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Second Chance Mates

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Elsie is returning to her home pack after being away at university, Having turned 21 while being away, she wonders if a mate waits her. Joy turns to pain, when her mate rejects her. for someone close to her. Elsie moves away to another pack to escape the pain and make a life for herself. What will happen when newly appointed head warrior Callum returns from training camp and smells his mate, Can Elsie trust again and accept the mate bond.

Romance / Fantasy
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I am so excited to be returning home to Lothian Moon Pack. I’ve been at university studying Sociology, Economics and politics for three years, the last six months I was studying in Toronto, Canada as part of a University/Werewolf exchange.

Although my parents visited me when I turned 21, it’s the first time I’ll be back in my home pack for over a year. I’ve met so many lovely people, but I want to get settled and hopefully find my mate. When I turned 21, my mate wasn’t in the pack I was temporarily linked too, not that I expected it. Usually our mates are found close to where our home pack was, the goddess worked in mysterious ways.

My dad was the pack accountant, my mum a High School Teacher. I had an older brother Glen who I got on great with. He was 28 and a pack warrior. He had his mate and they had a daughter. My older sister Fiona was 24, hadn’t found her mate, although she had a boyfriend, much to my parent’s annoyance. She owned her own beauty business, kept busy with all the she-wolves in our pack. I didn’t get on as well with my sister, we both just had very different personalities. Both my siblings had been too busy to come to visit me, so this was the first time I would see them too, although we had video called occasionally.

I planned to take over from my dad as pack accountant once he retired, but I was hoping to become a member of the pack council, which helps broker deals with other packs, sort out pack issues and grievances and deal with other packs that cause us issues, like a negotiator.


I arrive around mid-day, the sun shining. My dad had arranged a pack car to collect me from the airport as they were working and couldn’t get away.

I walked into the house, nothing much changed from when I was last here. I brought my bags into the house, and up to my room. I would unpack later. I had to see the Alpha to confirm my return to the pack.

I was looking forward to having a meal with my family later, everyone sitting around the table catching up.

As I entered the pack house, a few pack members welcomed me back. I headed to the Alpha’s office where his PA told me, I was expected and to head in.

I knocked and entered, bowing my head as I acknowledged the Alpha. “Alpha Jack, Elsie Harrington reporting on return as requested sir.”

“Elsie, so nice to see you again. Welcome back to the pack.” He held out his hand. I walked up to his desk. He took out a small blade and made a small cut to his palm, doing the same to mine. He gently grasped my hand, “Elsie Harrington, I Alpha Jack Jones welcome you back to Lothian Moon Pack.”

I felt the pack bond snap back in place.

There was a knock at the door and the Luna and my dad walked in. I ran over to my dad, giving him a tight hug. He kissed my forehead.

“I’m glad to be back, I’ve missed everyone,” I share with the group.

I chat with the Alpha and Luna for a bit, before leaving to allow my dad to have a meeting with them. I decide to go for a walk around the pack, get my bearings again.

More and more pack members have heard of my return and greet me well. I’ve got on with most in the pack. As I take a walk along one of the trails, I smell a scent I know well, it’s following me.

“Glen, I know you’re out their big brother. Come and give me a hug,” I yell out.

His tell tail laugh carries over the wind as he comes out behind a tree, holding his arms out. I run to him, jumping into his arms for a hug.

“Well look at my baby sister all grown up,” he tells me rubbing my head.

I elbow him in the gut, but he doesn’t move. My big brother is tall and looks like my dad, dark brown hair and eyes, slightly olive skin. My sister also took after my dad, the same brown hair and eyes to my dad and Glen. I however took after my mum’s side of the family, fair of skin and many red heads, although mum had mousy brown hair and blue eyes.

I had creamy white skin, peppered with freckles over my body, copper auburn hair in tight curls. My eyes were a pale blue green, with a golden ring around the pupil. No one got close enough to really notice. As for my height, I was not short in human terms, but was a few inches shorter than the rest of the females in the family, at five foot five.

I was comfortable with how I looked, but always felt the odd one out. I was essentially average and only stood out because of my hair, it was the first thing everyone noticed.

After a quick chat, my brother headed to his patrol duty, so I headed back home to unpack and freshen up. I enjoyed a long warm shower before putting on some comfortable leggings and baggy t-shirt, leaving my curls to air dry.

As I headed downstairs, I heard a knock at the door. Opening it, I found Frank a friend of my sister and the Gamma’s son. As soon as I looked at him, my wolf Iris yipped “MATE.”

Frank’s eyes widen, as no doubt his wolf is telling him the same thing. He jolts forward, picking me up to walk into the house, slamming the door. He sits me on the dining table, bringing his lips to mine in a possessive kiss, which had me moaning.

As quick as the kiss started, he pulled away, causing Iris is whimper.

“Shit, Elsie we’re mates,” he grinds out pacing the floor. I don’t know what to say.

“Erm, Elsie, your sister and I have been going out for a while,” he begins.

Iris grows in my head, so this is who Fiona’s boyfriend was, she wouldn’t tell me when I asked during our brief calls.

“Can we keep this mate thing quiet, just for a couple of days, until I explain to her,” he chokes out.

Iris is pacing in my head, not happy.

“We can tell her together,” I argue. “We are mates and she needs to know know. You should not have begun a relationship with each other. I stayed pure for you; you have not done the same have you?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Please give me a couple of days, three at the most to let her down gently,” he pleads.

I feel something like dread deep down in the pit of my stomach. Iris is not happy, but Fiona is my sister and she deserves to be let down gently, although it’s against by better judgement, Iris agreeing.

Frank gives me one last fleeting kiss, before he leaves.



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