Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 5: Julie

I had enough of my so-called mate. I had Aunt Shawn, block my mate bond to that ass across the street. I prayed I did not feel the pain of his having sex tonight. Mom got the boys to watch our little brother, so that she, Aunt Shawn, and I could go out to the bar.

We walked into the bar downtown and I noticed four of the members from across the street were there. We walked over to sit at a table next to the dance floor. By the time the good music was playing all three of us were pretty wasted and hit dance the floor.

“Ghost, isn’t that Reaper’s mate, her mom, and shit. That is Shawn the witch.”

“So it is, and look at the man staring at his mate with lust.”

“Spirit, she has most of the men in this bar with hard on’s.”

“Ghost, videotape her dancing, and the men surrounding the stage.”

“I bet he will be here in 10 minutes madder than hell.”

“He may be, but he ruined his chance to mate and mark her.”

“That is true, but he will get a good look at how beautiful and sexy she is. And dream about what could have been, and now he will never have in his bed.”

I was sitting with the whore on my lap when my phone dinged. When I opened the video and saw my mate dancing at the bar I shoved the whore off my lap. Just watching her dance made my cock hard. I then was furious. All those men standing around the dance floor looking at her with lust in their eyes.

I stood up and walked across the floor and out the door. I sat on my bike and then headed out on the road to the bar. As I shut my bike off, I noticed the bar filled more than usual. I walked in, went to the bar, and paid for a beer.

I looked for the members and walked over to the table and pulled out a chair. I glared at the men watching my mate dancing. I growled.

“Reaper, what are you growling about?” Ghost asked.

“I don’t like them looking at my mate that way.”

“Now, she is your mate? I don’t think so.” Ghost told him.

“About an hour later Julie, was pole dancing. And that really pissed Reaper off.”

“He and his man got the shock of their life when Reaper stormed onto the stage and tried to pull her off.”

“The bar got quiet when she roundhouse kicked him in the jaw, and he hit the stage laying on his back.”

“Don’t you ever touch me again? I am nothing to you. All you are the president of the club across the street from my house.”

“Hell, I don’t even know your name. And guess what. I don’t want to know it.”

We all watched as she walked off the dance floor and over to her table sitting down. We watched as Reaper stood up and walked back to the table.

“Ghost was laughing as he forward the video to the club members.”

“So, she is your mate, is she?”

“Looks like she doesn’t accept that, or you.”

“Shut-up Spirit.”

“I told you that you were making the biggest mistake of your life, but you would not listen to me.”

“You didn’t want her at first. Now she doesn’t want you.”

“And she kicked your ass. That is a first. A woman putting you on your back but not fucking you.”

I sat gritting my teeth. “I will tell you one thing. She has one hell of a kick.”

“She does, doesn’t she. When you flew back and ended on your back, we couldn’t help but laugh.”

Mom looked at me laughing. “When we tell your brothers what you did, they will wish they had been here to see you kick his ass.”

“He should never have touched me. He didn’t want me before; he can’t have me now.”

“He hurt me, mom. He knew what he was doing when he fucked one of his club whores.”

“He has no rights over me. Not now, not ever.”

“If a mate would do that to his mate, knowing the pain it will cause her, he doesn’t deserve her.”

“Mom, I don’t want a mate. Having one is too much pain.”

“Come on, let’s go home, ladies.” Aunt Shawn said.

“The minute we walked in the door my brothers looked over at me laughing.”

“Oh, my god, Julie. Someone taped you at the bar, and your roundhouse kicking, your mate.”

“It has gotten 95,000 hits so far.”

“And a lot of “Hell, yes, show him he has no right to touch you girl.”

William said, “We wish we could have been there to see that.”

We were all drinking beer and wine when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see that bastard standing there. I slammed the door shut and locked it before walking back to the living room.

“Who was at the door, Julie,” Stanley asked.

“Take one guess.”

“You shut the door in his face, didn’t you?”

“What do you think.”

There was another knock and William went to answer it. We heard him talking.

“My sister doesn’t want to meet you or talk to you. So you are wasting your time coming here.”

“Nope, I won’t tell her you are here. I don’t have to. She can smell you.”

“Leave, and do not come back.”

Bobbie looked at the window and over to us. “He just walked into his clubhouse.”

“The fucker needs to stay across the street and away from here.”

As I walked into the club and over to the table and sat down, Ghost, and Spirit looked at me.

Kelly said. “You don’t look very happy. I would guess she slammed the door in your face.”

“She did and then one of her brothers told me she didn’t want to see or talk to me and to leave and never come back.”

“She hates me. She is not going to give me a chance.”

“Do you blame her? You fucked that whore for hours and she screamed in pain until you finished with her.”

“No, woman would talk to her mate after he did that to her.”

“You cheated, Reaper. She won’t want you now.”

“You lost her before you had her. So, remember who is to blame for that. You brought this on yourself.”

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