Don't Judge Love

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Chapter 13

“So what are you ordering?” Mary asked, looking over her menu at Ashley.

Ashley looked in the direction of the door one more time, and then responded, “Biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns, eggs and bacon.”

Jackie raised an eyebrow, “Wow, I’m the one who usually orders that kind of breakfast.”

“I need comfort food,” Ashley grumped and twisted the corner of her napkin, “I really thought she would show up.”

“It has to be hard for her, Ashley,” Mary soothed, putting her hand on Ashley’s arm, “I can’t even imagine being a judge and trying to hide the fact that I’m gay, then being outed by some jackass who I ruled against. Especially, when the jackass posted video of me with a woman, supposedly, forced to sit on my face.”

“Humph,” Jackie shook her head, “Makes me glad I’m just a lowly UPS delivery person.”

Mary punched Jackie lightly on the arm, “You are not a lowly anything. You provide a very important service. How would people get anything without UPS?”

“True,” Jackie agreed with a nod of her head.

Their waitress, a young woman with brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, returned to the table with fresh coffee. “Are ya all ready to order?” she asked, smacking her gum as she spoke.

“Yes,” Mary replied, picking up her menu.

The waitress pulled an order pad out of her white apron, “Go ahead.”

“I’m going to have the wheat pancakes, with fresh strawberries with two pieces of bacon,” Mary pointed to the item on the menu.

“I’m going to have the western omelet with bacon and rye toast,” Jackie told the waitress, “And I want to throw in an order of hashbrowns.”

The waitress wrote their orders in short hand on her pad and then looked at Ashley, “What you want, Hon?”

“I’m going to have the Hungry Man Special,” Ashley answered, pointing to the order on the menu, “And I want an extra biscuit.”

The waitress gave her a raised eyebrow and a grin, “The biscuits are amazing here, aren’t they?”

Ashley gave the waitress a small smile, “Yes, they are.”

“Why don’t you make that two Hungry Man Specials?” A woman suggested from behind the waitress. The waitress turned, and everyone stared in surprise at Jean. She was standing directly behind the waitress in jeans and vernal green Polo shirt.

“Sure, Judge Carlisle,” the waitress said.

Jean gave the woman a nod, “And I’d like a cup of coffee too, with half and half and sugar.”

“Coming right up, Your Honor,” the waitress acknowledged and headed to the back of the restaurant.

“Do you mind?” Jean asked, pointing to the chair between Ashley and Jackie.

“Not at all,” Jackie agreed, jumping up to pull the chair out for Jean.

Ashley smiled at Jean, “I didn’t think you were going to make it.”

“I didn’t either,” Jean said, and then blushed, “But I wanted to see you.”

“I’m glad you did,” Ashley said, reaching out and gently touching Jean’s arm.

Mary and Jackie smiled at each other, and then they both picked up their coffees and took drinks.

Jean cleared her throat, “Is it okay with you two that I joined you for brunch?”

“Of course,” Mary assured her.

The waitress returned with Jean’s coffee, “If you need anything else, Your Honor, just let me know,” the woman said as she set Jean’s cup in front of her and the placed a bowl of half and half cups next to her.

“Thank you,” Jean paused, but only for a moment, “Maria.”

Ashley looked at Jean with a raised, questioning eyebrow.

“She has two little girls,” Jean said, “She was in my court room about a year ago over custody with her ex-boyfriend.”

“I take it she liked the verdict,” Mary observed.

“It was one of those cut and dry cases,” Jean replied, “Those are few and far between anymore.”

“I really respect what you do,” Jackie remarked, “I can’t even imagine being the person who decides if a child gets to see one parent or the other. Or who has to pay what. It must be a really tough job?”

“It is,” Jean replied, “But knowing that I’ve kept a child out of a dangerous situation always makes it worth it.”

“So,” Mary asked, “Ashley said you like to play golf. Did you get to go out this morning?”

