Don't Judge Love

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Chapter 15

Ashley was stunned when Mary and she pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex and saw Jean’s car there. Mary looked over at her. “Were you expecting her to come by?”

“No,” Ashley replied and pulled into their parking space.

Jean wasn’t in her car, so Ashley and Mary went up to their apartment where she found Jean sitting on the couch talking to Jackie, who was sitting in the recliner. “Hi,” Jean greet them when they walked in the door.

“Hi,” Ashley answered. She set her purse down on the coffee table and sat next to Jean, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” Jean responded.

Ashley smiled, “You did.”

Mary had sat down on Jackie’s lap and per her arm around her neck, “I would love to hear more about this thing about Governor Michaels.”

“What about Governor Michaels?” Jackie asked.

“Apparently, he has a lot of skeletons in his closet,” Jean said, “Do you all have any alcohol? I would love a drink.”

“We have beer,” Mary said.

“That would be great,” Jean said.

Mary and Jackie both got up and went to the kitchen. Jean turned to Ashley and kissed her lightly on the lips, “I wanted to do that so bad today at lunch.”

Ashley smiled, “Me, too.”

Jackie came back with three beers. “Mary went to change,” she explained and sat down in the recliner.

Standing, Ashley agreed, “That sounds good.”

Jean grabbed her hand, “Why don’t you wait, I want to take you to dinner in a little bit.”

“Okay,” Ashley said and sat back down next to Jean, this time closer so that their legs were touching.

Mary came back dressed in athletic pants, t-shirt and bare feet. She sat down in front of the recliner and leaned against Jackie’s sweatpants-clad legs, “Okay, let’s hear the Governor Michaels’ story.”

Jean took a drink of her beer and started, “When Governor Michaels was running for office, he was accused of having an affair with his secretary, Janice Cantrell. Janice denied it because she was having an affair with Connie Sayers, and Connie was still married at the time. Janice did have a brief affair with Michaels, but it didn’t last more than a few months. After she met and fell in love with Connie, she quit working for Michaels, who she said continued to sexually harass her until she quit.

“Michaels apparently has a problem with sexual harassment because there are other women who have filed complaints against him, complaints that got shuffled around until they disappeared, or at least until Michaels thought they did. It’s one of the things I love about modern technology; nothing really completely disappears, especially when the women involved kept copies of their complaints on flash drives.”

“Oh shit!” Jackie exclaimed.

“Yeah, ‘oh shit’ for Michaels,” Jean agreed, “My father contacted him and explained that he had quite a bit of information that would make Michaels look very bad. Even though it’s eighteen months from the next election, Michaels doesn’t need any more bad press than he’s already had.”

“I will be stunned if he gets re-elected,” Ashley stated, “He has jacked up the state government.”

“For real,” Mary agreed.

“The Democrats are grooming some very good candidates for the next election,” Jean added. “I don’t think Michaels will get re-elected if the Democrats keep proposing bills that will fix the economy and bring in a pro-laborer candidate.”

“True,” Ashley agreed, sipped her beer, and then asked, “So where’re we going to dinner?”

“I thought we’d get something light. Maybe swing by Subway or something, and then go to a movie. There’s a new action flick that just come out that I want to see,” Jean said.

“The one about the assassination attempt on the President while he’s traveling overseas?” Ashley asked excitedly.

“That’s the one.”

“I’ve been dying to see that!”

Jean smiled, “Well, I guess that’s something else we have in common. I love action movies.”

Ashley smiled as she absorbed the warm and affectionate look Jean was giving her. She was still surprised at the difference in Jean since they had stopped being just S&M lovers. The warm and caring side of Jean had come out, and Ashley really liked that side of Jean.

Mary stood up and pulled Jackie out of the chair. “I think we’re going to go start our dinner.”

Jean and Ashley blushed as they snapped out of their stare. “I suppose we should get going if we are going to make the seven o’clock showing,” Jean said. She finished her beer as did Ashley.

“Yeah, we should get going,” Ashley agreed.

Both women stood. Ashley grabbed her purse and called to Jackie and Mary, “We’re heading out. I’ll see you all in the morning.”

Jean opened the door for Ashley and put her hand on the small of Ashley’s back as they went out the door.

