Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 6: The Picnic

The next morning, mom and Aunt Shawn told us to get ready to go to the lake. We are having a picnic and going swimming. We were taking a small tent for the baby so he is not always in the sun. We arrived at the lake and sat the tent up for the baby with his playpen inside. We sat the chairs up, and William started the grill.

We ate and had a good time. That is until he and his members showed up. We looked up to see Kelly, and Sara sit down. They looked over at me grinning.

“So, Julie. You never told us you had a bad attitude and badass kick.”

“You all heard about that did you?”

“Not only heard about it. Saw it on “YouTube.”

“And, Reaper has one hell of a black eye.”

“Well, he deserved it. After what he did to me.”

“You know he is your mate?” Sara asked.

“He was, my mate. I don’t want a mate that would act like I don’t exist, or hurt me as he did.”

“That is one pain, I would not even wish on my enemy.”

“I can not, and will not forgive him for what he did.”

“Thank, god for my Aunt Shawn. She was able to block the mate bond.”

“He can fuck whoever he wants now, and I won’t feel it.”

I looked over and saw my mate in a swimsuit. She is fucking sexy as hell. I watched as she bent down and walked into a tent. When she walked back out she was wearing shorts, a half-shirt, and boots.

“I looked at her legs. I want them wrapped around me now. But that is not going to happen. She no longer wants me as her mate.”

“Mom let’s pack up and then load everything into Bobbie’s truck. I am going to take a ride and I will be home in about an hour or two.”

I watched them start cooking I saw my so, called mate leaning against a tree with his arms folded watching me. I gave him the finger and walked toward my bike. That bastard knew what it would do to me when he fucked that whore. I sure hope he enjoys being alone.

I knew he was an Alpha and I can care less. I don’t need him. “Human, we have to get away from him. He is a danger to us. He is going to cause more pain if your aunt’s spell doesn’t work.”

I watched as she walked away from me. I saw the hate in her eyes. I watched as she started the bike and rode away. I suddenly stood up. She has to have money to own that bike. And only Alpha’s have them. There is no way she is an Alpha.

“I need to have her investigated. If she is an Alpha, I need to mark and mate her.”

“Human, you really are stupid. Her father is the Alpha of the biggest Pack in America.”

“She is worth millions if not more. And you lost her. You caused her pain. She hates us, and she will never give permission to mate and mark her. Not now.”

“You, dumb ass, she is a warrior.”

I rode to the waterfall on our property. I turned my bike off and walked over and sat down leaning against the tree.I need to talk to my dad.

I took my cell phone out and called him. Not only is an Alpha of wolves. He is the president of the number one MC. He is Savage.

“Hello, baby girl what is wrong?”

“I found my second chance mate. He hurt me dad.”


“He ignored me, then he fucked a whore. All night long.. Dad, I am covered in bruises, my thighs, stomach, and back.”

“He doesn’t want me.”

“Daddy, I want to kill him. I want rip him to pieces”

“Who is he?”


“Daddy is coming to see you. He will find out just who he messed with.”

“Daddy, my wolf said, I have a third chance mate.”

“I will check into that. I will be there this weekend.”

“Love, you daddy.”

“I love you, too baby girl. How is your mother?”

“She misses you. She said you will come to see us soon.”

“Sooner than she knows.”

“Yes, hold on baby girl. Have your, Aunt Shawn put a spell on you to stop the mate bond from forming with him.”

“I already did.”

“That is why you will make a good Alpha.”

“I will see you soon. Good-bye baby girl.”

“Savage, what is wrong?”

“Julie found her second chance mate. He doesn’t want her. He hurt her by having sex with another woman. He did it on purpose.”

“Who is her second chance mate, Savage?”


“We are going to warn him off of her, right?”

“What do you think, Angel.”

I smiled at Savage. She is my cousin and I will be dammed if another male hurts her again. I will make sure that fucker doesn’t go near her. He will not touch Julie. Not while I am there.

“I hate Reaper. He thinks he is perfect and no one knows the real, Reaper.”

I do, however. And I will make sure he loses his second chance mate. Especially after he fucked my mate and she rejected me, thinking Reaper was going to mate and mark her. He will pay. Now, I can have my revenge. It is after all what he deserves. He took a lot of male wolves mates from them. Now he should never have pups of his own. Or a mate.

I will be making sure that all those she-wolves he fucked. Can have their chance with him again. Because he won’t have a real mate to mark. And I sure hope that Julie’s second chance mate is better than Reaper.

I stood up and put my phone in my back pocket. I sniffed the air. I turned and looked around the woods. It can’t be. I smell my mate. Not that ass president. But a new smell. I closed my eyes taking it in. He smells so good. He smells of coffee, chocolate donuts, and strawberries.

I shook my head. I am going crazy, it can’t be. No one has had a third chance mate that I know of.

I walked over to my bike and sat down. I sniffed again. It must be my imagination. I started my bike and rode home.

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