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Chapter Five

Dimitri let his hand skitter off the end of the golden statue’s erect cock. The warmth of it still tingled on his skin, a subtle signal that there was more to these statues than Corey believed. And these two … they were posed so perfectly. Back-to-back, identical aside from their obvious genders. The translucent gold of the jade they were made from shimmered in the flickering lights, enticing him to touch them more. And he would, because he couldn’t resist. The few soft caresses he’d given them earlier had only incited deeper cravings. Cravings that didn’t help the aching in his balls while he stared at the two of them. To choose would be impossible. He had to find a way to awaken them both.

“You are two halves of a whole. That’s why I have to wake you up together. You see, I was like you. A twin. But I lost my other half last year. And I …” His breath caught in his throat and he stared into the female’s stone eyes, imagining she could see him and was looking back with understanding. “I lost myself after my brother died. Ever since, I’ve been carrying around this dark emptiness that’s slowly eating me alive.” The only times he’d managed to come close to finding peace after Alex’s death and Thea’s withdrawal were the random, pointless hookups he’d made late at night with near strangers. They proved ultimately too fleeting and devoid of meaning.

Standing beside these two figures, for the first time since his initial night with Thea and Alex, his life felt pregnant with possibility. If he could awaken two creatures like these beautiful dragons and they could find that apex of peace together, he might just be okay. Even if it only ever amounted to one encounter, he believed he could leave here closer to whole than he was when he’d arrived.

Steadily, Dimitri continued trailing over the surface of their jade skin. Up the male’s arms, down his lean, sculpted chest, then switching his attention to the female’s breasts, the heft of which he could feel in his palm even though they were stone tipped with hard little peaks. He experimentally bent his head to one, teasing the smart tip with his tongue. The texture of it was so close to real it caused a tingle to travel down his spine and his balls tightened. He was sure he could hear a sigh from somewhere in the room, but when he looked at the statue’s placid face, nothing had changed.

Both were nearly the same height as him, and slender but well-built. They were completely nude, with long, wavy tresses carved from the same jade, draping in perfect thick tendrils over their shoulders. The male also had the hint of a goatee decorating his angular face.

Dimitri circled them, touching by increments as he went, marveling at the warm, smooth texture of their skin. He paused in front of the male once and leaned in for a kiss. His lips felt smooth, and he could almost imagine how pliant and inviting they’d be, were the man alive. His tongue tingled when he grazed it along the crease and over the barely visible hint of teeth.

He let his hand slide down the front of the figure’s torso and come to rest on the rigid cock jutting from between the golden thighs. It felt warmer now. He must be imagining it. Surely, it was only his body heat permeating the stone. Still, it felt so close to lifelike, rendered in minute detail from the sparse texture of carved thatch at the base to the tiny ridges of veins and the slight upward curve. The entire magnificent arc was capped by the most delicious-looking head, slightly tapered from the thicker shaft.

Dimitri stroked it in one long, languid motion, gripping his own cock at the same time. His living flesh jerked against his palm and a tiny moan escaped his lips.

“Fuck. I’d love to be sandwiched between the two of you. You’re just facing the wrong way right now. So what do you think I should do?”

He slipped back around to face the female and rested his lips against hers now, letting them linger a little longer while his hands traced the curve of her waist and his fingertips trailed up to her breasts. He made tight little circles around her nipples, imagining she were alive and responsive.

All he could think was to touch them. Make love to them as best he could, considering they were mute, solid forms, frozen and beautiful.

He began by falling to his knees before her and pressing his mouth into the intricately carved folds between her jade thighs.

“Oh, sweet Mother!” Aurin exclaimed.

“Tell me, Sister. Don’t hide or I’ll be very jealous. What is he doing?”

“Licking me. And he has such a lovely tongue, too.”

“That he does. That kiss. I can still taste it. So sweet. And he kissed me first.”

“Brother, when he wakes us, I’m going to punch you.”

Aurik’s chuckle vibrated through her mind. “You might be too busy stroking his cock to worry about payback. How does his tongue feel, Sister? Am I going to like feeling it on my cock?”

The tongue in question licked between her thighs with a kind of abandon, like she was made of rock candy that might melt and not solid stone. The sensations his steady flicks and swirls produced certainly made her feel like melting. Hundreds of years it had been since she’d had a tongue between her thighs. But she knew how the ritual was supposed to work. He had to make a sacrifice to them. His Nirvana. If he exhausted himself with his selflessness, that would not serve their purposes.

He let out an audible, rumbling groan and she felt his head shift lower, his tongue sinking deeper.

“Oh! Something’s happening. Is this supposed to happen?”

“What? Tell me, Sister!”

“I’m … I don’t know. I feel like I’m coming alive. My cunt is, at least. But he hasn’t sacrificed his Nirvana to us yet.”

“You’ve got his tongue in your little dragon snatch and you’re complaining?”

“No, you imbecile. You know we won’t wake up until he gives it to us.”

Her brother began to answer, but the growing heat between her thighs served to distract her. Something was definitely going on down there. The man’s steadily moving tongue was splayed across her clit that felt way too alive for how frozen the rest of her was.

“Oh, Christ, you’re … you’re wet and soft, and … oh, shit,” he said.

Aurin wanted to scream out, “And what?” then grab his head and push it back against her. But she couldn’t do that. All she could do was itch inside her prison, wishing he would get on with pleasuring himself instead of her so she could break out and throw herself on him.

Except she didn’t want him to stop pleasuring her, either. She might come. Would it count, she wondered? Would she even be able to? Oh, sweet Mother, she’d love to find out.

“I … oh, shit. Am I allowed to do it first? Is it possible?”