Jean smiled, relieved for the subject change, “I did, actually. My father called me this morning and asked me to go play with him.”

“That’s wonderful,” Ashley smiled.

“Yes,” Jackie agreed, “Not everyone has good relationships with their parents.”

Jean nodded, “My parents have always been very supportive of me, my father has always been very controlling, but he always thought he was doing what was best for me.”

“What do your parents think about what happened?” Mary asked.

“My father is furious,” Jean explained, “That was one of the reasons he wanted to meet this morning.” She looked over at Ashley, “He wants me to go to work for him.”

Ashley paled, “Are you?”

“No,” Jean replied, “But, I’m not sure I’m going to seek reelection as a family judge when my term ends in three years.”

“What will you do?” asked Jackie.

“Probably go back into private practice. I think I might work specifically on gay and lesbian child custody cases,” Jean said, looking to Ashley for approval.

“That’s awesome,” Ashley responded.

“Dad also said that he was going to talk to some people about Governor Michaels. He said he knows some things that he can use to make Michaels get off my case,” Jean confided.

“So what does that mean for the two of you?” Mary asked.

Jean smiled at Ashley and gave her hand a light squeeze, “It means we can spend more time getting to know each other out in public with less fear of Governor Michaels getting me fired.”

“That’s awesome,” Jackie said.

The waitress returned with her arm loaded with plates. She set the one with pancakes down in front of Mary, “Wheat pancakes with strawberries and bacon.” She put a plate in front of Jackie and continued, “Western omelet with bacon and hashbrowns.” She put Ashley and Jean’s plates down in front of them, “Hungry man special with extra biscuits. Can I get you all anything else?”

“Extra butter,” Jean requested.

“You got it,” the waitress answered and headed back to the kitchen.

“So,” Jean asked as she cut up her biscuits and gravy, “What do you think about going to see a movie with me this afternoon?”

“Really?” Ashley responded, stunned.

“Really,” Jean replied with a smile.

* * *

The four of them ended up going to the movies together after they realized that Jackie and Mary were going to the same movie to which Jean wanted to take Ashley. After the movie, they went to dinner and spent the better part of the evening sitting around talking over coffee.

When they got ready to leave the restaurant, Ashley, who had originally been riding with Jackie and Mary, stood by Jean’s black Mercedes, and told her, “Thank you for coming out with us this morning and today.”

“I really enjoyed myself today. Your friends are wonderful,” Jean answered, pulling at Ashley’s hand, “Let me give you a ride home.”

“To my house or yours?” Ashley asked playfully.

“I wish mine, but I’m afraid there are still a few paparazzi lingering around. I figure they will go away in another week or two. Sooner if another juicy story comes up.”

“Okay,” Ashley agreed. She turned to Mary and Jackie, “Jean is going to give me a ride home. I’ll see you guys at the house.”

“Okay,” Mary waved as she and Jackie got into Jackie’s Jeep.

Jean opened the passenger door for Ashley. She slid onto the cool leather of the seat, “Nice,” she murmured.

Jean rushed around to the other side and got in. She leaned across the center console, cupped Ashley’s face and kissed her. After a few minutes she let Ashley go and breathed, “God, I have wanted to do that all day.”

“Me, too,” Ashley replied, pulling Jean back to her and kissing her again, “Are you sure you don’t want to go somewhere to be alone.”

Sitting back on her side of the car, Jean let out a low growl, “I do, but I don’t want to take any risks until I know my father has some stuff on Michaels that will keep him out of my face.”

Ashley squeezed Jean’s hand, “I understand. I do, but God I want you.”

Jean turned to Ashley, her eyes blazing, “You just don’t know what hearing you say that does to me.”

Ashley leaned over and kissed Jean, “I know a place we can go.”

“Okay,” Jean said breathlessly. She started the car and backed out of her spot.

“Turn left out of the parking lot,” Ashley directed.

