Chasing Rainbows

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When your past is chasing right after you, screaming that it won't let you forget it, life won't go easy on you, but what happens when your past finds a partner that is love? Welcome to the love story of two people with very different kinds of lives. Carolina, the modest country girl who had just moved to London and met a guy who she thinks is the perfect guy from her dreams. And Harry, the guy with beautiful piercing eyes and a not very pleasant past, who happens to live next door to Carol. --------- There's this weird thing about him and I can't seem to find out what it is. --------- All i want is her, but I can never have her. --------- Will they fight for the name of love and survive? Or will the circumstances force them apart?

Romance / Mystery
Aya Abweh
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Chapter 1

“You know I’ll be OK, I’m a grown up, I know what I’m doing.” I say to my mom as I hug her for the last time before I leave.

“Just take care.” My father kisses my forehead and I smile.

“I will.” I reply.

Oh, how I hate goodbyes.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m moving out, to a whole other place. I decided that I need to stop depending my life on my parents and find myself in another place. A place where I could be by myself, I really need to help myself. I can’t take it here anymore.

Country life? I’ve had enough of it, it’s time to experience something new.

I say my last goodbyes and leave, to another life.

It’s time to say goodbye.

There’s a new life waiting for me in London. A new beginning.

I've always wanted to go to London, it's always been my dream city, and now my dream is coming true.

As much as I’m excited, I’m also a bit nervous and sad. Who could blame me? I’m leaving the place that I was born and raised in. I can feel the memories chasing me.

Oh, pardon me, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Carolina, the oldest daughter of a cute couple, Marlene and Balwin, the sister of a beautiful 15 year old called Isabelle, the handsome 19 year old Davey, and the adorable -and annoying- 8 years old Christopher and Norman.

About my life, well, my life is nothing special to be honest, I’m just a typical person coming from a modest country somewhere in this world.

Describe myself? I would describe myself as, uhm intelligent, stupid sometimes, but yeah. Let’s say, reliable? Friendly? Absolutely not.

As a kid, I didn’t get to travel a lot, I was kind of glued to where I live. With not so open-minded parents, I wasn’t free to live my life the way I please. But now that I’ve grown up, you could say that a few of the chains that were holding me back have loosened.

The only thing I know in London is that I have a friend there, Kelly.
She used to live here with her family, but according to a scholarship she got in London, she had to leave, as far as I know she’s really enjoying life there, she never visits. Her family went to London a few times, I wonder why she doesn’t want to come back. Maybe not everyone likes to wake up to the smell of horses, and noises of chickens and ducks.

We used to be so close but ever since she left -which was a few years ago- we hadn’t communicated with one another that much. I know that she promised me to call every now and then, but I guess not everyone stays loyal, right?

Change of subjects. How about I tell you about every person of my family? Well, not exactly every person, I have a big ass family. Let’s start, shall we? We shall.

First off, my brother Davey, he’s two years younger than me. And of course you’re wondering, wow, do you’re parents know anything about gaps between they’re kids? Well, that’s how it is in the country, age gaps do not exist. I personally think that it’s a good thing, it makes the siblings closer. As for Davey and I, we’re best friends, we know every single secret about each other. We always stand for each other and have each other’s backs, we spend most of our time together.

Davey is the one that I’m going to miss the most.

He’s been in love with a girl from the country for a while now, they’re ‘dating’, I don’t know, is that what they usually say? Yeah, whatever. But, that’s a secret, no one besides me knows, because according to the country traditions, it’s not okay to date. As for the poor girl, her family wants her to marry someone she doesn’t want to marry, that’s what makes my brother mad. The idea of her with someone else makes him go crazy. And you know how it is there, God knows how hard it is to make her father change his mind. It’s a long story.

Isabelle, our younger sibling, the sweetest girl in the country. Despite all the limits there are, she still finds ways to do whatever she wants with no one noticing. The spirit of adventure.

Christopher and Norman, the youngest two. The most annoying if I might comment. There’s so much I could say about them, but I think it’s not the right time to blabber. The only thing they do is play with kids their age, oh, and annoy their older siblings.

Mother, Marlene. She has her own kind of beauty, not the same kind as most of the women here in the country, mixed genes, I guess.

Father, Balwin. Just like most of the men here, but with a sprinkle of joy, that makes him different. I know for a reason that he was one of the most attractive guys back then. With sharp features that made the girls go crazy over him.

OK, back to reality, I’m about to get in the plane that’s supposed to take me to London.

“Good evening, miss, thank you for choosing Lufthansa airlines. Your passport and boarding pass, please.” The brunette flight attendant wearing a pretty blue dress with a bit of yellow i n it says with a polite smile.

I hand her what she asked for and she leads me to what I suppose is my seat.

“13- B. This will be your seat. Please feel free to ask if you need anything” she smiles. “Don’t forget to buckle up when the red light here turns on. Thank you again for choosing Lufthansa airlines. Enjoy your flight.” And with that, she leaves me alone in my booth before I have the chance to thank her.

I take a look at the two empty seats next to me and smile instantly when I realize that there wouldn’t be a person snoring next to me

This is going to be a one enjoyable flight.

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