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Chapter Six

Events bled together after Dimitri came inside the statue’s incongruously soft, wet pussy. Two figures rotated around him. He was still standing, his cock solidly sunk inside the woman, but now her legs were wrapped around his hips and she had wings. His body tingled with pleasure. He’d only hoped for one brief moment of ecstasy with one of them. Now that it was done, it hit him that no, this was barely scratching the surface.

Her lips were definitely not light on his own when she kissed him. It was the kiss that finally made him stumble and kneel, shaky from orgasm.

“I did it,” he mumbled to no one.

“You did,” a male voice murmured in his ear. A pair of lips brushed against his shoulder, sending delicious sensation through him.

“My sister marked you already. It’s my turn now. A formality, you understand.”

Dimitri cupped the girl’s ass and squeezed. The other figure knelt beside him and a strong hand gripped his chin, gently urging him to turn his head. Soft lips fringed with coarse blond hair met his, the man’s velvety tongue insistent as he delved between Dimitri’s lips. His lips grazed Dimitri’s jaw and lower, until they pressed against his collarbone just opposite where the girl had branded him a second ago.

In the blink of an eye, the figure poised above him wasn’t a man, but a golden dragon, forked tongue flicking out and gliding over Dimitri’s bare chest.

“You’re smaller than I thought,” Dimitri murmured in a daze.

The dragon rumbled and a puff of gilded smoke erupted from his nostrils. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue in a pattern on Dimitri’s collarbone opposite where the female had made her mark earlier. Another bright sting seared his skin, but the pain faded quickly with a breath from the dragon. This means we’re bonded, he thought. The understanding unburdened him of a great weight for the first time in a year.

“You don’t want to see me at full size,” the dragon said. “We like this size. It’s manageable. Full size is good for flight and not much else.”

“Show me anyway, if it’s no trouble,” Dimitri said, fascinated to know everything he could learn about these amazing creatures.

“Show him, Aurik.” The female shifted to a slightly less intimate position on his lap, but still wrapped herself around him possessively. “My brother is very big. You’ll like him,” she whispered into Dimitri’s ear.

He’s big in a lot of ways I like, Dimitri mused, but was still eager to see the dragon. “I’d like to see you, too,” he whispered to the girl. He’d learned her brother’s name so far, but not hers.

“My name is Aurin,” she said as if reading his mind. “What do we call you?”


She gave him a sweet, glowing smile. “I’d love to change for you, Dimitri. Anything you like.” She pulled away and joined her brother.

Aurik had a wicked expression on his face when she approached him, and the scene had the feel of a standoff, the two of them a few paces apart and facing each other. Dimitri sat up to watch.

She slowed and flexed her muscles.

“Biggest wins, Brother?”

“No. He wants to see our natural forms. Honesty, Sister.”

She sighed. “Right, okay.” She turned to face Dimitri, who stared in reply.

The air shifted around him, and suddenly two large beasts shared the room with him.

He leapt to his feet. “Jesus you guys are gorgeous.”

Aurik was immense—he took up half the room. He stretched his wings and knocked a vase off a pedestal, then quickly drew them back against his sides. Dimitri walked closer, sliding a palm over the dragon’s scaled knee. The texture felt like velvet, which was unexpected.

“You guys have fur?”

“Not fur,” Aurik said in a rumbling voice. “Just the surface of our scales. Defensive filaments. We’re impervious to damage in these forms.”

“Oh. It feels nice, though.” Dimitri couldn’t stop touching it, as soft as it was. He let his hand trail further up Aurik’s large thigh. The dragon settled back and a sigh of gold smoke washed over Dimitri.

Curious, he kept stroking further. The taut muscle beneath his palm flexed, and Aurik’s immense cock twitched and pulsed before Dimitri’s gaze. It had been nearly two years since he’d been intimate to any significant degree with another man. Each time he tried, he would see his brother’s face the last time they’d made love to Thea. It often seemed strange to him that he had no qualms about looking in his brother’s eyes with Thea’s sensuous figure and sounds of pleasure as a buffer between them. But the second she was gone, he hadn’t been able to touch another man. It just felt wrong without a woman between them. Without Thea.

Now he wanted nothing more than to touch this creature and to be touched by him. He reached out a tentative hand and stroked up the length of the dragon’s cock. No velvet armor adorned the beautiful shaft. It was entirely hot, golden skin, the length of Dimitri’s arm.

“You can stop me, but I admit I’m curious. Is this as big as you get?” Dimitri asked.

“Not quite, but there’s not enough room in here. Particularly not when you’re touching me like that.” The response was guttural and definitely aroused. “I think you’re making Aurin a little jealous.”

Dimitri became aware of the other dragon in the room. She raised a ridged brow at him over one golden eye. A plume of shimmering smoke rose from her graceful snout.

“You wanted us both,” she said. “Now that you’ve got us, what are you going to do, Dimitri?”

He looked back and forth between them.

“Ah … do you get off better in this form?”

The siblings exchanged a sardonic look. Aurik answered. “Our form doesn’t matter. We change to accommodate our partners.”

“Oh, good. As much as I’d love to experience a full-sized dragon cock, you’d probably kill me in the process. I need you both and my size seems more manageable.”

“Wise plan,” Aurik said, his form shimmering to resume a human size and shape.

Aurin seemed reluctant to change.