Ashley continued to give Jean directions until they were parked in front of Ashley’s apartment building. “Nice apartments,” Jean commented, “You know someone who lives here?”

“Yep,” Ashley replied, pulling on Jean’s belt loop.

Jean looked around the parking lot. She hadn’t seen anyone pull into the lot with them, but there had been a car that seemed to have followed them for a while. It had turned a few blocks back, but she was still nervous.

Ashley went to the door of the building and swiped her key card, “The security at this place is great.”

“And you have a card key for here because?” Jean asked.

“Because I live here.”

“This is your apartment building?” Jean asked looking around the tall stairwell they had entered.


“But, what if someone was following me?” Jean worried.

“You’re visiting a friend. Are you not allowed to do that?”

“Not when you’re the legal aid on the case that got me all this notoriety,” Jean looked nervously out into the parking lot.

“Come on,” Ashley insisted and pulled her up the stairs.

Ashley, Mary and Jackie’s apartment was on the second floor. When they stood in front of her door and Ashley unlocked the door, Jean asked, “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Yes,” Ashley assured her.

Jean held her breath as Ashley opened the door, “This is nice.”

“Thank you,” Ashley said, taking Jean’s hand.

Mary and Jackie came out of the hallway dressed for swimming. “Hey ladies,” Mary said with a smile, “We were just going to go down to the pool for a little while. You want to join us?”

“I…I don’t have swim suit,” Jean stammered, surprised that she and Ashley were going to be alone.

Ashley looked Jean up and down, “I’ve got an extra suit I think you can fit into.”

Jean blushed, “Okay, maybe.”

“Great,” Mary took Jackie’s hand and headed toward the door. Jean didn’t miss the wink that she gave to Ashley.

After they had left the apartment, Jean asked, “Did you plan this?”

“Yep,” Ashley replied, taking Jean’s hand and pulling her to her. She wrapped her arms around Jean’s waist. Taking Jean’s trembling arms and putting them around her; Ashley kissed her lightly on the lips, “When we were in the bathroom I told Mary what I wanted to do.”

Jean kissed Ashley and pulled her even more tightly too her. She had been dying to be alone with Ashley, but was terrified to try to find a place to go.

Ashley pulled back and took Jean’s hand. “Come on, let’s go to my bedroom.” She led Jean down the hall and to her bedroom across the hall from Mary and Jackie’s bedroom.

Hesitating at the door, Jean surveyed the room which was immaculate. Ashley had a Hampton Wood Platform bed with dark beige wood and dressers to match. The lavender comforter and drapes gave the room a feminine quality that Jean expected from Ashley.

Sensing Jean’s hesitation, Ashley pulled Jean into her arms, “What happened to my Dom who wasn’t afraid to do anything?”

Jean laughed, “You want me to tie you to the bed, naughty girl?”

“Not today,” Ashley said, nuzzling Jean’s neck, “Maybe the next time we’re alone at your house. The walls aren’t that thick in this apartment building.”

Backing Ashley toward the bed, Jean teased, “Afraid the neighbors will hear you screaming?”

“Absolutely,” Ashley agreed and kissed Jean. She pulled Jean’s shirt out of her jeans, “I thought we’d just have a quickie today, and then join Mary and Jackie at the pool.”

“Well, we’ll see whether or not it’s a quickie. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve touched you.” Jean pulled Ashley’s shirt over her head and quickly unhooked her bra. She cupped Ashley’s full breasts and moaned, “God, I want you.”

Pushing Ashley down on the bed, Jean unfastened Ashley’s jeans and quickly pulled them and her panties off, leaving Ashley naked on the bed. Then, she quickly stripped off her jeans and underwear.

Ashley scooted further up on the bed and lay back to wait for Jean, who promptly joined her. Their kiss was bruising in its intensity. It hadn’t really been that long since they had been together, but it felt like it.