“He’s that good, huh? Damn you, Sister. I thought for certain that he’d pick me first.”

The string of expletives on her lips fell short when the tongue between her legs was supplemented by a pair of fingers slipping silk-like into the tight crevice of her pussy. They didn’t just slide in, though. They pushed against her now very alive walls, and he teased at the insides of her while murmuring pleased little sounds against her clit. Sounds like, “Yeah, that’s it. My magic fingers just broke your spell, huh?” But the steady finger-fucking and gentle tweaking of her swollen nub made her a little deaf to the rest.

“He’s in me. Oh. Oh. How … how is it possi—uh.”

Her brother had the nerve to giggle over her reaction. She’d have happily breathed fire on him, if that were still allowed. She might still do it anyway after she was free. Damn the rules.

“Are you gonna come, Sister? Stuck in this prison?”

She might just do it. That tongue of his was so talented and insistent. She could even feel the pliancy of her pussy under his touch. What would happen if she did come, most of her body trapped in this rigid form?

What he did next solved the problem.

“I’m going to fuck you now, if that’s okay. You feel like you’re enjoying what I did anyway. I’m no geologist like Eben, but I’m pretty sure rocks don’t normally get that soft and wet when you lick them.”

“You bitch,” her brother’s voice intoned in her mind. Like she cared. Her pussy was awake. More than awake; it felt like her entire existence rested right between her thighs in that bundle of swollen, throbbing flesh that had clearly come to life before the rest of her. And now he was standing up and pressing the hot tip of his cock to it.

If she could have cried out, she would have.

“Yes, just fuck me!”

“You couldn’t help yourself, could you, Sister?”

“Oh, but he feels so good. He’s going too slow.”

“Describe it to me, please?”

“Oh, Brother, he is thick and so, so sweet. He is so sweet, Brother. This one, if we share him, we must treasure him.”

Her brother’s chuckles faded into the background of Aurin’s consciousness at the thrust of the human man’s cock into her needy pussy.

“Oh, sweet Jesus, you feel amazing. Tight and hot,” the man said, his warm breath leaving tangible condensation on her jaw. His low, desperate groan resounded in her ears. One of his hands warmed her ass cheek where he held it to gain leverage while he fucked up into her. His other arm reached past her, however.

“Ah, that’s nice,” her brother intoned from behind her.

“Oh, is he …?” She was unable to finish her question amid the steady push of the man’s cock into her.

“His hand … fingers are … oh, yes, that is very, very nice.”

“I described for you, Brother. Your turn. Tell me!”

“Your description was lacking, ah … but the man’s not shy. And not inexperienced. Ohh, Sweet Mother.”

She’d have felt a bit giddy hearing her brother’s normally collected demeanor so rattled, except that her own was pretty rattled, too. Her pussy felt too thick and full of him. She couldn’t make a sound, but her mind was busy crying out with every dirty curse she could think of.

“Sister, you just made an unholy noise in my head. What happened?”

“Ah. Shut up.”

The truth was that she couldn’t even think straight enough to answer. It wasn’t enough that the man’s beautiful aroma kept sinking into her nostrils, but his perfect cock kept sinking into her pussy, too. And to top it off, her clit had apparently fully melted and the steady rub of his pelvis against it sent jolts of pleasure through her from head to toe. Her ears tingled from the soft, guttural noises he made that bordered on dirty language. Then she realized they were dirty words. But the dirty words weren’t only about her; they were about her brother, too.

“Fuck, your pussy’s so tight, and Christ, your brother’s ass wants me so bad. I wish there were two of me so I could fuck you both.”

The statement startled her.


“You told me to shut up,” he responded smugly. “Yes … parts of me are a bit more flexible than they were before. The parts he touches. Remind me why we agreed to sleep back to back?”

“The Council said we had to. He’s not supposed to wake us both, but he’s going to anyway, isn’t he? Yeah, that’s nice, and I think he might be about to come. Tell me, Brother, does he still have a finger in your backside?”

“Two. And when I’m awake again, I’m definitely returning the favor.”

“He’s decided I need one, too. Like his perfect cock wasn’t enough.”

“What, a finger in your ass?”

“Oh, yes. Oh, sweet Mother, yes.”

“Sister, you know I get first crack once we’re awake now, right? It’s only fair if you get him fucking you now and all I get is a couple fingers, not even a cock-grab.”

“Uh-huh, fine.” That was all she could manage between the thrusts, and then the man’s harsh cries made her ears vibrate, the sensation a refreshing change from all the silence of the past centuries. To hear the passionate cries of a man was one of the things she’d missed most. Warm heat spread between her thighs. She wished she’d been awake enough to come with him, but there would be time for that soon. Very soon.

An odd popping sounded in her ears as if pressure had released, and then the world fell out beneath her. The human man’s voice echoed around her, and with another solid thrust, his seed heated her dormant womb. Everything blossomed into electric clarity. The cool air shocked Aurin’s skin, the light burned her eyes. But she could see the light now, and she could see his lovely face, flushed and exultant after his orgasm.

Wide, blue eyes framed by long, golden lashes stared back at her in amazement.

She wanted to throw him down and fuck him until she reached her own climax, but he was so pretty and surprised to see her eyes blink open, she knew she had to at least give him something. She unfurled her wings first, reveling in the pleasant stretch of long unused muscles. She caught the air with them and wrapped her legs around his hips, careful to avoid letting him slip out of her.

“Don’t worry, sweet thing. You’re mine now. I won’t hurt you.” She dipped her head to his collarbone and let her tongue flick out to mark his skin, worrying that if she waited, she’d miss her chance.

“Sister,” a deep voice spoke from beside her as her brother’s lean figure moved around behind the man. “Don’t forget to share.”

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