Men Will Always Cheat

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Chapter 9: The Waterfall

We arrived at the waterfall and he lifted me from his bike. I walked over to the tree and sat down. I looked at him as he walked back and forth. Then he turned and looked at me. I stared into his eyes. They were a beautiful blue. The blue looked like slivers of glass in them.

“Julie, take your jacket off.”


“You know why.”

I removed my jacket and he reached out and touched my bare skin. I gasped as the shocks went through me. I looked into his eyes. “You are my mate.”

“Yes, I am your mate.”

I continued to move my hands over her bare skin. I felt her shiver. I moved my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. I bent down and kissed her. She moaned. I felt her open her mouth, and I moved my tongue into her mouth. We fought for dominance.

“Julie, we have to stop.”

I looked into her eyes.

“Julie I refuse to mate and mark you here in the woods. On the ground. I will mate and mark you in a bed.”

“Psycho, I know you think we should stop. But we are mates.”

“I said, fuck it. I want my mate.”

“I made love to Julie and marked her.”

I was sitting at the table with shotgun, Ghost, and Spirit. When I grabbed my neck screaming.

“Something wrong, Reaper?” Shotgun asked.

“Someone mated and marked my mate.”

I looked at Ghost. “Who could do that?”

“Reaper did you forget, that she had the third mate?”

“He made sure he didn’t let her get away.”

“Reaper, I know who her third mate is.”

“Her third mate is Psycho.”

“You brought him here to steal my mate from me?”

“He can’t steal what is his, and you had your chance to mate and mark her but you refused.”

“You hurt her.”

“He claimed his mate. She accepted that claim. After all, remember she has to consent.”

“She is no longer your mate. You will not have a third one, and you will never have pups.”

“Only, Julie could give them to you.”

“And if I know you, Reaper. You try to take her, he will kill you.”

“After all, remember, he doesn’t share.”

“And if you were to put one hand on his mate, or your dick inside her, he would rip you to pieces.”

“After all, he is an Alpha, which you are not.”

Just then we heard a bike pull into the compound. We looked up as the door opened and we watched Psycho walk in holding hands with his mate.

“You, son of a bitch. You didn’t come here to meet with anyone. You came here to steal my mate.”

“Let’s get one thing straight, Reaper. You threw our mate away. I claimed, mated, and marked my mate.”

“You didn’t want her. At least not until you found out she was an Alpha.”

“You only wanted her to fuck her and get pups, and still fuck other women.”

“I want her because she is my mate, she is my Luna, and she will carry my pups, not yours.”

“Just then the door flew open and Savage walked in.”

“What do we have here, he asked?”

“Father, I yelled running and jumping into his arms.”

“What is this?”

“I am Psycho’s mate.”

“Well, I would rather it be Psycho than that dumb shit standing there.”

“Hello, Reaper. I hear you knew she was your second chance mate and you purposely fucked a whore causing her pain.”

“I should rip your head off your shoulders. But, I will leave that up to her mate. Psycho.”

“Oh, I see. You didn’t know that she is my daughter. Did you?”

“if you would have mated and marked her, you would have had it made.”

“You, were not very smart now were you?”

“Now, the real you will come out.”

“Just remember that you don’t want that to happen, now do you?”

“Ghost and, Spirit won’t like the things you have been hiding.”

I looked over at them not saying one word.

“Reaper, what are you hiding?”

“Tell us what you are hiding.”

Reaper said nothing.

“I will tell you what your brother has done.”

“Every female that had a mate he fucked.”

“He made them think he would mark them. But, he didn’t. He waited until they rejected their mates before telling them he had no intentions of marking them.”

“Isn’t that right cousin?”

“Then his mate rejected him for another male wolf.”

’Of course, he tried to mend his ways. Until he saw Julie.”

“Then he fucked a whore, causing his second chance mate such pain. She had to have Shawn try to stop the mate bond.”

“Isn’t that right Reaper?”

“you had no intentions of claiming, mating, or marking your mate.”

I looked over at my mate.

“you are my mate, not his. And you know it.”

“No, I am, Psycho’s mate. Marked, and mated. And there is not a thing you can do about it.”

I didn’t realize I was close enough for Reaper to hit me until I went flying across the room. When I saw my mate fly across the room, I changed into Berserk and attacked Reaper.

Savage yelled, “Take it outside.”

Psycho three Reaper out the door and once Reaper hit the ground he changed.

“Berserk was furious, all he saw was red. He wanted Reaper’s blood.”

The fight took about five minutes. And Berserk ripped, his heart out.

I changed into a human and ran into the club. I lifted my mate in my arms and carried her to the doctor’s office. After he checked her, the doctor told me she was going to be just fine. I turned and saw Spirit standing in the doorway.

“Psycho, you do know that since you killed, Reaper you are the new president.”

“Shit, I had not planned on that. But, he hit my mate. I could not let him get away with that.”

“We understand. As an Alpha, you always protect your mate. What Reaper did was wrong. Granted, he was my brother. But, he got what he deserved.”

“You, whether you like it or not, are the new President of this clubhouse.”

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