“Send Manic there when it is time.”

I leaned down and kissed Revenges cheek then stood up and looked at his enforcer before walking away with Donna. She started laughing out loud as we walked into the bedroom and shut the door.

“You should have seen the look on his face.”

“It was so funny. He never expected you to talk to him that way.”

“He better get used to it.”

“Revenge, are you going to let her get away with talking to me and the other members that way?”

“Yes, I am. After all she will be the second in command, she is an Alpha female, and she the daughter of Manic, and cousin of Ace.”

“That woman can rip you to pieces if she wants to.”

“Fuck me, you are claiming one just like your sister.”

“Donna is her best friend, and Ace’s mate. She is just like her too.”

“God, Revenge. We can’t stand three of them in the clubhouse and packhouse.”

I laughed at him. “Really Revenge. This is not funny.”

“Anger, what about you? You are not exactly easy to put up with either. ”

“Just deal with it.”

Donna opened the door as we heard a knock. Manic walked in and looked at me. “You look really beautiful, Julie.”

“It is not too late to back out.”

“No, I want to do this Manic. My wolf feels comfortable with Revenge.”

“All right then. Let go.”

Donna walked out ahead of us. As we got to the back door, we followed Donna down the aisle. At the end I gasped. Revenge was handsome. He left his hair hand lose.

As we reached him, Preacher asked. “Who gives this woman to be claimed?”

“I do.” Manic said as he placed my hand in Revenges.

We turned and looked at Preacher.

“Do you, Revenge claim this woman, Julie to be your wife, to care for her in sickness and in health, to support and provide for her and cling only to her?”

“I do.”

“Julie, do you accept this man’s claim, take him as your husband to care for in sickness and in health, to cling to for support, to give him pups and remine with from now and forever?”

“I do.”

“You made put your rings on each other.”

“I proclaim you man and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

“Dam this man can kiss.”

“Please turn around. I know pronounce them man and wife.”

“Meet Mr. and Mrs. Revenge.”

“Now we will let them get their plates along with the wedding party then you may follow.”

We walked to the tables and put food on our plates before grabbing what we wanted to drink. Then we walked over and sat at the table facing the other tables.

As we ate, I glanced over at Revenge from time to time. Black Angel told those setting at his table that his cousin was lucky to have met the man that could match her for temper to temper.

I smiled as I heard him say it. “Wait, did you say cousin?”

“Yes, why?”

“You never told us you had cousins that looked like that.”

“Because none of you bastards are good enough for them, that’s why.”

“Fuck you, Black Angle.”

“Well, it’s true. My female cousins and sisters would eat you for lunch.”

“None of you could handle them.”

“They all have bad attitudes. They were taught to fight and stand up for themselves. They are very loyal and loving too. But that is beside the point.”

It was time for our dance and the tables and chairs were moved so we could go on the dance floor. When our song ended everyone started dancing.

“You look very beautiful, Julie.”

’You look really handsome. I like your hair hanging down. and not breaded.”

“Is that right. And why is that?”

“So, I can do this. I grabbed his hair and pulled him down and kissed him.”

“I was showing that ex-mate of his he was now mine. How she got inside I don’t know.”

I lifted my head and saw her run out the back yard crying. Serves the bitch right. She should have kept her legs closed. She will never know what it feels like to kiss him or have him make love to her. But I will.

I might as well enjoy him he is now married to me. I like sex as much as the next woman. Especially if the man takes his time with me. And that kiss of his. He made me wet.

“I sniffed and looked at her. I could not believe my kiss turned her own. I leaned down and licked her neck, sucking on it. I heard her moan.”

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