Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 57: The Interviews

Donna and I walked out of the kitchen. I carried, Rebel. We walked to my office. As I put Rebel in the bassinet I sat down and told her to bring Karan in.

I had called and talked to Sara about her last night. I walked out to the bar. "Karan, please follow me."

As we walked into Julie's office, I shut the door. "Please sit down, Karan." I noticed she was small and beautiful.

"You have never been a club whore before have you?"

"No, but I need a weekend job."

"How are you at cooking?"

"I love to cook. And bake."

"Why are you leaving the nursing field?"

"I don't have a babysitter and it is becoming too much to work at the hospital. I know that we sure could use a cook here, and our doctor has talked about wishing he had a nurse to help him at times here at the club."

"I called the doctor to my office. He talked to her and said, you are hired as my nurse. I looked over at Karan. You are hired as the cook."

"Bring you things here along with you son. You will have rooms in the basement. And were a shirt with Nurse and Cook when in the club. We don't want anyone thinking you are a club whore."

"And Karan, you will go to Ace, my brother, or the enforcer, Ranger if you have any problems with any man, if Donna and I are not around."

"You can move in tonight, and we will introduce you to the members."

Donna walked her out and called in the second woman. As she sat down, she looked over at Rebel. "I see you have a baby. Does it belong to the VP?"

"No, the VP is her, Uncle." That VP is handsome and mated and married. I am his wife. He is hands off."

"What about that president?"

"He is married to me and marked. So, hands off if you know what is good for you."

"Oh, well. There are plenty of single men here."

"There is something about you, I don't like."

"Well, isn't that just too bad. The president as the final say if I am hired or not."

"Not in this club. I am his second in command."

"We will see."

"Donna go get Revenge."

"Revenge, we have one of the whores that thinks that Julie does not have the final say if she goes or stays."

I walked into Julies off and looked at her. "What is the problem, Julie?"

"Oh, the whore said looking at me."

"She does not stay. Send her on her way. I am not interested in you whore. What my wife says goes."

I turned and walked out of Julies office. Not even looking back.

I sat grinning at her. "You might want to close your mouth."

"You heard my husband, and he is the president."

"You need to look for another MC."

Donna brought in the final whore. I looked at her. "Well, why have you applied to be a club whore here?"

"I was told that this club treats the whores right. They do not permit men to beat them or treat them bad. The club also lets us work outside and keep our own money."

"Besides, I like to fuck. I like to fuck all men. I won't deny that. I do have morals. I do not fuck married men, engaged men, or men with that have girlfriends. I believe if they want sex then go to them."

"What is your name?"

"My name is Kathy."

"You are hired. You can move in tonight"

"Thank you, I appreciate the interview and will not cause any problems."

"See that you don't."

We left my office and walked out onto the porch. We sat talking and I looked over to see, Revenge watching me. "He really hurt you, didn't he?"

"Yes, he did. More than the others did."

"I have to tell you, Donna. I wish I had not fallen in love with him."

I had seen the doctor and I was told I could resume sex with Revenge. Rebel is now six weeks out. She is spoiled by everyone here.

I watched Revenge as he worked on the bike in the garage. I miss him holding me. I handed Rebel to Donna. I walked down the steps and was talking to Reaper when Revenge stormed over and grabbed my arm.

"I want to talk to you. Now. In the barn."

Once there I glared at Revenge. "Don't you ever drag me like that again."

"You need to stop making me pay for cheating. He screamed."

"Oh, shit, Ace said looking at Ranger."

The barn doors flew off their hinges and two very huge angry wolves were fighting. I had my claws out and ran them down his side. We kicked each other snapping our teeth and clawing.

We fought for an hour before we backed up and circled each other. "Stop it, Julie he mine linked me."

"Maybe I did cheat on you. It felt good having my cock inside another woman."

"I went crazy then."

"You stop it. You lied to me. You promised me. You broke your promise."

"You didn't mean it when you said you loved me. If you did, you would not have cheated. I guess I was not good enough for you. I couldn't please you or you would not have cheated."

That made me change into my human. Did she really believe that? She pleased me more that any woman. I watched as she changed into her human form and turned and walked to the clubhouse.

As I reached Ranger, he handed me his shirt looking at Revenge. Fuck our Queen as a perfect body. No wonder the president wanted her.

I put the shirt on and walked past Donna. "Will you watch her for me?"

"You, know I will."

I walked into the bedroom and took a shower. I was hurt, and angry. He said some things to me that broke my heart. I tried to hurt my own mate.

I dressed and walked back out to the porch. "Julie, we all heard what he said."

"He didn't mean it."

"Didn't he?"

"He would not have said it if he didn't."

I saw the anger in the members eyes. Then I realized they heard everything. They heard me tell her it felt good to have my cock in another woman. I didn't mean it. She pissed me off.

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