Hidden Desire

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Chapter 4

Mikey’s point of view

Walking out of the club, I had to fight myself not to look back at her.

What the hell was she thinking?

What the hell was I thinking that when she’d asked to go back to my hotel room with me that my immediate answer had been yes. It had taken a full thirty seconds for me to comprehend her question, to remind myself that saying yes, even though I’d wanted to, was absolutely not a fucking option.

She was Tyler.


Reggie’s little sister.

She was ten years younger than me. Not that I hadn’t been dating girls her age since I was that age myself. My last fling was a nineteen-year-old model. I’d been twenty-nine at the time. A ten-year difference, just like the ten-year difference between me and Tyler now. She was twenty-one, freshly.

What could she possible see in me?

But the way she called me Michael when no one else did, that definitely did things to me. It had started after I’d rescued her from the snow outside Val and Reggie’s house when she’d been sixteen, right after Vincent had been born.

When had she decided that she was even interested in me? I knew she’d seen my conquests splashed out across the covers of various gossip magazines. I hadn’t changed my playboy ways until two years ago, sleeping my way through half of campus in college and the first five years of my N.B.A. career. I treated the women better than I did in high school, as equals. I didn’t demonise them anymore or think less of them because they were sleeping with me. I respected them, was upfront about my intentions to have it just be sex. I’d still broken the occasional heart because every few months there was always a woman who thought she could be the one to change me.

They never could.

Tyler deserved better than me. And Reggie would cut my dick off if he found out I went anywhere near his sister. The irony that, in high school, when I found out about him and Val, he’d sworn up and down that he’d never treat Tyler the way I did Val. But that had changed basically the day she turned sixteen, and he’d seen someone check her out for the first time.

I’d laughed in his face, finally feeling justified in the reaction I had to finding out my best friend was sleeping with my sister all those years ago. It had worked out because they were still together, married, two kids. They had a great life. And it was one I was jealous of. It had taken me eleven years to realise that I wanted that type of life- a wife, kids, a family of my own.

Mine and Val’s childhoods hadn’t been horrible; our mom had been an excellent mother. But our dad was an asshole. He’d been verbally abusive of me for as long as I could remember. My only worth to him was if made it to the N.B.A. It was because of him that I struggled so much with misogyny and sexism. It had taken me years to undo that damage, and I still struggled with it sometimes, but I was working on it. When my mom had finally divorced him during our senior year of high school, I’d momentarily considered forgoing my basketball scholarship and quitting, preventing me from ever getting into the N.B.A. I felt like I owed it to myself not to be forced into the version of me that my father wanted me to be. But ultimately, I loved the game, despite how it was tied to my worth in his eyes. And it had worked out. I had an amazing career, more money than I could ever spend, endorsements with major companies. All that was missing was a wife.

Mom and Val didn’t know, but after I’d been drafted, dad had contacted me. He’d offered to be my agent. Obviously I’d turned him down, but that didn’t stop him from popping up every once in awhile and asking for money. I’d never given it to him, and his requests got bolder and bolder every time.

When I finally pulled into the valet circle of my hotel, I handed the valet the keys to my rental car. I really needed to buy a car and find a house here. Living out of a hotel wasn’t ideal. I wasn’t very successful in keeping Tyler out of my mind. She’d grown up right before my eyes, but it wasn’t until last year when I’d been home for Christmas that I’d realised how beautiful she was, that she’d become a woman. Of course I’d noticed; it was impossible not to. But what was I supposed to do now that she’d made her desire for me clear?

Reggie would skin me alive.

But even that knowledge didn’t stop me from imaging what would have happened if I’d brought her back here with me. She’d looked so sexy. That white dress had shown off her body, all the curves. Her legs had looked a mile long in the heels. I loved her hair, the dark, wild curls that framed her face. Her brown eyes were always wide open, giving her an adorable expression, like she was always surprised by something. Every man with a pulse in that club tonight had been staring at her while she’d been dancing, save her brother and Oliver, who’d been consumed by Jade.

She’d been drunk. It was her twenty-first birthday, of course she’d been drunk. That’s the only reason she’d said what she’d said, asked what she’d asked. Sober, she would not want to come back to my hotel with me. No, definitely not.

When I got to my room, there was a scantily dressed woman leaning against my door. I never knew how they made it all the way up here, or how they found out which room was mine. It happened pretty frequently. At away games, there was always a line of them waiting outside the hotel, waiting to be picked up by anyone. The really bold ones, like the girl standing in front of my door, would make their way upstairs. Sometimes they were waiting outside, other times I’d be coming out of the shower when they knocked.

