Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 54: five months later

Donna and I were setting on the swing drinking coffee. I looked up to see a member yelling at a prospect. The prospect was young. He looked like he wanted to hit the member.

I felt sorry for him. I watched him around the club. It seemed that some of the new members like making fun of him and bully him. I hate bullies.

"I saw Julie walking off the porch. "Oh, Ace said."

"What, asked Revenge."

"Julie hates bullies. Shit is going to hit the fan."

I walked over to the prospect and looked at the member. "Hi, Julie. I am setting this prospect straight."

"Is that right? How by calling him a fucking dumb ass, and to get his fucking head out of his ass, because he told you that Revenge told him to do something, and you tell him to what you want first?"

"You do not tell him to do something different. And from now on, you will never tell him what to do. I will tell him what to do."

"Come with me. I told the prospect."

"But Julie. You can't tell me to stop training that prospect. Only Revenge can."

"What did you just say to me? I am second in command under, Revenge. You best remember that."

"Come on prospect."

I followed, Miss Julie to the garage. "Revenge, I want this prospect placed in Ace's care. He is only to answer to Ace and me. He is my prospect."

"You heard your sister, Ace."

"Prospect have you worked on bikes and cars?"

"I am good at that."

"Good, go work on that bike over there."

I turned and walked back to the porch. I mumbled under my breath. That new member better learn that he still has a lot to learn.

I saw Ranger turn and look at the new member. He was grinning. "Why are you grinning at me, Ranger?"

"You just got on Julie's shit list."

"What do you mean by that?"

"She hates bullies. You were being a bully toward the new prospect. And when you tried to correct her about who was in charge. Let me say that you just disrespected her. I would not do it again."

As I started to walk away, he called her a bitch. I turned and glared at him. What did you just say?"

"I said that bitch needs to learn her place."

"I grabbed him by his throat and lifted him off the ground."

"If you ever, call her a bitch again. I will kill you. Not her brother, not Revenge. Me. Do not call her out of her name again. She is our Queen. Remember that."

"Have you forgotten about what happened, to Anger."

"Don't forget it."

I grabbed my throat as Ranger put be back on solid ground. I knew that just because I was a new member, I didn't know everything.

I won't make that mistake again. I looked at members standing around. "Don't do it around us either, newbie."

"You may be a member now, but you are still low on the totem pole. Best remember that."

"You still have to work your way up to be where we are at right now. Earn your way. And believe me that is hard. The only reason, that Ranger is where he is, is because he put his life on the line for Revenges sister, Sara."

"Some fucker tried to kidnap her and drag her into a van. Ranger jumped in the door and threw, Sara out onto the ground. He was shot and throw out as the van sped away.

"He earned moving up in member ship to earning five of those patches he wears."

"You have no earned patches yet."

"Now get back to work."

"Revenge wants this clubhouse built and that big doll house done increase he has a daughter."

As I worked on the doll house, I designed it to look like a real house. She can use this small house even as a teenager. A place to go when she needs peace and quiet from the clubhouse.

When we finish it, I am sure that Revenge will be very happy with it. And as a teenager, if she is a girl, she will have her own safe place.

I continued to work on the house until Rebel yelled it was time to quit work and take a shower. I put my tools away and walked to the club.

I looked over at Julie and stopped. It looked like she had been crying. I then turned and went to my room. I walked in and stripped taking my shower.

When I got to the bar, I saw the prospect I bullied had placed a cup of coffee in front of her. She glanced up and thanked him. I sat down at my table and opened the beer that had been placed in front of me.

I would glance over at Julie every now and then. I looked over at as the door opened. I saw a man standing there. I then watched as he handed the member a letter.

I looked up as the member stopped in front of the table. He handed me a letter. I took it from him. When I opened it and read it, I asked who delivered this.

Some man just walked in and asked me to give it to you. My heart was telling me that what was written in this letter was a lie. Revenge can't have a child. He would have told me if he had.

"Julie, what is wrong." Donna asked me.

I handed her the letter. I watched as she read it. I looked up at Julie.

"You don't believe this do you?"

"You would have felt the pain since he marked you."

"I don't know what to believe."

"She says that her baby is going to be born one month after mine."

I took the letter from Donna and put it in my jean's pocket. I just don't know. Donna, I was going to tell him I loved him. Now. Now, I just can't.

I frowned as I watched Julie and Donna. Something in that letter has upset her. I turned and saw that Ace, Ranger, and Ripper were watching the table as well. None of them looked happy.

I stood up and told Donna I would be back. I walked to our bedroom and opened the door. I locked it behind me. I started looking through all of the Revenges clothes in the closet going through the pockets.

Nothing. I then pulled out the drawers in his dresser. Nothing. Not until I felt the envelop taped under the third drawer. I tore it from the bottom.

I opened the envelop and dumped everything on the bed. I read the letters and saw a picture of Revenge with a woman. She was beautiful.

I then got to the last letter. I did not realize that I was crying. The woman was a friend of Revenges. She had been married to his best friend.

She told him that her husband, Shooter was found alive. And she begged him not to tell Shooter they had an affair, and the child was his.

The letter was written six months ago. One month after he came home. That was when she found out she was pregnant. I put the letters in the envelope.

He promised not to cheat on me. But he did. With his best friend's wife. I want to know how she is going to make him think he is the father of her child.

I felt the pain in my heart. I forgot to close the mine link. "What the fuck a few members said grabbing their chests. I just arrived home and turned my bike off.

I grabbed my chest. What the hell was that I wondered. I walked in the door to see Julie sitting at the table. Something was wrong. I walked over and leaned down and kissed her neck.

As I sat down, I opened the beer placed in front of me. I put my arm around her. "What is wrong, Julie?"

Not looking at him, I reached into my pocket and pulled the letter out. This came for me an hour ago. I pushed the letter over to him.

I looked at her before picking the envelope up and reading it. I tensed when she told, Julie our baby would be born one month after Julie's and mine.

Fuck, I put the letter back in the envelope. We need to talk in my office. I stood up and she followed me. As I entered the room I leaned against my desk.

"Look, Julie. I know I promised not to cheat on you. I am sorry that I did. I have not seen her since that night. I didn't mean for it to happen."

"I am sure you didn't. Not since her husband, your best friend was found alive."

"How will she convince him that he is the father?"

"Especially if the child grows up to look exactly like his father?"

"We are done talking. I won't leave. I keep my promises. You will remain my husband. But that doesn't mean I have to have sex with you. And I sure as hell, do not trust you anymore."

I walked out of his office door. I walked over and sat down at the table. "Are you alright, Julie." Asked Ranger.

"I am just fine. Couldn't be better."

Everyone in the club knew better. I think I will go to the barn and look at new pups. I will be back soon. As she walked by my table, I heard her mumble. I wish that bullet had killed me.

"I turned and looked at her back. Why would she say that?" I turned back around thinking. I looked up at the clock and saw she had been gone for two hours.

I stood up and walked outside. I looked over at the barn and saw the light on, and the door cracked. I walked over and looked in. I saw her sleeping and the pups crawled around her belly.

I stepped inside I stopped looking down at her. I saw the dried tears on her face. I turned and walked back out and over to the club. Somehow, I knew. He hurt her.

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