They went downstairs, and Ashley paused on the sidewalk. “Should we take one car or both cars?”

“Both,” Jean said leaning close to Ashley, “I want you to come to my house after the movie.”

Ashley looked into Jean’s smoldering dark eyes, “You keep looking at me like that and we may never make it to the movie.”

Jean laughed, “I’ll meet you at the Subway by the mall.”

* * *

Ashley was still in shock that she was sitting in a crowded movie theater holding hands with Jean. This had been the craziest day. They had lunch and dinner together in very public restaurants where they had seen people they knew. Mr. Lowry and Mr. Winslow had been at Alberto’s at lunch, and Jarrod Gilman, one of the courthouse guards had been at Subway. God only knew how many people who knew them or knew of them were in this theater. Ashley was pretty sure everyone in town knew who Jean was after the news reports about what had happened to her. Now, here she was practically challenging them to say something about her being out with a woman. And it was clear that Jean and she were together. Jean had stood close to her and talked to her in line at Subway. They had talked and laughed liked teenagers at their table. Now, Jean was caressing her hand in the packed theater.

It had never occurred to Ashley until right that minute that if Jean was outed, she would be, too. Was she prepared for that? She looked down at their entwined hands and then at Jean who looked over at her and smiled. “You look happy,” Ashley said suddenly.

“I am,” Jean whispered, “I am happy when I’m with you.”

Ashley smiled shyly, “I’m happy when I’m with you, too.”

Jean’s eyes dropped to Ashley’s lips and for a moment, Ashley thought she was going to kiss her right there in the theater, but Jean squeezed her hand and turned back to the movie.

When the movie was over and they were making their way out, Jean put her hand on the small of Ashley’s back again. It was like she had to touch her. Ashley found herself looking around self-consciously. She felt like people were staring at them.

Jean was feeling the same thing, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t sure when she had changed how she felt about being out, but she wanted to be able to be with Ashley like this without fear. Turning to Ashley, she saw the slight fear on her face, “Are you okay?”

“Just a little nervous,” Ashley admitted.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, though, someone to go to dinner and the movies with, someone to hold hands with?”

Ashley looked into Jean’s eyes. She felt empowered by what she saw there, “Yes, this is exactly what I wanted.”

“Me, too,” Jean replied. Once again her eyes dropped to Ashley’s lips, “We need to get out of here because I want to kiss you so bad I almost can’t stop myself.”

Ashley’s breath caught, “Well then, we better hurry to your house.”

Jean smiled at the desire in Ashley’s eyes, “Yes, we better.”

The drive to Jean’s house seemed to take forever. It was like every light on the way was timed against them. Of course, the wait only built the anticipation of the fire that was going to explode once they got inside Jean’s house.

Ashley arrived at Jean’s house a few minutes before Jean and parked in the circle of the driveway. Jean parked behind Ashley and went straight to the door. Ashley was right on her heels when Jean opened the door.

Jean closed the door by pressing Ashley to it and kissing her hard. Ashley moved her hands to Jean’s waist and started pulling her blouse out of her slacks. Jean’s lips moved to Ashley’s neck as Ashley’s hands slid inside her blouse to her breasts.

“Oh, God,” Jean murmured.

Ashley cupped Jean’s breasts and stroked her nipples through the lacy bra. She brought her lips back to Jean’s and slid her tongue into Jean’s mouth. Jean pushed her against the door again with her leg between Ashley’s.

When they took a breath, Ashley panted, “Let’s go to your bedroom. Your bed is much softer than this door.”

“Sorry,” Jean apologized, “I didn’t mean to slam you into it so hard.”

“It’s okay, but I want you naked on your bed. Now,” Ashley demanded.

Jean’s nostrils flared with the intensity of the arousal Ashley’s demand brought on. She turned and pulled Ashley with her through the house to her bedroom. When they were standing next to her bed she turned to Ashley and kissed her deeply. Ashley began unbuttoning Jean’s shirt as Jean unzipped her skirt.

With deft hands, Jean began unbuttoning Ashley’s shirt as she pulled back to look into Ashley’s eyes. “You are so beautiful,” Jean murmured. She cupped Ashley’s face and gently kissed her as she continued to remove Ashley’s blouse.