The Mikey I’d been two years ago wouldn’t have even asked her name before bringing her inside and fucking her senseless. The next morning I’d send her away without more than a care package from my team, a few accessories and no plans to ever contact her again. She would know about the no future contact before I agreed to let her inside.

Not this time.

I was going to send her away.

“Mikey Williams,” she said, her voice sultry. She was definitely attractive.

“Can I help you?”

“I think you can. Maybe we should go inside and discuss the things you can do to me further.” That was the thing about the bold the of girl who made it all the way to the hotel room to proposition you for sex. They didn’t play coy or make it seem like they were there for any other reason than the reason they were there for.

“No thank you,” I declined politely.

“Nobody turns me down,” she said, shaking her head.

“Have a nice night,” I said, trying to brush my way past her and into my room.

“Seriously?” She asked, completely dumbfounded.

I didn’t respond, just closed and bolted the door behind me.

Taking my shoes off by the door, I walked further into the suite, heading to the fridge for a glass of water. Tyler was still on my mind. And I needed to get her off of it. Thinking about her would just lead me to problems. Too many problems to count. So I pushed the beauty from my mind.

I was sitting on the couch when my phone beeped.

Val: Where did you run off to?

Of course, she’d noticed that I was gone already. Sisters.

Me: I’ve got an early meeting in the morning. I said bye to Tyler.

Val: Dinner tomorrow? And Reggie’s game.

Me: Sure.

I was really enjoying being back on the east coast. I’d been trying to get back since I’d been drafted out to California out of college. Reggie had been the lucky one getting drafted into Washington right out of college.

Not wanting to talk to anyone else, I left my phone where it was laying and walked to the bathroom. Turning the shower on, I waited for the water to warm while stripping out of my suit. I showered quickly, forcing myself to think of anything other than Tyler whenever she popped into my brain. Maybe I should stop calling her princess? That was probably crossing some wires between my dick and my brain.

After I showered, I dried myself off before collapsing into bed.


“This house is in a great school district,” my realtor, Connie said. She’d said that about the last six houses she’d shown me in affluent D.C. suburbs all over Virginia and Maryland. “There are also several private schools all within driving distance.”

I didn’t even have kids yet, and she was going on and on about them already being in school. But this was by far my favourite property. It was the most modern, had the most natural light. I’d also noticed when we were driving in that the neighbourhood was more diverse, guys from the team came over all the time, my best friend was biracial, my nephews were biracial, the girl of my dreams was biracial. I didn’t want any of them to ever feel harassed or not welcome where I was living.

“This community also has twenty-four-hour security, an entrance that gated and manned twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Would you like to see the pool?”

“Yes,” I told her. Connie’s heels clicked across the tiled floor as she walked through the kitchen to the backdoor. The backyard was spacious, sitting on multiple acres. Those high skinny bush tree things surrounded the edge of the property I didn’t care to learn the name of. I followed her down the steps of the back patio. Just like the front, it was built from concrete and covered in sleek outdoor tiles. The tiles followed all the way down the path to the pool and hot tub.

The hot tub and pool were connected, the warm water from the hot tub spilling over into the pool.

“How does it work in the winter?” I asked her. There was no way a pool in northern Virginia could be open all year long. It got cold here.

“There’s a shut-off switch that’ll prevent the overflow.”

“What’s the asking price on this one?”

“This is the most expensive property. It’s six point eight million. But you may be able to get it for six and a half.”

I didn’t know that negotiating for a measly three hundred grand.

“Put in an offer, six million, cash sale.”

“That will most likely be accepted,” she said. Cash talked. “They are however not looking to close until after the new year.”

That was three and a half months. I didn’t want to spend that much time living out of a hotel. Maybe I could find an AirBnB to rent for the time being. “If I upped the offer to full asking price, would it get me in here sooner?”

“Probably not. They want to have one last family Christmas here before they move.”

“Sentimental reasons.” I understood that. Mom had sold the house we’d grown up in when she moved in with Thomas. A lot of the memories weren’t happy. In fact, a lot of them were downright shitty, but it was still the home that Val and I had grown up in. “Put in the offer.”

“I will. I’ll be in touch, Mr. Williams.”

We shook hands, and she guided me out of the house, locking it behind her and putting the key back in the lockbox. “Have a nice day,” I called to her as I climbed back into my rental car. I had one more stop to make today before I made my way to Val and Reggie’s.

