Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 55: The Birth

Everyone felt and saw the change in Julie. She was distant from, Revenge. I had not held her in my arms since that night. She slept as far away from me as she could get.

She stopped talking about the baby with me. I watched as she walked in the door. I went back to work.

I walked over to Donna. "I need you to take me to the hospital."

"Are you in labor? Should I let Revenge know?"


We walked out and got into her truck. She backed up and drove out of the compound. "I wonder where they are going, Ace asked me."

"I don't know. She doesn't talk much to me anymore."

We arrived at the hospital and Donna parked her truck. We got out and walked into the emergency room. The labor pains were coming five minutes apart.

I was trying my best not to scream. "Can I help you a nurse asked."

"I noticed she was pregnant."

"I am due next month. She said looking at me."

"I am in labor; the pains are five minutes apart."

"I sat down in a wheelchair and was wheeled to the elevator."

I was wheeled to a private room where two more nurses walked in. "Hello, Julie. I am Sara. Revenges sister. I am sorry I have not been at the club yet. I wanted to meet you before, but we have been so busy here."

"I saw the nurse that is also pregnant stiffen."

"This is Revenges, wife. I didn't know that she was so beautiful."

"I didn't mean to have sex with Revenge that night. I was sorry he cheated on her."

I watched the nurse walk out of the room. "So, when will Revenge get here?"

"After the baby is born. And Sara I don't want that nurse around me."


"That baby she is carrying. Revenge is the father of it."

I looked at Julie in shock. "No, Revenge would never have cheated on you. I can't believe that."

"I don't lie. Go ask her."

I turned and walked out of the room. "Candy, I want to talk to you. In my office."

Once in the office I shut the door. I turned and looked at her. "Candy, I want the truth. Is my brother the father of that baby?"

"Yes, it is true. So, he did cheat on Julie."

"Stay away from, Julie. You will be assigned another room."

"Get the fuck out of my sight."

I was fuming. Then my phone rang. "Julie is ready to deliver."

I ran to her room and assisted the doctor with the delivery. "You are doing great, Julie. Sara said. The baby's shoulders are out. We heard a cry. You have a beautiful little girl."

"Donna smiled down at me. I would never have missed this for the world."

"What are you going to name her?"

I don't know. "This little one sure has a loud scream. Sara said looking over at me."

"I think we should name her Rebel. She is going too hard to handle as a teenager."

"Just like her mother." Donna said.

As I placed the baby in Julie's arms, I saw the sadness in her eyes. The hurt. I knew it was the hurt she was feeling at knowing that Revenge cheated on her, and that he was going to be the father of another baby next month.

The hurt that he should have been here when his biological child was born. I am going to slap the fucking shit out of my brother when I see him.

We all sat in the club wondering where the girls are at. They have been gone for five hours now. No phone call to let us know if they are alright.

"I should get back to the club. What do you want me to tell them?"

"Nothing. Do not tell them anything."

"Revenge has no right to be here. He cheated on me. He got that nurse pregnant. I don't want to see him. Not here. Not right now. He can see his child the day we get home."

I drove back to the club without Julie. I hate to lie to Revenge. But he did cheat. And she is my best friend. I stopped the car and walked inside.

"Where is Julie, they all asked?"

"I can't tell you. I promised not to. She wants to be alone for a few days."

"Something is not right, Ace."

"Tell, me something I don't know, Ranger. I know my cousin. This is bad. Revenge did something he should not have done. That is all I can say."

"God, I hope he didn't cheat on her."

The whole club felt the tension. They are all worried. Julie is due to have her baby soon. She needs to be here so they can support her.

Just then the door slammed open, and they saw, Sara standing there. Oh hell, shit is about to hit the fan. When Sara gets mad, she is as bad as Julie.

"Where is that traitor of a brother of mine?"

I walked over to the table and slapped Revenge across the face. "

You low down, lying, cheating bastard."

"Your mate just came face to face with the nurse that is having your baby in one month. Not to mention, your wife had a daughter and she named her, Rebel."

"You are just like the others. Can't keep your cock in your pants. Then you just had to go and fuck your best friend's wife. Who by the way was found alive? He will be home in two weeks."

"I know that once he finds out his best friend got his wife pregnant along with his own wife around the same time. He will want to kill you."

"Stay away from me, for a while, Revenge. I am ashamed of you right now."

I turned and looked at Donna. "Is it true? Julie had the baby?"

"Yes, and she doesn't want to see you."

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