Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 51: One Month Later

I turned and walked back to the club. I went to my bedroom where I showered, dressed and walked back out to the bar. I was still fuming over Anger and his attitude.

He has not happy that Revenge, claimed me. I need to find out why. It is like he had another woman in mind for Revenge. I will talk to Ace and find out who she is.

This time I will not run. But Revenge better not be fucking another woman. He is my husband; he will stay my husband. I looked up as Ace sat down.

"Ace, was Revenge seeing another woman before he claimed me?"

"No, why?"

"Anger, hated me since, Revenge claimed me."

"Anger did want, Revenge to claim his sister. But Revenge never looked at her twice. He told Anger he was not interested in his sister."

"I bet that, Anger thought if Revenge claimed his sister, he would make him the VP. Since that never happened, he is determined to get rid of me."

"I bet he thought with her being claimed by Revenge he would have more power."

"Anger is up to something. Anger grew up with Revenge. Revenge had started this club when he was a teenager. But he never gave, Anger in power."

"Anger was just one of the guys that ran around with Revenge since they were neighbors, and his mother was friends with Revenges' mother."

"But I heard that Anger was not his closest friend. His closest friend died in the war."

"And then his closet friend died under mysterious circumstances."

"And then I came along."

"Watch your back, Ace. I don't trust, Anger."

"I already am Julie."

I looked up as Revenge and Anger walked in. He placed a box in front of me. "The best laptop there is."

I slowly looked up at Anger. "Anger, tell me about you sister and how you tried to get, Revenge to claim her?"

I looked over at Julie. "What are you talking about, Julie. I was never interested in, Anger's sister." Said, Revenge.

"I know that, but you see, Revenge. When, Anger found out that you were claiming me, he has hated me."

"Isn't that correct, Anger?"

"I would even bet, that Anger thought if you had claimed his sister, He would have more power in the club. Not only that. I bet, Anger thought that you would have made him your VP."

"But you never did that. Not even when your other friends died."

"Shut-up, you bitch." Anger yelled.

"I will let you get away with that just this once, Anger. But you best remember. I do not like being disrespected."

"Now, what made you think that even if, Revenge had claimed your sister he would give you any kind of power in this club?"

I looked over at, Revenge. "So, Revenge would you have made him your VP even if you had by chance claimed his sister?"

"No, I would not have made him my VP."

"We grew up together, our mothers are friends. I helped make this club."

"You never helped build this club, Anger. Randy, and Norman helped build this club. You just hanged around and we let you."

"You vision and our vision for this club was different. We wanted to help people, you wanted to act the badass, to sale drugs, and women, to become a kingpin."

"And tell me why I would want a little girl for my woman? Your sister is 18 years old. I am 28 years old. 10 years older than she is. That is not the age I want my woman."

"I can't take her to a strip club, bar, or across state lines with me."

"And even if I had claimed your sister. She would not be able to give me pups. and she can't even fight or stand up for herself. That is not what I want in my woman."

"We are not going to argue with you right now, Anger. This will be discussed in church tonight at 8pm. Do not leave the clubhouse, you will be attending."

"Now, go and sit down. I am tired of hearing from you."

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