I had a Ferarri F8 Spider in California, but I’d sold it before I left, not wanting to drive it or have it shipped across the country. I’d been driving a rental, but it was time for me to get my own wheels, and I knew exactly what I wanted. Following the GPS directions, I drove to the Audi dealership. Val and Reggie had an Audi I’d driven a handful of times, and it was the perfect car to prove I was ready to settle down- safe, family oriented.

“Mr. Williams, I’m Lewis,” an overzealous salesman greeted me as soon as I walked into the shop. “Welcome. What would you like to test drive? The e-tron GT? A TT perhaps?”

“I actually don’t need to test drive anything. I’m here to tell you what I want. If you have it on the lot, I’ll take it home today. If not, I’ll wait for it to be ready.”

“Absolutely. Right this way. Can I get you something to drink? Coffee? Sparkling water?” Why, when you got a little bit of money, did everyone assume you drank sparkling water? It was gross.

“I’m fine.”

Lewis dutifully typed in the specifications I wanted for my vehicle, model, color, upgrades. “You seem to be in luck,” he said twenty minutes later when I finished telling him my wishes. “We have this exact model. It’s like it’s fate.”

“I’d like to see it.”

I followed Lewis out into the freezing fall air and down the line of expensive cars. He hit the key fob in his hand, and the car beeped. She was a beautiful red color, the same shade that Tyler had painted on her lips yesterday.

Of course, I was still comparing everything to Tyler. She’d been on my mind since I woke up. And despite my best efforts, I hadn’t been able to get her off of my mind.

I slid into the driver’s seat of the car, adjusting it to fit my long body. When I put the key in the ignition and turned, she purred.

“I’ll take her,” I said.

“Let’s go do the paperwork.”

Two hours later, after handing over my credit card and calling my accountant to get my insurance up to date with the new SUV on it, I was driving towards Val and Reggie’s.

When I pulled up, Reggie’s car wasn’t there. And that was when I remembered he had an away game. It would just be me and Val for dinner.

And Tyler, apparently, because she stepped out of her car just as I was stepping out of mine.

She had sunglasses on her face, was in joggers and a baggy sweatshirt with the Washington Football Team written on it.

“Hey,” I said, not wanting to make things any more awkward than they could potentially be.

“Not so loud,” she chastised me, her hands pushing against her head.

She was super hungover.

“About last night,” I began.

“What about last night?” She asked. “The last thing I remember is being at dinner. Whatever happened at the party I have no idea.”

She was still hiding behind her sunglasses, and she was fidgeting with the purse on her shoulder. Tyler had always been a terrible liar. Most kids grew out of that and learned to lie with age, but she never had. She was lying to me right now, but if it was what she needed to do in order for things between us to be normal between us, then I’d let her pretend it didn’t happen.

“Well, princess,” I smirked at her. “You sure throw one hell of a party. Ready for that headache to get worse thanks to our screaming nephews?”

“I told Val to give them benadryl.”

I laughed at her, shaking my head. She was definitely in the throws of a horrible hangover.

Val was already standing at the door, waiting for us. “You’re looking a little worse for the wear,” she teased Tyler.

“Shh. Did you give the kids quiet pills?”

“Nope. I’ve been hungover all day too, and I had to care for the screaming humans.”

“You chose to have them.”

“And you love them so don’t start.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

I kissed my sister on the cheek as I brushed past her and into the house.

We ate pizza and watched the game, Tyler complaining about her head the entire time. I couldn’t stop myself from watching her, the way she played with the kids, the way she laughed, hell even the way she ate her pizza and drank her water. The way she cheered for her brother on the screen.

She may want to pretend like she didn’t say what she said last night, to forget it, but I wasn’t sure if I could. I was suddenly seeing her in a different light.

Once the game was over, Tyler announced she was spending the night and waltzed herself right into the guest bedroom.

“I bought a house,” I told Val when we were alone. The kids had already fallen asleep.


“Yeah. Well, I put an offer in. It should be accepted. If it is, we won’t close until after the new year though.”

“Are you gonna stay in the hotel?”

“No, I’m going to try and find an AirBnB. And I bought a new car.”

“The one in the driveway?”


“I thought it was just another rental. No sleek sports car.”

“Time to grow up.”


Val walked me to the front door and waved me off before going back inside.

I’d accomplished a lot today, but deciding to stay away from my best friend’s little sister hadn’t been one of those things.

And was I maybe hoping that everything I’d done today, buying a house, buying a sensible SUV instead of my usual sports car, would maybe have a positive influence on whatever I was pretending I didn’t want to happen with Tyler?


But again, that answer was just pretend too.

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