Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 53: Ace Claims Donna

Today I was claimed by Ace. We were enjoying the celebration when the door was kicked in and Angel was standing there with the Red Devil, president, VP, and enforcer.

"What the hell are you doing here Anger, and with no less my cousins?"

"Your, cousins, I screamed."

"That's right, my cousins. I said leaning back in my chair."

"I started laughing. My, god this is so funny."

"You are not here to help, Anger. You are here making a fool of him."

Ripper, the president looked down at me grinning. "I see you met your match and claimed her."

"Yes, I did. This is, Julie."

"Pleased to meet you, Julie. I heard Revenge claimed and married, Manic's daughter."

"So, just what did this fucker tell you to get you here?" Revenge asked.

"Oh, that you had thrown him out of your club unfairly, and that he should be the rightful President since he did start it."

I stopped laughing at that one. "Anyway, we thought we would play is game and that way once he was here you could do what you want to him."

"It gets better. He also said you promised to claim his sister and then claimed a bitch instead."

"Of course, every MC knows you never said you would claim, Anger's sister. Hell, none of us would claim an 18-year-old girl either."

I started to shake and growl looking at Anger. I knew my eyes were changing and he started shaking. "What's the matter, Anger. Scared of a tiny woman who is nothing but a bitch."

"I do believe that you called my mate that once."

I walked over to anger not taking my eyes off, Anger told the men around him to move. "Why?"

"If you do not want to be thrown at the front the door with, Anger I would move if I was you, Ace told them."

"Someone better hold that door open. Revenge yelled." Just as a prospect opened the door I threw, Anger out it. I stormed after him. Turn into your wolf you son of a bitch.

"Now, Julie I was mad. I wanted to see, Revenge get his ass kicked. I didn't know they were related to him."

"You are one stupid son of a bitch to not remember that everyone is related to each other somehow. And right now, I will rip your human form to pieces."

"You are a self-centered, ass kicking, little boy. You will never be man enough, or strong enough to be a president. And you think to lie and spread a rumor that my mate, promised to claim your sister."

I was so furious I threw my property cut at Revenge and changed into my wolf. "Fuck me, Ripper said."

"She looks like Manic."

I bent over Anger, and he pulled a gun and shot me. I turned into human form. "Silver bullets will kill that bitch."

I turned into my wolf and ripped Angel to piece. He set this up to kill my mate. Just as I turned into my human form I saw, Ace running inside with my mate.

I put on shorts and ran after him with Donna following.

We were setting at Manic's club when the phone rang. I looked over and saw Whiskey holding the phone looking at Manic. "What the hell is it, Whisky."

"Angle, Julie was shot with a silver bullet."

"We all stood up running out the door. we started our bikes and drove to Revenges. When we arrived, we saw a body torn apart laying on the ground.

"Where is my daughter."

"Manic, she is in surgery."

"Ace what the hell happened here?"

"It was a set up my Anger. He came back here after being kicked out of the club. He knew, Julie would change and try to kill him this time. He pulled out a gun and shot here. "

"Then he said silver bullets would kill that bitch."

"Revenge tore him apart."

"How long has she been in surgery?"

"Five hours."

Two hours later we looked up to see, Donna and the doctor walk over to the table. "She is healing now that I removed the bullet."

"An inch closer to her heart and she would be dead."

"She is sleeping right now."

"Can we see here, Revenge, Ace, Angel, and Manic asked?"

"As if I can stop any of you."

"Just keep it short."

"I walked in and pulled a chair over and sat next to her. I put her hand in mine."

"I heard, Manic tell her to fight, he can't lose her now that he just found her."

Flowers started pouring into the clubhouse along with throws, and chimes, from presidents of other MC's. It got to the point that almost every room in the club was filled.

Revenge gave several of the whores' flowers to take to the basement and their rooms. They didn't want to take them. Not until, Julie got to see them.

"We will take her down there so she can see them all when she is healed. She won't mind."

We watched as the whores carried the flowers downstairs and came back up for me. "Angel what is wrong with you, Ace asked him."

"I never thought I would see the day when another wolf would shoot a female wolf."

"Angel he was a traitor, and a lying bastard."

"Hell, Ace. We all know that. But to shoot an Alpha female."

"That is fucking dirty."

"If he was not already dead, he would have been the minute I got here."

"Well, we can celebrate after all, the bullet is out, and she is healing."

In the room that, Julie was laying in the doctor looked at Revenge. "You are not telling me something, what is it doctor?"

"Julie is pregnant."

I looked at the doctor in shock. I didn't smell the change in her. "She doesn't even know, Revenge."

"I will tell her when she wakes up."

"When will the baby be born?"

"She won't carry like a human. She will have the baby in six months. This is March, so around September the first week."

I am going to be a dad. I never thought it would be this soon. I don't care. We will have a baby a healthy baby. I can't wait to tell Manic.

I saw her open her eyes. "Baby you are awake."

"Go tell the members we are going to have a baby."

I ran out of the room. I stood in front of the bar and whistled. Everyone turned and looked at me. "I have good news, and good news."

"Julie is awake. And Julie is pregnant."

"Manic you are going to be a grandfather."

"Now, I am going back to set with my mate. Enjoy the evening until, Julie is up and herself."

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