Don't Judge Love

By metudor All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Ashley Jessup has enjoyed her sexual relationship with her dominatrix, The Judge, but she’s ready for a real relationship. She wants to be with someone who will let her kiss them, someone to hold hand and go on real dates with. Jean Carlisle has kept her private life a secret from everyone in her professional life. Only a few people know that she is the dominatrix, The Judge. She picks her submissive lovers very carefully and she usually only maintains their services for a short period of time, but Ashley is different. She can’t seem to get enough of her. Jean knows she needs to end their liaisons because she is becoming attached to Ashley, and that is something she can’t afford to do. Ashley taking the initiative to end their relationship throws The Judge into a rage and seeing Ashley in her court room pushes Jean over the edge. In her effort to cleanse herself of Ashley, she picks the wrong woman and Ashley must come to her rescue. Are they really done? Can they move on, or will fate and love make the decision for them.

Chapter 1

Ashley Jessup was watching TV with her two roommates, Mary Hanon and Jackie Meredith. Out of the corner of her eye, Ashley saw Jackie place a light kiss on Mary’s cheek. She had to admit that she was a little jealous of the couple. Being in a serious relationship had never been something that Ashley wanted, but seeing how happy her friend Mary was made Ashley realize that she may be missing something important in her life.

Mary and Jackie’s relationship started with a weird coincidence. Ashley had Mary drop her off at a bar where she was meeting her dominatrix, The Judge. She had been in such a hurry that she forgot to leave the keys in the car, leaving Mary no choice but to come into the bar to get the keys from her.

The bar they were at was a place where women met to hook up and have sex, often inside the bar. Mary had never been in the bar and almost became a conquest of three of the bar’s most notorious doms. Jackie, the UPS driver who delivers packages to the law firm where Ashley and Mary work, just happened to be in the bar that night. Jackie, who was very surprised to see Mary in a lesbian bar, came to Mary’s rescue stealing her away from the circling vultures.

Jackie had a little bit of a crush on Mary, but thought Mary was a stuck up bitch. Mary thought Jackie was cute, but annoying. Jackie was obviously gay and proud of it, but Mary and Ashley both tried to keep their sexuality a secret. They both worried that their conservative bosses might fire them if they found out they were gay, so Jackie didn’t know about their sexuality until that night when they were both in the bar.

In the process of them trying to find Ashley, they both got turned on by all the sex around them, and, surprisingly, the usually reserved Mary had sex with Jackie at the bar that night.

Mary tried to fight the attraction to Jackie because of her fear of being outed, but fate had other plans. The two of them couldn’t keep their hands off each other anytime they were alone. The attraction between them was very strong and before they knew it they were falling in love.

A few months after Mary and Jackie had officially started dating, Jackie’s apartment complex burned down. Jackie moved into their apartment and had been there ever since. But, it was a good thing. Jackie was a great roommate. She was very considerate. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t fix, she was an amazing cook, and she was madly in love with Mary. Mary was equally in love with Jackie, and their happiness made their apartment a happier place. But it also made Ashley realize how lonely she was, despite having a regular sex partner. She glanced at the couple again, and then said, “I think I’m going to go to bed.” She got up from the recliner. She picked up Mary and Jackie’s popcorn bowl and then her own.

“Okay, ’night,” Mary replied.

“’Night,” Jackie added, neither of them really paying attention to Ashley.

Ashley took the dishes into the kitchen and got a glass of water. She moved to the kitchen doorway and watched Jackie pull Mary to her and kiss her gently on the lips. Jackie’s lips lingered and Mary deepened the kiss. Ashley turned away and went to her bedroom.

She didn’t want to admit that she was jealous of their relationship, but she was. Being in a committed relationship was not something Ashley had put on her priority list, but watching Mary and Jackie together made her long to have someone touch her the way Jackie touched Mary. She wanted someone to look at her the way Mary looked at Jackie.

She could hear them whispering to each other as she closed her bedroom door. They were so in love. She had never thought that she would want to be in a serious relationship with someone, at least not for a while. But, seeing how happy Mary and Jackie were, made her feel like she was missing something very important in her life.

The bed was already turned down. She pulled her feet out of her slippers, put her glass of water on the night stand, and sat down on the bed. Tucking her legs under the covers, she lay on her side, and picked up the lesbian romance she had been reading for the past few days. She hadn’t been much of a reader, but Jackie had gotten her hooked on lesbian romances, and now she devoured them. She was on her third book in a little over a week. She really needed to get an eReader, Kindle, or Nook so she wouldn’t use up so much of her bookshelf.

Her phone buzzed on the night stand. She picked it up. It was a text message from her dominatrix. Even though they had been seeing each other for over a year, Ashley referred to her simply as The Judge. She opened the message which read, “Be at the bar tomorrow night, ten-thirty.”

There was no need to reply. The Judge expected her total obedience. Ashley rolled onto her back. She had been debating what to do about The Judge for several weeks now. She enjoyed the time she had spent as The Judge’s plaything, but she was ready for more, and The Judge would never allow things to go any further between them. It was a shame, really. Ashley liked The Judge a lot.

She would never forget the first time she had seen The Judge in the bar. The Judge had been completely predatory, like she had come there looking for Ashley. Ashley had been dancing with a woman she had been with several times and was just about to take the woman to the back of the bar to have sex when The Judge approached. Initially Ashley had been terrified because she recognized the woman. She was certain that someone had outed her and The Judge had come to tell her that she was going to tell Ashley’s conservative lawyer bosses that she was a lesbian and get her fired. But, The Judge had walked up to Ashley, grabbed her hand, dragged her to the back of the bar, and threw her up against the wall. She had pressed herself into Ashley and commanded, “I’m claiming you.”

Ashley had allowed The Judge to claim her, beginning a very intense sexual relationship. Initially, Ashley had seen other people on the side; The Judge had not seemed to care. As time went on, however, The Judge became more and more possessive. She would become insanely jealous if even she saw someone talking to Ashley and make their next sexual session very rough. Ashley liked sex rough, but now she was craving something different.

Even though their relationship had been strictly physical, there had always been an underlying current of respect and concern that they shared for each other. This was why Ashley was having such a hard time with the decision she had made about her relationship with The Judge. Tomorrow night would be the last time that they would be together. She decided that she needed to end things with The Judge if she were ever going to have a chance at a normal, loving relationship with anyone.

Ashley sighed and started reading her book. She was sad she had to end their relationship, but she was excited about the possibility of finding true love with someone. She wanted what Mary and Jackie had something she would never find with The Judge.

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