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He stared at his emotionless flower before guiding two fingers under her chin forcing her to look up in his dark blue eyes. "I am asking you again fiore. Say what I want to hear?" He mumbled carssing her ice cold lips even her body was shivering because of all the torture he gave her a while ago but the girl being herself didn't reply him. "Answer me! Will you say it now?" He said warning her that he wouldn't stop until he hear her what he wants but looking in his eyes she emotionlessly replied. "No, Master. I don't love you." An emotionaless ice flower of his was the only quest of his life. He wanted nothing more than to conquer her but can he? Or will he end up in a pit of her vicious love which will throw him on his knees for her? Sequel to Yes, Master containing Rafael Hunt and Rose's Story. WARNING: THERE WILL BE QUIET GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. AND ALSO IT'S A DARK ROMANCE WITH REGRET AND REDEMPTION CONCEPT SO BE WARE.

Romance / Erotica
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Author Pov

“Rafael Hunt will come to meet you tomorrow. He wants to meet you before taking you with him.” Maria’s head snapped to Rose as she gulped down hearing aunt’s words.

But Rose’s face was stone hard. She blankly nodded at the woman who sighed heavily. She tried stepping closer to Rose.

“Rose my daughter--” Rose held her hand up motioning her to stop.

“I heard what you said. Now get out.” She sneered lowly glaring at the woman before turning her head to the window looking out of it blankly.

She stared at the foggy window as it was chilly outside. But less cold than Rose’s face. Her aunt bit her lower lip and walked out of the room leaving the duo alone.

“Rose aren’t you scared?” Maria said with a pout. Even though it was still a week left before Damien will take Maria but after seeing how the beast of a body he has she was scared. He looked way too much bigger than her.

“No.” She simply replied looking away. And it was the truth. She wasn’t scared not even a bit. For her it was nothing. She had faced way scarier than just being a toy for a cruel man.

Maria sighed looking down missing Valerie. She didn’t even call them and Maria was worried if her master would be treating Valerie better after all Valerie has always been an obedient shy and innocent girl. She deserves a world.

Rose stared at the foggy window blankly before a smiling familiar face flashed on the window making her shut her eyes. She shook her head before walking out of the room.

She didn’t want to hallucinate the only painful memory of her life. Ignoring confused Maria she walked out of the room and decided to clean the living room.

She always does that. To run away from the bad memories of her past she always busies herself with work. Trying to drive her mind away from those heart-wrenching memories.


“Am I feeding you for this kind of shitty work?” Rafael slammed the file on the man’s face making him step back in fear. He was looking down in pure fear as Rafael again growled.

“FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT AND GET OUT. YOU ARE FIRED.” The man teared up running out for his life.

Rafael loosened his tie throwing it away on the table. He was tired and mad. They had been working on this important project for the past week and they had to present it in the next three days but the presentation was ruined as the man who was given the main work didn’t even complete it.

Now he had to do that work himself as well. He was about to start working but before that door of his office got slammed open. He looked up with a glare and it didn’t change even after seeing who came.

“I thought you must be tired so I decided to come here.” The girl said making her way to him.

She leaned against the table staring at him. “Do you need my help daddy?” She whispered leaning to his face but his expressions didn’t change. They were hard as a rock.

“Get out.” He said with a poker face but his glaring eyes didn’t change.

The girl blinked at his cold words before trying to touch his shoulder but he grabbed her wrist and twisted it in a painful manner making her yelp out.

“I said FUCKING GET OUT!” This time he growled loudly jerking her body away. She fell on the floor rubbing her wrist. Tears kissed her cheeks feeling pain in her hand.

“Didn’t I already tell you to not contact me again? It was just a nightstand. Don’t ever try to come here again. You are lucky that I like your work otherwise it wouldn’t take me a minute to fire you. Don’t ever show me your face again. Because next time there will be no more chances. NOW GET OUT!”

She flinched running out of the room. Rafael had indeed told her it was a nightstand and she shouldn’t take anything seriously but she thought he might want more. After all who can say no to such a handsome, powerful, and rich man like Rafael.

Rafael chuckled seeing her running out. Rafael smirked remembering the words she told him when they woke up and he said it was just a nightstand.

“I love you, Sir.” That is what she said to him. And she wasn’t the first girl who confessed to him. Somehow it had become his kink to hear those words from the woman he touches.

I love you. It’s weird but it gives a comforting pat to his insecurities. He loves seeing women loving him. Even though he knows they only like him for his looks and money but does he care. No. He just loves hearing those words, begging, and seeing them desperate for him.

He started working and then he remembered he has to meet that girl Sean Valentino has gifted him or more like sold to him. Rafael never had any submissive before so that’s why he didn’t want to have one right now as well that’s why he said he will accept the girl when Xavier will.

He thought Xavier might never go to take that girl after all the man hates poor people but to his bad luck Sean Valentino forced his son to take that other girl with him and now Rafael needed to accept that girl too.

Damien had no problem accepting his girl as he was waiting for the girl to turn 18 first. And now she had turned 19 while Rose turned 21 recently same as Valerie.

Rafael decided to meet the girl first. He just wanted to meet her and if she will be the same submissive, shy and innocent type of girl he will simply say he doesn’t like her and after all the girl is under his Possession he can simply marry her off to one of his men.

Morning came and he drove to the orphanage followed by his bodyguards. He waited for the girl in a guest room and then he heard the footsteps. He rolled his eyes turning to the girl.

As soon as his eyes met the girls he stopped breathing. The coldness in her eyes shook him. He didn’t show the shock he felt after seeing how blank and cold her face was.

He walked near expecting her to look down or look away as Rafael’s second-biggest happiness had always been seeing people scared of him or feeling intimidated by him.

But no the girl didn’t look away she only blinked at him blankly keeping eye contact. He stood in her personal space but neither did she step back nor react to his proximity. It was almost like he wasn’t affecting her.

“Rose.” Rose blinked at him still keeping a poker face. He held his hand up caressing her cheekbone. He expected her to shiver or flinch, scared of his bold action but nothing.

“I am Rafael Hunt.” Rose blankly nodded at him.

He smirked internally as he thought of one possible way of scaring her and he did. He grabbed her arms roughly jerking her body near him. Her arms touched his chest but her eyes didn’t show any fear or nervousness.

She was blank. It was almost like she felt nothing. This angered as well as frustrated him. “Whenever I say something I want a verbal answer. Understood.” Rose blinked nodding her head.

“I understand Master.” She mumbled and her voice. Damn that cold voice. He felt weird pleasure in his body hearing her voice even though her tone was cold as ice but the way she called him master he loved it.

For the first time in his life, Rafael felt triggered. Triggered seeing the little girl in front of him having no fear in her eyes for him. She didn’t even flinch when he touched her.

“I will pick you up tomorrow. Be ready.” With that, he left her arms walking out of the room.

He peaked back at the door to see her at least behave like she was just acting tough in front of him but nothing. Rose blankly walked to the messy bed and started cleaning it making him frown in confusion.

Rafael felt like he was challenged by her eyes. Her blank emotionless eyes challenged him to try and scare them. To put fear in them for him.

And that’s what he will do. He will put a fear in her eyes for him. One day she will tremble in fear even after hearing his name.

Fear is felt by those who had emotions. I have lost them a long time ago.


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