Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 52: Church

I was still angry a few hours later when I walked into the meeting room. Once everyone was seated, I finally looked over at Anger. They all knew I was pissed off.

"First off, Anger. You will never disrespect, Julie again. The minute you do, I will cut your mother fucking tongue out. Second how dare you think you can break, Julie's laptop, and call her out of her name."

"Let me make this very clear to you, Anger. To all of you. Julie is my mate, and second in command. She is an Alpha female. She is over every one of you in the wolf world and human world."

"Another thing, Anger. I never liked you. You were not one of my friends. I tolerated you because my mother asked me to be nice to you."

"As for you being my VP, that was not and will never happen. I made you the enforcer because you were good at it, and you earned it. But I have had second thoughts about that lately."

"For the past months you have shown that you are no longer enforcer material. So, there are two boxes over there, and one box over there on the other side of the room."

"The boxes over here are yes, and no. They are for the members to decide if you should continue as the enforcer. If the decision is no, then they will decide who they think would make a good enforcer and the names put in that box across the room."

"You, can't do that to me." Anger yelled.

"I didn't. You did. Several members have complained about your attitude, and they do not like it."

"So, you will set there along with Ace and myself until the members have completed the vote."

"We will start with Ranger."

We watched him walk around the curtain and then come out a minute later. It continued until every member completed their vote.

"Ace bring the boxes to the table and open the yes, box first."

I walked over and carried the boxes to the table. After sitting the down, I picked up the yes, box and opened it. I turned it upside down. Not one paper fell out.

I reached over and opened the no box and turned it upside down. All the papers fell out on the table. "Looks like all the members think you should be stripped of your enforcer patch."

"I wonder why that is? Would any of you like to explain?"

"I will explain. Said, Ranger."

"Anger, you are too cocky, you think you should be the president instead of Revenge. You treat everyone woman with disrespect, including the whores."

"Those whores work full time jobs, go to school to get a degree and work her to pleasure us. They deserve respect just as much as any woman does."

"You also put off the jobs you are supposed to complete onto other members and then act like you completed them. When we are to go on runs, you always manage to get out of them."

"Not only that, several of us members have seen you meeting with several of our enemies. And I dare you to deny it. I have pictures of you meeting with the Dragon MC, The Red Devils, and The skulls."

"I wonder why that is?"

"Is that true, Anger?"

"Yes, it's true."

"Stand up." Revenge told him.

"Take off the jacket, go back your things and get out of my territory."

"If you are seen around our territory, you will be caught and dragged down the street to remind you, how we feel about skunks. That is what you are a traitor and a skunk."

"Ranger, would you like to escort him off the property?"

"With pleasure."

We watched as Anger was escorted out of the meeting room. I turned and looked at the members. "While Ranger takes care of that fucking traitor, you all start voting who should be the next, enforcer."

As soon as the last member finished voting, Ranger walked in the door. "Ranger place you vote for who you think will make a good, enforcer."

I walked over and wrote down Reaper. He is a good man. An honest man. He is also fair and easy to talk to. But when the times comes. He knows how to enforce.

I walked back to the table and sat down. I watched as Ace brought the box to the table. There are 100 men sitting at the table. 98 men voted.

"Ace looked up and smiled. 45 votes for Reaper, 53 Votes for Ranger. Congratulations Ranger you are our next enforcer."

I was shocked, I was not expecting that. I really thought that Reaper would win. I stood up and walked over to Ranger. "Ranger, you earned this. You will make a good enforcer. Congratulations, Reaper told him."

"I thought you would be the next enforcer, Reaper."

"No, I knew who the enforcer should be. I knew it the day I met you. And you do deserve this."

"Thank you, Reaper. That means a lot to me."

Ace walked in the door with a new enforcer jacket and handed it too Manic. "Take the old cut off, Ranger and turn around."

I walked over and helped put the enforcer jacket on Ranger. "Turn around Ranger."

"Members, meet our new enforcer, Ranger."

Now let us all go and celebrate. As we walked out into the bar I started to walk over to my table. "Just where are you going, Ranger? You now set at the VIP table."

I grinned and walked over and sat down in the enforcers chair. "I forgot."

"Julie, Anger has been kicked out of the club. Ranger has been voted in as the new enforcer."

"Congratulations, Ranger. I am happy for you."

"I know you will make a wonderful enforcer."

We looked over as Donna and Ace walked over to the table. But not before Donna round housed one of the prospects. "Keep your fucking hands to yourself."

I laughed as she sat down at the table. "Bitch, what are you laughing at?"

"You didn't break a stride. You kicked him, yelled at him still walked to the table."

"I learned that trick from you. Got anymore I should know about?"

"I sure do. But they have to wait.

My phone rang. I looked at the caller. I turned and looked at Julie. I walked over to the table and leaned down and kissed her. I have to go and meet a president. I will be back in a few hours.

I walked out and sat on my bike. I arrived Sherry's house. When I walked in, she was crying. "Why are you crying? They found him. He is alive. He is coming home."

All of a sudden, we were kissing. The next thing I knew we were in bed and fucking. When we finished, I looked at her. "This was a mistake."

"I promised, Julie to not cheat. Fuck. She felt all of that. I promised her. I broke that promise. I have to go. I can't see you anymore. Don't call me. Be with him. "

"I was talking to Donna when I grabbed my stomach."

I knew that something was wrong. It hurts but not like it hurt when Psycho was cheating on me. "Donna, I am having pains. It hurts but not like when Psycho cheated on me."

"I didn't want to believe that Revenge was fucking another woman. But I am pretty sure he did. I can't say anything to him. He only claimed me to stop, Razor from bothering me."

"It didn't last long. Maybe 30 minutes."

"No, he couldn't have cheated."

"20 minutes later I looked up to see him walk into the bar. I will be back he said walking down the hallway."

"Donna, I can't complain. I will wait to find out if he says anything."

I felt a little sad. I can't complain because I also have not told him I love him. I will tell him soon. My wolf moved and spoke. "You can't deny that he cheated. We both know that he did."

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