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Light In The Dark

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Hannah is a teacher who has a heart of gold. Innocent and naïve is how most people would describe her. Always one to see the good in everyone. Living a life full of heartbreak has caused Hannah to focus on teaching and helping others. Liam is the new leader of the Doyle Family Irish mob. He is cold and ruthless. Always seeing the worst in everyone. He has lived a life of crime and brutality. Always getting what he wants. Whether it's information from his enemies or money to continue living a life of luxury. What happens when the oblivious and good-hearted Hannah becomes the obsession of Liam's dark heart? WARNING!! This story contains violence, explicit language, and explicit sex.

Romance / Erotica
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Standing in line at my favorite coffee shop is how I like to start most days of the week. Being a kindergarten teacher, I need all the caffeine I can get to help me keep up with my fifteen students. I love them all very much, but I don't have the high energy levels they do.

Lately, I haven't been sleeping the greatest. I feel like someone is watching my every move. I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, only to see nothing there. I don't know if it's my imagination running away from me, or if I'm just being paranoid. I've even considered getting a dog, just so I won't be all alone at night.
"Hannah? I have a coffee for Hannah!" The barista yelling my name urges me forward to the counter. With a shy smile, I reach my hand out for my coffee. "Thank you," I reply with a soft voice. "Have a nice day!" The barista replies as if on autopilot.
As I turn around to leave, I bump into someone and nearly fall backward. Strong hands hold me in place. I look up to apologize and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The amount of power and darkness that is coming off this man has me paralyzed in my spot. His green eyes are staring at me with so much intensity I immediately look down. I need to get away from this man. My mind forces my body to finally react out of self-preservation. I quietly mumble an apology and step to the side to go around him.
When he doesn't remove his hands, I look back up to see him with a small smile on his face. It isn't one of warmth. It promises danger and darkness. I do the only thing I can think to do at that moment and I apologize again. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you, I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm sorry again." His eyes seem to soften slightly at my words and he releases my arms. I don't waste another second, and I move around him to leave as fast as possible.
His deep baritone with a slight Irish accent stops me. "No worries love, I'll see you around." I turn only my head to look at him. His smile only makes me frown. I look ahead and leave the coffee shop, walking faster than I think I ever have.
I don't know who that man is. I feel like I know him, or maybe I've seen him somewhere before. He is handsome, I'll give him that, but my gut is telling me he is bad news. I hope I never see him again.
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