Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 58: Three Months Later

I still have not forgiven Revenge for what he said. It hurts to know he wants to have his cock in other women. I was walking out towards the garage to talk to Ace when I heard a loud Noice.

I looked down and saw the blood. What the hell just happened? I started falling. I looked up to see the new member lying on top of me.

"Julie, I heard my brother yell as the member was rolled off onto his back."

"Shit, he took the bullet, get him inside. I yelled."

I was covered in his blood. I walked to the doctor's office and stood against the wall. "Julie, I need to take the bullet out. You need to leave. Go take a shower."

"Let me know how he is. He saved my life."

I took my shower and walked out to sit at the table. I kept looking at the clock. "Ace, he saved me. He took that bullet for me."

"He earned a new patch."

"I know, Julie. We will make sure he gets it."

The doctor came out and told us the member is out of danger. "Thanks doctor."

I was in my office when Ranger walked in. "I have to know, Revenge. Did you cheat on Julie?"

"Ranger, I don't know. I went over to see Norman's wife because she wanted to tell me that he had been found. That he was alive and coming home."

"The next thing I remember is waking up in her bed. Naked."

"I don't know if I fucked her or not."

"My wolf is not even sure."

"Hell, that baby could or could not be mine."

"What if you were drugged?"

"I never thought of that."

"She could have drugged you and then fucked you while you were out."

"She needs to tell the truth."

"What is we get Sara to trick her into a DNA, and when the child is born do one on her and you?"

"Call Sara and talk to her."

I dialed Sara's phone. "Revenge I hate you right now."

"Listen, please. I don't even remember having sex with her."

"Wait, what?"

"I remember her telling me that Norman had been found and he was a live. That he was coming home. I took a drink of the beer she handed me. And the next thing I knew, I woke up laying naked in her bed."

"I need you to do a DNA test on the baby and me when it is born."

"I can do that. She is in labor right now."

"I will get it done and have the lab do the test right away. That is if you can get here so they can do your DNA."

"I will be there. I am bringing Ace, and Ranger with me. I want you to take pictures of it being done."

"I can do that. I have to go. The baby is coming."

I ran into the room and waited for the doctor to hand me the baby. I used an excuse to take him to the lab for his DNA then took him back after I cleaned him up.

"You have a healthy baby boy."

"They named him, Raven. He has black hair."

I was setting in the lab when, Sara walked in."

She took pictures of the test on my phone. After we finished, I was told that it would take six hours, but they would call me.

"Since she is human, anyone could be the father of her baby." Said, Ace.

Six hours later my phone rang. I screamed, "Yes."

"Well, what did the test say," Asked Ranger and Ace.

"I am not the father of that baby."

"I am going to confront her right now. Come with me boys."

When we arrived at the hospital and walked in, I looked at Norman. "I am not the father of that baby. What I want to know is why she drugged me. And had sex with me?"

I watched as Norman turned and looked at her. "Did you drug him or not?"

"Yes, I did. Then I had it look like we had sex."

"He didn't he was out cold."

"Then who is the father of the baby. And don't lie to me."

"We heard; I am"

We turned and looked at the man standing in the doorway. "Who are you?"

"I am Zander, VP of Black Angels MC."

"Since, they had no real marriage, just a claiming. Norman looked at Cammy."

"Cammy, due to lying about Revenge, and getting pregnant by another man, I divorce you."

"You will leave my house and you, if you want her, take her and your child to your club."

"I will have her things set out on the porch to pick up."

"Make sure to sign the birth certificate. I won't."

We all walked out of the room. Norman went to my club, and he told them everything. I looked over at Julie. I watched as she jumped up and ran out of the club.

I ran after her. I heard her crashing through the woods. I found her laying in a cave. I walked over to her wolf. I sat down looking at her.

"Julie, I didn't mean it when I said, it felt good having my cock in another woman. I was mad that you would not let me touch you."

"I have not cheated on you. I thought and thought about what happened. I didn't even remember anything when I woke up naked in her bed."

"She drugged me. We didn't even do anything."

"Please come back to the club."

I changed into my human for. We didn't make it back to the club. We made love in the cave. "I will keep my promise, Julie."

We stayed the night in the cave. We made love most of the night. "I love you Revenge."

I looked down at her. "say it again. I need to hear it again."

"I love you Revenge."

"God, I waited so long to hear you say that."

"I will never meet with another woman alone again. You will come with me."

"You bet, I will."

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