Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 7: Psycho

“Psycho, our mate is strong, beautiful, and caring. She does have an attitude though.”

“Yes, she is and she will make a good Luna.” My wolf, Berserk said.

“I for one am glad that your cousin was so stupid as to neglect his second chance mate. She belongs to us. Now.”

“And we will let no one else hurt her again. We will rip them to pieces.”

“Even, Reaper if we have to.”

“We need to leave now. Dad is waiting for us.”

I turned into Berserk and ran back to our Packhouse. I thought about my mate. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms. Feel her against me. She is beautiful. She is made for me.

“Don’t you mean she is made for us?”

I grinned. “yes, she is made for us.”

“I can’t wait to talk to her wolf. My mate. She must be as beautiful as our human is. And as strong.”

I laughed and changed before walking into the Packhouse.

“Where have you been, Psycho?”

“Watching my new mate.”

“You are loving this aren’t you, Psycho? Knowing that Reaper has harmed her, and now she belongs to you.”

“Yes, I do. He took what was mine, now the Moon Goddess has given me what once was his.”

“She belongs to me now.”

“And, I will treat her like the queen he should have, but didn’t.”

“Psycho, you are not worried about her touching you, are you?”

“No, I am not worried. I want to hold her, and kiss her dad.”

“What, I am afraid of is that since Reaper hurt her, refused to claim her as his, she will reject me.”

“Don’t worry, she will be scared, she might run from you but don’t treat her like he did. Don’t let her get away from you, don’t give up on her, Psycho.”

“In fact, I think this is going to be fun to watch.”

“Reaper will be angry that you want his mate. The mate he threw away.”

“He will be angry if she accepts you. And when he sees her pregnant with your pups. The pups that should have been his. And he can never have.”

“The two of you will hate each other even more.”

“Psycho, be careful. Watch your mate. To get the mate he wants, he might take her and force himself on her.”

“I will kill him if he harms one hair on her head, dad.”

“I know. That is what I am afraid of.”

“Berserk can be rather terrifying.”

“Especially over what he feels belongs to him.”

“And, Julie’s wolf belongs to him now.”

“She, of course, doesn’t know it yet. But they will.”

“Psycho, I have an idea. Shawn has not stopped the bond between you and Julie. You need to run around her woods, and when you see her in town, let her get your scent and then walk away.”

“You want me to have the bond start forming slowly until she forgets about Reaper. Is that it?”

“I think you understand. What I am saying.”

I grinned at my dad. I knew just what he was talking about.

“Dad, I need to get close to her sometimes so I can touch her. That way she will feel the shock and know we are too her mate.”


“So, are we ready to go to Reaper’s clubhouse?”

“Yes, and there is a change of plans.”

“What would that be?”

“We will be staying for a few weeks.”

“At least, you will be.”

“You will get to know her brothers, and through them, your mate.”

“I understand that Reaper never met them.”

“After what happened at the bar, I have a feeling he is not welcome at their house either.”

I looked over at the Redheaded woman that was helping three boys carry things to a truck. I then watched as she lifted a baby from the tent, one of the boys lifted a playpen from it, another one started taking the tent down and folding it.

I sniffed the air as the boys walked past me. I sniffed my mate on them. These must be her brothers, the woman must be her mother, and the baby her little brother. I really want to get to know those men.

“William, we are being watched by, an Alpha.”

“I smell him.”

“I nodded my head at Bobbie”

Stanley and I turned and leaned against the truck with our arms crossed. We watched as Bobby walked over and looked at the Alpha. We watched as they looked each other up and down.

“Alpha, what do you want, and don’t say anything. I know you will be lying.”

“Yes, I am Alpha Psycho. Cousin to Reaper. I smell my mate on you. Why is that?”

“Wait, what did you say?”

“I smell my mate on you.”

“No, way. My sister is that fucking cousin of yours mate.”

“I watched him smile. “Your sister has a third mate. Me.”

“I don’t intend on letting Reaper have her. Not after what he did to her.”

“She is my mate, I want her. I will mate and mark her.”

“I will make her happy. I will treat her like the queen my fucking cousin should have but didn’t.”

“You are telling me she belongs to you?”

“She does.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to help me get close to her.”

“How do we know you won’t hurt her as he did?”

“Because I can’t hurt her. I want to mate and mark her. She is my Luna.”

“Look, Reaper only wants her for her power now. He just found out that she is an Alpha.”

“He is not an Alpha. He doesn’t want her for anything but a pup hoping that one of those pups will be an Alpha.”

“He will continue to fuck other she-wolfs. He won’t stop.”

“We will help you. But the first time you hurt her, we will kill you.”

“Don’t worry. I will never hurt my mate.”

“Come over to the house later tonight. Do not bring that bastard with you.”

“I will be there later tonight.”

I watched as they turned and walked back to their mother. I smiled. It is going to work out. I can feel it.

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