Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 56: Julie brings, Rebel home

Three days later I watched as Donna left the club. I knew she was bringing Julie, and my daughter home. I was hurt that she didn't want me there.

My wolf spoke up and told me. "She felt when you fucked her. What hurt her the most is that you got her pregnant. It hurt her that you did not tell her cheated. And when she got that letter, that hurt her even more."

"you told her you loved her and would wait. You didn't wait that long."

"Her wolf told me that she was going to tell you she loved you. Then that letter arrived. I sure hope that you are not going to the hospital and be with her when she gives birth."

"No, I am not going to the hospital when she has that baby. Her husband will go with her."

"I should have been at Julie's side."

"Do not mess this up human. Not if you want your wife and mate back in your arms."

I looked up as Julie and Donna walked in the door. I watched as Julie walked over and looked down at me. "This is your daughter; I named her Rebel."

I placed her in Revenges arms and walked over and sat next to him. But I did not touch him. It hurt. It hurt that he did not tell me he cheated. It hurt that he did not tell me he got his best friend's wife pregnant.

It hurts because I believed him when he told me he loved me. Now I don't know what to believe. I should never have let my emotions go.

I looked up to see a man walk in the door. "Norman," I said shocked to see him standing in front of me.

"I came here for one reason. I know you thought I was dead. But to fuck my wife and get her pregnant after you had claimed a woman, mated and marked her. That is bull shit, Revenge."

"Listen here and listen good. That baby she is carrying is mine, not yours. You stay away from my wife now that I am back from the dead."

"I also came to tell you that I have joined Black Angels MC."

"I only fucked your wife once. I didn't mean for it to happen."

"Right, just like Razor didn't mean to mark you second chance mate, who became a club whore. It was just an accident."

"Julie, is it?"

"Yes, my name is Julie."

"I am sorry that he cheated on you. I promise you he won't do it again. I know Revenge." Good-bye Revenge.

I didn't say one word to Revenge. I just sat there. "Is she going to forgive him, Ace?"

"Not for a while."

"They will eventually argue and then fight getting it out of their systems."

"And believe me when I tell you this. Julie will try to kill him."

"Everyman that cheated on her will be in her mind when that fight takes place. One of them will hurt the other bad. But Julie she is just like Manic when she fights."

I turned and looked at Julie. "Julie."

"Don't. Just don't say anything. You had months to talk to me about it. I felt it, Revenge."

"I tried to push it to the back of my mind. I did for a while. Until that letter came reminding me of you cheating on me. You promised. You were like the rest of them. You couldn't keep that promise."

"I don't trust you anymore, Revenge. I can't trust you not to do it again."

I stood up and walked to the kitchen to make a bottle for Rebel. I walked back out and took her from Revenge. I sat back down and started feeding her. When I finished, I changed her diaper and lay her in the bassinet against the wall.

I then sat back down at the table. I looked around the clubhouse. I knew this time. This time I will not leave. I will not run. I will stand firm.

He is my husband, my mate. But he needs to learn a lesson. I will cock block him. When he goes to another MC, I will go with him. Donna will watch, Rebel.

I looked over as Ranger sat at the table. "Julie, I have four whores wanting to transfer here. I have their files right here for you."

I took the files and placed them in front of me. "Thanks, Ranger. I will review them later with Donna."

After lunch I asked, Ace to carry the bassinet to my office. I then walked to my office followed by Donna. I laid Rebel in the bassinet and walked around and sat down at my desk.

I opened the first file and read it. I handed it to Donna. "Donna wrote notes on the first woman to discuss later as I did. I did the same for the second and the third. Then we came to the fourth file. I stiffened.

"What is it, Julie?"

I looked at Donna. "This woman is a no. She is Wolf's real mate. She slept with his brother, Psycho thinking that Psycho would mate and mark her. He didn't. She rejected Wolf as her mate."

I took her request and shredded it. "Now the first woman, Karan she is a registered nurse. She works at the hospital. We could talk to Sara about her. Get her opinion of her. "

"She has a little boy and her husband cheated on her. He denied he was her son's father. I say we interview her for sure."

"This second woman. I am not sure about, Julie. There is something about her I can't put my finger on."

"Let's interview her. Then make up our mind."

"As for this third one here. She tells the truth. She likes to fuck. She likes to fuck all men. But she has morals. She will not fuck married, or men with girlfriends."

"I will need to interview her. What her body language."

"I agree. Let's call them and schedule the interviews."

"All three women will be here tomorrow in the morning."

"They all have their own cars. I told them to leave their belongings where they are until after the interviews."

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