Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 49: The Claiming

I know a sweet spot that makes her just as wet. I will find every one of them tonight. Tonight, is all about her. I will do everything to her I dreamed of.

We walked over and sat down. I pulled her on my lap. I had my hand laying on her leg. I rubbed her thigh with my thumb. I will have her ready for me before we even get into the bedroom.

I will be the only man she will ever need after tonight. She will remember only me. None of those fuckers that used her. I did not know that I would fall father in love with her.

That she will have me wrapped around her finger. That all she has to do is look at me and I will make love to her wherever whenever she wants.

I will never look at another woman with lust not after tonight. No woman will smell good to me but her. And that cotton candy on her makes me want to kiss and lick her all over her body.

I slowly rubbed her leg moving closer to her where my mouth and Toung want to be. Then I moved my hand down to her thigh again.

I looked over at my brother and his new wife and mate. I want her but she is off limits. He is lucky. He finally found his match. I don’t want a woman. Not yet. I love to fuck all of them.

I saw Ace look over at me. Then I stood up and walked over and got a beer. I looked up to see Angel standing there. He is one man I do not want to get on his bad side.

“I am telling you right now. If you ever try to hurt Julie over your hate for Revenge. I will kill you.”

“That is if she doesn’t. You do not know the real Julie yet. You don’t want on my bad side. You really do not want to get on hers.”

I watched as Angel turned and walked away. That man doesn’t say what he doesn’t mean. He will kill me if I hurt my sister-in-law.”

I already have a feeling she is not one to mess with. They say her wolf looks just like Manics and you can’t tell them apart. They also say her wolf is 10x’s worse than Manics.

Later that night I took Julie to my cabin. We are staying her for a week. That night I mated and marked Julie. We could not get enough of each other. I showed her how much I loved her.

She arched her back as I moved my head between her thighs, and I tasted her juices. I moved to her clit sucking on it as she screamed my name.

I moved my fingers in her sweet soft velvet pussy feeling her clinch around them. I slowly moved them fucking her while I sucked and flicked my Toung over her clit.

The one thing I love is giving oral sex. Knowing what my Toung, teeth and mouth can do to her. That’s why my kisses made her wet. I know what to do with it.

If a man can’s kiss and do that to his woman, he doesn’t know how to work his mouth on a pussy bringing her to her orgasm. I spent hours finding ever sweet spot on her body that will bring a moan from her mouth.

I made love to her with my hands and mouth bringing her to several orgasms before even putting my cock inside her. I knew once I did that, and she wrapped her short legs around me I would have to grit my teeth to keep from shooting inside her.

Back at Razors clubhouse grabbed his neck screaming going to his knees. All his members know that since he didn’t let his whore mark him, he would feel the day that his true mate let another wolf mate and mark her.

I let out a howl so loud it could be heard at Manic’s club. My VP looked over at me with sad eyes. He knew I had lost my mate. I glared up at him after the pain went away.

“Go ahead and say it, I growled at him.”

“Ok, I will. I told you not to let Revenges mate set on your lap, I told you to stay away from her neck. You would not listen. You marked her right in front of Julie.”

“You caused this. You have only yourself to blame.”

“Now he will be the one with the power since he marked her.”

“Revenge will be as powerful as Manic, and Julie.”

“Only he won’t use that power the way you planned to use.”

“He doesn’t want to be involved in the Mafia side of that family. His Christian up bringing won’t permit it and you know it.”

I refused to let them know how much pain I was in. My gut is killing me. Feeling him making love to my mate. My wolf moved in my mind. “She is not our mate anymore. Revenge is her mate.”

“That whore is our mate now. You just have to mate with her and build our bond. But I will tell you this, human. I hate her and her wolf.”

“So do I.” Razor told his wolf.

“When it is my turn to mark her and mate her. It will be fucking instead of mating.”

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