Jean moved down to Ashley’s breasts which she cupped and suckled, gently at first and then with more ferocity. Ashley clutched her head and moaned. Finally letting go of Ashley’s breasts, Jean moved down, placing kisses and bites along her path. Ashley’s arousal was giving Jean a high like she hadn’t experienced before. She moved her hands down to Ashley’s pussy. Sliding her hands gently through the mound of hair, Jean lay between Ashley’s legs and opened the nether lips that hid her prize.

Grabbing a pillow from behind her, Ashley covered her face and smothered the cry that tore from her throat when Jean sucked her into her mouth. Her hips lurched off the bed in response to Jean ministrations. She was already too aroused before Jean had started sucking her, and she knew she wouldn’t last. Keeping the pillow over her face, she gripped it with both arms, and Jean produced more cries and whimpers from her. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. With one hand she held Jean’s head to her and the pillow to her face with the other.

Sliding her hands under Ashley’s hips, Jean gripped Ashley’s butt and held her in place as she finished her assault. When Ashley had put her hand firmly on the back of her head, she knew that it was time to take her over the edge, which she did. Hearing Ashley’s muffled scream gave Jean a deep satisfaction. She loved that sound. Laying her head on Ashley’s thigh, she caught her breath while she savored Ashley’s scent. It was hard to say when they would get to do this again, and Jean wanted to imprint everything about this moment into her brain.

Ashley dropped the pillow. “Oh my God,” she hissed, “It never ceases to amaze me how well you do that.”

Jean chuckled and moved up to lay her full body on Ashley, “I love hearing those sounds coming from you.”

“Is that right?” Ashley asked, flipping Jean onto her back. She leaned up and grabbed the pillow. Putting it next to Jean’s head, she explained, “You’re going to need this.” Ashley moved down and bit Jean’s nipple, eliciting a gasp from Jean. She looked up at her with a wicked grin, “Oh, yeah, you are going to need that pillow.”

She hadn’t lied. Jean immediately had to cover her face when Ashley started sucking and pinching her breasts. The last time they had been together they had been so gentle with each other, but it was like they both knew that they needed a rough, intense session.

By the time Ashley started licking on Jean’s pussy, Jean had a series of bite marks and hickies on her breasts, lower abdomen and inner thighs. The sharp bite on her clit made Jean cry out and grab Ashley’s head, “Fuck me,” she cried hoarsely from under the pillow.

Happy to oblige, Ashley started pumping two fingers in and out of Jean while she sucked on her clit. The pillow barely muffled Jean’s scream. Holding on the Jean, Ashley rode out the waves of the orgasm with her.

When her body finally stilled, Jean removed the pillow and looked down at her young lover, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Wow,” Jean moaned, and then started laughing, “I wonder if your neighbors heard that.”

Ashley laughed too, “Maybe I should have given you two pillows.”

Jean reached down for Ashley, “Come up here.” Ashley moved up to lie on top of Jean. Pushing Ashley’s hair from her face, Jean kissed her. Tasting herself on Ashley’s lips made her want to go another round but she knew she had to get out of that bed before she really did tie Ashley to the bed and have her way with her. Pulling back, Jean said, “I’m going to have to go soon. I do still have a lot of work to do.”

Pursing her lips into a pout, Ashley begged, “Can’t you at least swim with me a little while?”

She had almost said no, but she could use dipping into a cold pool to cool her over-heated body, “Sure, for just a little while.”

Hopping up, Ashley cheered, “Yay! I’ve been dying to see you in a bathing suit.”

“No bikinis,” Jean warned.

“Not even for me?” Ashley asked with a wicked gleam in her eye.

Jean got off the bed, pulled Ashley to her and kissed her, “I guess you can wear one.” Looking down Ashley’s naked body, Jean leered, “That way I can enjoy your near nakedness a little while longer.”

“Great,” Ashley went to her dresser and pulled out a dark blue one piece bathing suit for Jean and a red bikini for herself.

“Evil,” Jean observed, her eyes darkening, “I hope the water is very cold.”

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