Taking Jean’s hands and putting them on her naked breasts after Jean had removed her bra, Ashley purred, “You make me feel beautiful with the way you touch me.”

Gently squeezing Ashley’s breasts, Jean moaned softly before lowering her head to take one of Ashley’s breasts into her mouth. Ashley let out a deep sigh when Jean moved to the other breast. Jean moved further down with kisses down Ashley’s flat stomach as she took off the last barrier keeping her from what she wanted most of all. Once Ashley’s clothes were completely off, Jean pushed her onto the bed where she moved between Ashley’s legs. The scent of Ashley’s arousal was making Jean crazy, and she had to taste her.

Ashley’s hips came of the bed with the touch of Jean’s tongue to her clit. “Oh my God,” Ashley hissed.

Jean was taking her time, slowly building the height of Ashley’s arousal with her tongue and lips.

Ashley was moaning and writhing. “Please Jean, please,” Ashley begged.

Jean slid two fingers inside Ashley and began stroking the spot she knew would take Ashley over the edge.

Gripping the sheet with her fists, Ashley’s body rose up of its own accord. The power of the building climax propelled her upward and she ripped the sheet from its moors. When the climax hit, Ashley cried out, “Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Oh my God!” She pushed backward with her heels shoving her thrashing head into the headboard.

Ashley’s climax took Jean for a wild ride. She hung onto Ashley’s hips for dear life as Ashley came hard drenching Jean with her juices. Jean tried to drink up every drop until Ashley pulled gently at her hair.

“Please come up here,” Ashley begged.

Jean rose up and moved to lie on top of Ashley. Ashley’s eyes were still almost black from the high of her orgasm. Stroking Ashley’s face, Jean felt the revelation that she had been torn about coming to her lips. “I love you,” she told Ashley quietly.

The surprise flicked across Ashley’s face briefly before she broke into a radiant smile. “I love you, too.”

Pulling Jean’s lips down to hers, Ashley kissed Jean with all the love she was feeling in her heart. Jean kissed her back with equal passion. Ashley slipped her arms around Jean and rolled her over onto her back. She slid one hand down to Jean’s soaking folds and moaned. Tearing her lips from Jeans, she kissed her way down to the dark curls that led to the glorious treasure she sought.

Jean threaded her fingers into Ashley’s golden hair as Ashley kissed and licked her clit. A deep moan escaped her when Ashley sucked her into her mouth. Her arousal was already at heights Jean had never seen before. She would not realize until later that the admission of her love for Ashley had fed the already fevered pitch of her desire. And now, as Ashley slid three curved fingers into her and sucked her clit deeply into her mouth, Jean had the one experience she had never thought she would, she actually ejaculated. Her body was already off the bed when it happened, and she screamed with the orgasm that hit at the same moment.

The already loose sheets were balled in Jean’s fists as she covered her face when the second orgasm hit. “Sweet Jesus,” she mumbled under the sheets.

Ashley crawled up to lie on top of Jean and pulled the sheets away from her face, “You okay?”

“I don’t know. I think I may have pulled some muscles, but I can’t feel anything yet.”

Ashley burst out laughing, “Oh my God, I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

“Me, too,” Jean laughed, too. She rolled onto her side and looked at Ashley. Turning serious, she caressed Ashley’s cheek. “I meant what I said. I think I’ve been in love with you from the beginning.”

Kissing the palm of Jean’s hand, Ashley responded, “Me, too.” She looked into Jean’s eyes, “I was drawn to you the first time I met you and stunned when you showed up at the bar.”

Jean chuckled, “That’s too funny. I felt the same way.”

Ashley studied Jean’s face, “Do you think the age difference will be a problem for us?”

“Not if we truly love each other,” Jean assured her.

Cupping Jean’s face and pulling her down for a kiss, Ashley said, “Then I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“If I set the alarm early enough for you to get up and go home to get ready for work, will you stay the night?” Jean pleaded.

“Yes,” Ashley said and pulled Jean on top of her and closer to the alarm. “But you better do it now in case we get busy and forget later.”

“Hmmm, that’s a good idea,” Jean agreed, leaning down to kiss Ashley on the lips, “I think we are going to get busy again.”

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