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Chapter Two

“You sure you’re okay with this?” Dimitri’s throat constricted.

“Yeah … yeah I am.” Alex’s eyes were filled with a certainty Dimitri couldn’t have managed even if he’d tried. His life had been one botched relationship after another for the last couple years, the latest just the cherry on top. Could he subsist on his brother’s convictions?

He was still asking himself that question when Thea turned and leaned up to kiss him again. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her, letting her press against him and tease her tongue deeper. She pulled away long enough to let Alex pull her shirt off over her head and unfasten her bra from behind. Her breasts were creamy and plump, tipped by hard, pink nipples. The urge to bend and suck them nearly overwhelmed him, but Dimitri was focused on getting her naked first.

He knelt and unfastened her jeans, grazing his palms down her sides and pushing the denim down her hips along with the lacy panties she wore. Her narrow waist flared dramatically to her wide hips. His hands kept sliding down over her creamy thighs, their softness and warmth making his palms tingle. She stood perfectly still while he explored skin as perfect and flawless as alabaster. He heard a sharp intake of breath when he grazed his fingertips along the juncture of her hip and pelvis, tracing the perfect little triangle of coarse, dark hair trimmed to a point just above the cleft of her pussy. He glanced up and met her eyes, low-lidded and bright with desire. His eyes traveled beyond her face to his brother’s blue-eyed stare, his wordless suggestion as clear to Dimitri as if his twin had spoken.

He leaned closer and captured the tip of one full breast between his teeth, pulling it between his lips and sucking until Thea moaned. With a gentle nudge from her, he stood again and enveloped her in his arms. Every lush curve of her seemed to brush against his arms, rub against his chest, reminding him of all the intimacy he longed for, and how much he’d craved being touched by this woman ever since the day they’d met. She tugged at his t-shirt and they parted long enough for him to tear it off over his head while she hastily unbuckled his pants. Then she was on him again, kissing and moaning against his lips. His cock throbbed against the soft skin of her belly, the steady pulse reflecting the pounding of his heart. Christ, he wanted her so much. He wanted to be buried inside her deep enough to lose himself. All those nights of talking with her and his brother came crashing back, of admiring her wit and beauty and finding some vicarious pleasure in seeing his brother so content while ignoring his own attraction. Had he held himself back from wanting her for the entire month?

He happily gave in now. Whether he was in love with her or just the idea of a good, solid fuck was beyond his capacity to decide.

His eyes fluttered open long enough for him to see Alex behind her, naked now and brushing his lips down her neck. Dimitri heard his brother whisper in Thea’s ear, “Tell us what you want us to do, love. This is your fantasy.”

So that’s what this was about. Alex had found a girl he wanted to please badly enough to share. Or maybe it had happened before, but this was the first time Dimitri hadn’t been spoken for. How the hell was this going to work with the two of them? He’d imagined threesomes before, but those fantasies had always involved indiscriminate sharing of bodies and pleasure, a line he would never cross with Alex. Focus on her, he told himself. Which was easy enough, because she was all over him.

“Lay down on the bed,” she said, sending a heated glance at Alex. He obeyed, resting back against her pillows. She turned, darting a coquettish look over her shoulder at Dimitri and gesturing for him to follow. His eyes focused on her plump, round ass when she crawled up the bed to his brother and paused between Alex’s legs before dipping her head, slowly taking his cock into her mouth. Alex let out a groan and met Dimitri’s eyes with a pleased smile. Dimitri knew that look, or at least the inspiration for it, because he’d had it himself on countless occasions. His own cock twitched sympathetically.

Her pussy seemed to lure him in, its bare, lips glistening and slightly parted. Strawberries, he thought. His mouth watered and the thought spurred him into motion. He knelt behind her and leaned down, spreading her open for a taste. She moaned around his brother’s cock when his tongue slipped into the slick heat. Maybe not strawberries, but she did taste amazing. She made a cute little squeak when he invaded her creamy, wet pussy with two fingers and began fucking into her.

Her head bobbed diligently on Alex’s cock. Dimitri watched, imagining what her mouth would feel like on him. He and his brother rarely needed words to understand each other. Growing up, they had never really needed to talk, somehow reading each other through mere expressions. The intensity of his brother’s look wasn’t exactly explicit, but it was enough. Do more, it said.

Dimitri let his eyes travel over Thea’s body. Her plump breasts brushed against his brother’s thighs while she worked his cock. He reached a hand down and cupped one, squeezing the tip gently between thumb and forefinger, then rubbing lightly in slow circles. She let out a muffled moan and her pussy clenched around his fingers.

His gaze followed the curve of her spine down to the cleft of her ass. The pink puckered bud of her asshole seemed bereft of attention, so he grazed his thumb across the delicate skin while still thrusting his fingers deep into her.

She moaned and pushed back into his hand. His brother exhaled suddenly and tilted his head back in pleasure.

Dimitri bent his head and trailed his tongue in a slow circle around the tight little opening. She went completely rigid.

