Don't Judge Love

By metudor All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 2

Ashley barely flinched when the leather straps hit her back. The Judge never hit her hard enough to draw blood, but she usually had bruises after their encounters. The straps hit her again, and again she barely flinched. The Judge grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back. “Am I not hitting you hard enough to get your attention?”

“I’m sorry,” Ashley whispered. “I’m just having a hard time getting into this tonight.”

The Judge pushed Ashley’s face into the pillow, turned around so she was sitting on Ashley’s head, and slapped the leather straps across Ashley’s ass and the backs of her legs. That made Ashley flinch; the skin there was much more sensitive. It also brought her out of her thoughts and reminded her why she had to end things with the Judge.

“That’s better,” The Judge growled and swung the straps against Ashley again.

The routine continued with the Judge taking the frustration of her day out on Ashley until she tired. She grabbed Ashley by her blonde hair and turned her over onto her back, twisting her handcuffed hands painfully. The Judge took off the black robe she always wore to their sessions revealing the beautiful body she hid beneath. She straddled Ashley’s face. “Lick,” she demanded.

Ashley obliged, licking and sucking at the soaking pussy. In no time, the Judge grabbed Ashley’s head and held it to her as she came, soaking Ashley’s face further with her juices.

Dragging her pussy down Ashley’s body, The Judge slowly scooted down until she could lick her juices off Ashley’s face. Ashley tried to catch her lips. “No, no,” The Judge cooed. “You know kissing is not allowed.”

“But, I want to kiss you,” Ashley said breathlessly, her own arousal peaking as The Judge moved her hands to Ashley’s breasts and squeezed the nipples between her fingers.

“No,” she said again and took Ashley’s breast in her mouth, sucking it in deeply. She continued her path downward and slid three her fingers inside Ashley, pumping them in and out roughly until Ashley screamed out with her orgasm.

The Judge laid her head on Ashley’s stomach as they both let their breathing calm. Ashley’s euphoria of the orgasm didn’t last long because she knew that she was getting ready to end their relationship.

Finally, breathing calmly, The Judge got up, went to the dresser, and retrieved the key to the handcuffs. She made the mistake of leaning over Ashley versus straddling her chest, which she normally did when removing the cuffs, but she wasn’t thinking clearly. She sensed something was going on with Ashley. She seemed distracted, which was unusual. Ashley had been one of the best toys she had ever had, so good that The Judge made the mistake of allowing herself to need the sessions with Ashley. She knew she was going to have to break things off soon because she was becoming too attached to Ashley, a mistake she couldn’t afford to make.

When the second handcuff was off, The Judge leaned down to kiss Ashley on the forehead. Ashley took advantage of The Judge being off balance and flipped her over onto her back, quickly slipping both of The Judge’s hands into the cuffs before she realized what was happening.

“What the hell are you doing?” The Judge shrieked. “You know you are never allowed to control me.” She twisted violently, throwing Ashley off the bed.

Ashley got up from the floor and looked at the place on her thigh that had hit the corner of the nightstand. Yet another bruise; she shook her head. It was going to be the last bruise she would be getting for a long time because of her enjoyment of rough sex. She didn’t say anything as she moved to the table next to the wall, and quickly dressed in the sleek black dress she had worn to the bar earlier. She put on her rings and slipped on her heels as The Judge thrashed around in the bed and screamed at her.

Putting her finger to The Judge’s lips, Ashley said, “You better tone it down or you’ll draw attention you don’t want.”

That immediately silenced The Judge. She definitely did not want the police to be called. It would be the end of her career if she were found handcuffed to a bed in this posh hotel room, or any hotel for that matter, especially, if she were caught with a female legal aid.

Calmly she asked, “What do you want?”

Ashley had gone to the bathroom to put her earrings in. She stuck her head out of the bathroom and said, “I have to tell you something, and I don’t want you to be able to walk away.”

Oh shit, the Judge thought. She’s going to blackmail me. No, Ashley knew that she had just as much on her.

She trusted her instincts that Ashley wasn’t the blackmailing type, or she would never have gotten involved with her in the first place. Frantically, she searched her mind for what Ashley could possibly want to say to her that would require her to be handcuffed.

Then it hit her, she’s going to end things between us. No! No one ended things but her. She was always in control. Always!

Once she was ready to leave, Ashley came out of the bathroom. She picked up the small black pocket book, which matched her dress, took out her car keys and held up the key to the handcuffs.

“I want you to know that I’ve really, really enjoyed the fun we’ve had, but I’m ready for something more. I want to have a real relationship.” Ashley moved over to the bed and said, “With someone who will let me kiss them.”

She unlocked one side of the cuffs and quickly pinned The Judge’s arm to the bed. She took her free hand and put the key to the cuffs in her mouth. She rolled the key to one side of her mouth and said, “If you want this key, you have to let me kiss you goodbye.”

“No!” The Judge tried to jerk her hand free from Ashley’s grip, but Ashley proved to be much stronger than The Judge realized.

“Yes, Jean,” Ashley said, using The Judge’s real name for the first time. “You’ll find someone else to be your plaything, but I have to move on with my life.”

Jean looked into Ashley’s blue eyes. She could see the sadness there. This was so hard, but she knew Ashley was right. She hated being out of control like this, but she had been thinking about ending this relationship, too. She just couldn’t stand that Ashley was doing this to her. Ashley knew it would piss her off so much that she would never speak to her again.

Ashley stuck the key out on her tongue.“Want it or not?”

Jean stared coldly at her for several minutes before finally nodding. “You’ll pay for this, though.”

“I have no doubt,” Ashley replied. She leaned down and placed her lips on Jean’s. She wasn’t going to just give her the key. She was finally going to get the kiss she had always wanted from her.

Moving her lips slowly across Jean’s, she could feel her mouth softening. Ashley knew she would eventually give in. She touched Jean’s lips with her tongue, gently nudging them apart. They both moaned softly as their tongues met. It only took a second for Jean to come back to her senses and start searching Ashley’s mouth for the key. This only fueled the heat of the kiss. When Ashley reached the point that she felt she was losing control, she slipped the key into Jean’s mouth and stepped away from the bed.

Ashley didn’t look back as she walked quickly to the door. She spared the naked and enraged judge a quick glance as she unlocked the door and stepped outside, pulling it shut just as Jean reached it. Ashley knew Jean wouldn’t open the door. She wouldn’t take the chance on someone seeing her like this or of creating a scene in the hotel. Ashley had not doubt Jean would get back at her somehow for ending things this way. She might even get Ashley fired, but it was time to move on. So why was she so sad about it? Letting out a sigh, Ashley wiped away the stray tear that had escaped her eye as she got on the elevator.

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