Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 50: Revenge Mates and Marks Julie

“That bitch knew what she was doing. Don’t let her lie to you. I will fuck her to get pups, but I will also continue to make you fuck other whores.”

“She will not be second in command of the club, and she might be the Luna of our pack, but she will hold not power for being the Luna. Not like Julie would have.”

I stood up and walked toward the hallway. On the way there I grabbed Cammy’s arm dragging her to my room. As he threw me on the bed, I looked up at him grinning.

“You are going to finally let mate and let me mark you.”

“I will be your Luna.”

“No, I am going to fuck you, not make love to you. Yes, I marked you, but you will not mark me. You will be the Luna without the power of the Luna. You are technically my mistress. Julie is the and always will be the rightful Luna.”

“Here, you will still be a whore.”

I ripped her clothes off of her and slammed my cock in her pussy. I fucked her like the whore she is. I slammed my cock in her ass as well making her scream. Not scream in pleasure, but in pain.

“This is for thinking that you could get me drunk. You had it set up for Julie to come to the club and find you on my lap. When I saw her standing there, I went to push you off, but you pushed your neck harder against my teeth.”

“I did not want to mark you. I couldn’t stop.”

“Just because I marked you does not make you the Luna with privileges. You have no privileges. And you will not be sharing my bed. Not here, and not at the packhouse.”

“My pack members will be told you are not in charge; you have no say there. And they do not have to listen to you. You cannot give them orders. Only I will do that. However, should Julie ever be there. She can give orders and they will be obeyed.”

“After all, our families go way back.”

“You got what you wanted. You wanted to be a Luna. Now you are. But you are a Luna with no power, no privileges. You will give me the pups I want. After that, I will send you to my brother in Italy.”

“He will love you. And since you will not wear my mark, I will not feel any pain from you.”

“You can’t do that. I will go to the Elders. Oh, do not worry. I have thought about that. You will be meeting them in two days. We will go to the packhouse tomorrow. ”

“Do not be surprised at the hate you receive from the pack members. They all know what you did. And Cammy. You best learn how to close the pack connection. They know everything you have been thinking since I marked you.′

“Now, get out of my room. I need to take a shower before going to bed. I also need to change the sheets.”

“You don’t mean that, Razor.”

“Get out before I throw you out.”

I stood up and walked to the bathroom where I showered. My mind angry. It should have been Juie that was in my bed. Me making love to her.

I will make Cammy pay for a long time. She will wish that she had stayed with Revenge. He has more power that I do. I will make sure that she learns to stay away from men who are married, claimed, mated and marked. And especially from me that have girlfriends.

She will live to regret what she did to me. And she will never lay eyes on any pups she gives me. They will know what she did and that I was not meant to be their father.

They will be raised to hate woman like her. And when they find their mates. They will get them to mark them, and they will stay with them forever, and never cheat.

I have been living at Revenges club since he claimed me. I am glad I let him mate and mark me. He wears my mark as well. I was sitting at the table working on my book when, Anger walked in and slammed his hand on my laptop breaking it.

I stood up and growled. “You son of a bitch.” You are going to pay for that.

“Really, you are nothing but a tiny woman and that means your wolf is small.”

“I grabbed him throwing him out the front door. Door and all into the compound. I turned into my wolf standing over him. I mine linked him.

“Tiny wolf, I am an Alpha female, and I am going to teach you to never disrespect me again. I took my paw scratching his stomach snapping my teeth at Anger.

Jesus H. Christ. Is that Julie, several members yelled out to Revenge.

“Yes, that is Julie. Anger really pissed her off this time.”

“They fought if you could call it fighting. Because Anger’s wolf is four times smaller than hers.”

“Stop it right now, I yelled.”

I turned back into human form and put on the shirt; Revenge handed me. I glared at Anger. “What did you do this time, Anger?”

After, Anger told Revenge what he had done he looked down at him. “You will go and buy her the best laptop out there. And you will pay for it with your own money.”

“And the next time you disrespect your Queen, you will deal with me. Now go get her the laptop.”

I looked around at the members and told them to close their mouths the flies will get in. We had never seen an Alpha female as huge as she is.

We all knew she had been putting up with Anger. Finally, she had enough of him. She sure let him know who was second in command.

I looked over at Ace. “I have to say, you shocked the shit out of, Anger. Literally. I could smell him from over here. I think he thought you were going to kill him.”

“I was thinking about it. He thinks he is the president here.”

“Well, I had enough of his attitude as well. I think I remove him as the enforcer.”

“It will be discussed in church.”

“He needs to be taken down a peg or two. That should do it.” Ace told Revenge.

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