“Sorry,” he whispered against one pale cheek of her backside.

It was Alex who answered. “Don’t stop. Oh God, don’t stop.”

Dimitri wasn’t sure whether the words were meant for him or for Thea. She stopped in spite of them and moved away from Dimitri, leaving him kneeling at the foot of the bed, his fingers glazed with her juices.

What had he been thinking, trying something like that so soon? He sat there, cock throbbing, trying to decide if he was desperate enough to just jerk off, or if he should get dressed and leave. But he couldn’t take his eyes off her now, and neither could Alex. Dimitri envied his brother for that rapt expression. He’d felt the same thing with lovers before, and he felt exactly that when he watched her now. She spread her thighs and straddled Alex’s hips, gripping his twin in one hand and sliding the tip of Alex’s cock back and forth between her pussy lips. Dimitri rubbed the tip of his own cock with the fingers still wet from her, in an attempt to feel something close to what Alex must be experiencing.

Alex’s eyelids fluttered and he let out a long, low sigh when Thea lowered herself onto his cock. Dimitri couldn’t tear his eyes away from where they were joined. His hand instinctively gripped his cock and began stroking while he watched her fuck his brother with slow, undulating motions of her hips. She leaned over to give Alex a long, languid kiss. Turning her head to look over her shoulder at Dimitri, she smiled.

“Fuck me, Dimitri. I know that’s what you want, so do it. Please, fuck me.”

Dimitri blinked, uncertain at first what she meant. He met Alex’s fevered gaze and followed his brother’s glance to the bedside table. What he saw made him immediately feel like a fool. This was what she wanted with them both.

The scent of strawberries wafted to his nostrils when he popped the lid on Thea’s bottle of lube. He squirted a liberal amount of the clear liquid onto his fingertips. As surreal as the evening had been so far, the intensity with which he was able to focus on this particular task overrode every other worry or fear he had up until then. Nothing drove him but the singular desire to feel her coming apart with his cock fucking deep into her ass while his brother worked her from the beneath.

Dimitri swirled his fingertips delicately around her opening and pressed his index finger at the center, slowly letting it slide in, enjoying how she quivered and buried her face against Alex’s neck. She stopped moving her hips, seeming to anticipate what he would do next. Alex kept pumping slowly up into her pussy.

He and his brother locked eyes, holding the gaze while Alex murmured into Thea’s ear. “You like that, love? You like my cock deep inside while Dimitri plays with your ass?”

Dimitri shared a smile with his brother, finally enjoying the endeavor without any uncertainty about the implications. If Alex was this comfortable with the idea, there was no reason he shouldn’t be, too. And he was invested in seeing Thea fly to pieces once he and his brother were both fucking her. He pressed a second slick digit into her. She cried out and shot her hands out to either side of Alex’s head, gripping hard at the pillows.

“Oh, fuck, that’s good,” she gasped. Alex turned his eyes to her face, his expression transforming into hungry need. He accepted her rough kiss and reached down to squeeze both her ass cheeks, spreading her wider for Dimitri.

“Now,” Alex said.

Dimitri coated his cock with the slick scent of strawberries. Thea whimpered against Alex’s lips, then let out a harsh groan when Dimitri pressed his cock against her tight barrier. Alex had slowed his own pace down, only moving with a slow thrust every few seconds. Dimitri’s arms quivered with the effort of holding himself poised over her, but he had to go slow.

“Do it!” she commanded through gritted teeth. “Oh, God, fuck me. Please.” Her last word came out as a desperate sob against Alex’s shoulder.

Her asshole clenched once around the head of Dimitri’s cock, then relaxed. He slipped in by increments, the tight friction hot like a furnace. He was dimly aware of his own harsh grunts when he finally began fucking her in earnest.

Alex pounded his cock into her again from beneath. Her head thrashed and she clawed at the sheets. A long, sobbing moan escaped and her entire body shuddered beneath Dimitri. Her ass clenched tightly around his cock and he abruptly sank into her and stopped, hilt-deep, unable to stand it any longer. The pressure of his brother’s cock swelled and throbbed beyond the barrier between them. Alex cried out. Or was it Dimitri crying out himself? His throat ached from his own harsh gasps. He panted in time with the surge of his orgasm, the hot stream of his semen shooting deep into her.

When they regained their breath, she slipped from between them, pausing long enough to press a kiss against Dimitri’s lips before she disappeared into her bathroom. He sat back on his heels, dazed and buzzed, though he wasn’t quite sure whether it was the remnants of alcohol in his system or from her. Thinking perhaps he should leave, he glanced around for his clothes and made a move to get up.

“You’d be an asshole to leave after that,” his brother said in a low voice.

Dimitri gave him a questioning look.

“I know you’re used to us keeping this part of our lives separate, but it obviously isn’t working out for you. Face it, our lives are better when we’re both invested in something together. Besides, I’m pretty sure she likes you.”

“You think?” Dimitri asked, finally finding the breath to respond.

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