He stepped toward her where she sat on her haunches a few paces away. She was easily the size of an SUV, but more eager for his touch. He could tell by the short, gusting breaths she let out when he approached her. He remembered that he’d been the only one to come so far.

He reached up a hand to her head.

“You don’t need to pet me, but I do like it,” she said with humor in her voice.

“Maybe I’ll just pet you here,” he said. He stroked his palms down her large thighs that were spread before him. The same velvety texture of her golden scales teased at his skin. So soft. Christ, he’d never touched anything as soft, not even human skin. It made him wonder what her pussy felt like.

He let his hands keep moving, enjoying the quiver of her muscles. She liked his touch, and the evidence was clear the closer he got to her pussy.

A sweep of a tongue grazed his shoulders and he looked up in question.

“Just wanted you to know you’re on the right track.”

He nodded and moved forward, his eyes on the tight seam of scaled flesh between her thighs. He knew something wonderful waited beyond, and he couldn’t wait to discover it.

He reached out a tentative hand to graze her slit. All he could see was the faint seam in the center, but it gleamed with wetness. He raised his knuckles to his nose to smell her, then licked, watching her dragon eyes react. A low growl rumbled in her throat and her tongue lashed out.

“You’re a tease,” she said. “I like it.”

“Open up your dragon pussy, baby. Let me see what I can do with it.”

“It doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to have a cock big enough. But dragons are forbidden from mating with each other, so that’s why we change shape most of the time. We’re accustomed to being smaller.”

“You’d like a big cock that could fill that dragon pussy, wouldn’t you?”

“No … I want you. I can change my size at will, so I can accommodate any size that would fulfill me.”

“Oh? Can you get even bigger?”

A hesitant rumble rose from her chest and she glanced behind him at Aurik. After a second, she nodded. The air warmed around him and she stretched her wings. Her body bunched and tensed, her scales shimmering and stretching.

The space she occupied forced him to move back several steps. He bumped into a warm body behind him and was immediately enveloped in a pair of thick arms.

“You like big? She’s almost as beautiful as I am at her full size,” Aurik whispered in his ear. She kept growing until she nearly filled the room and her head bumped against the lip of the deep skylight above them. Dimitri stared up at her angular head, highlighted from behind by a dark square of sky and stars.

“You’re bigger?” Dimitri asked, marveling at the immense creature before him. He’d never seen anything so beautiful. Her gold scales gleamed and sparkled in the low lights. She could barely stretch her wings in the room, even as large as it was. He could have fit five of his childhood homes inside this room alone, and she seemed to occupy every inch of it. Not just with her beautiful dragonesque bulk, but with her presence. She still eyed him with curious amusement, waiting for him to render judgment for her change.

“I’m bigger, yes,” Aurik said, emphasizing his words by pulling Dimitri’s hips back against his very large and very erect cock.

Dimitri’s thick arousal pulsed at the heat of the other man behind him. Aurik dug his fingers into Dimitri’s hips and pulled more deliberately, forcing Dimitri’s ass cheeks apart so the thick length of his cock pressed between them. It had been so long since he’d had a proper fuck, but tasting Aurin had incited a deep longing for feminine flesh against his mouth as much as he wanted the solid thrust of a cock deep in his ass. Jesus, did it have to be so fucking complicated with him? Nobody had pleased him enough since Alex’s death. He’d only sought out the most mindless of encounters, chased that brief pinpoint of pleasure, then left without looking back. For the first time since that day, he finally had the desire to find something deeper that might last.

“Be gentle with him, Brother. He looks uncertain.” The resonant voice and gust of sweet breath over his skin made him look up at Aurin’s majestic form again. Her wings were folded along her back and she’d settled down, remaining in her dragon form. She looked relaxed, but attentive.

“He hasn’t objected yet, Sister. But I will take care. Dimitri, your bond to us is more than just a mark on your skin. It means we are obligated to see to your needs, too.”

That was an understatement. The care Aurik was currently taking involved a steady, sure stroke of his cock between Dimitri’s ass cheeks. No hint of expected penetration at all, but enough friction to make Dimitri want to beg. When he was about to do just that, Aurik’s large hands slid over both his hip and gripped his cock in one hand, his balls gently in the other.

“Sister, do you want to have a taste?”

Dimitri opened his heavy eyelids, his heart suddenly pounding in anticipation. That was something he’d never in a million years imagined.

Aurin puffed another cloud of golden smoke from her nostrils and her heavy voice reverberated through the room. “I was going to say no at first, but he looks like he’d like me to. Would you like this big tongue of mine to lick those dainty balls of yours, sweet thing?”

Dimitri felt as though he might come again at the mere idea, and he stared down at his cock as though it were Judas.

Aurik’s thumbs slipped up his length slightly, aiming his pointed tip closer to the dragon mouth that had lowered and hovered closer, forked tongue flicking out.

“Oh, God, yes,” Dimitri said when Aurin’s hot tongue met the underside of his cock. She traced the length of him in a slow, wet caress that sent him right back to that razor edge of intense pleasure he’d felt while fucking her, just before he came. The twin forks of a tongue that large were apparently incredibly versatile. He lost control of his legs and gripped onto her horns. Now he was spread across her face, but her tongue kept flicking across his cock and balls.

“That’s good. Perfect, really,” Aurik said from behind him.

Dimitri felt his ass cheeks part. By dragon tongue or fingertips, he wasn’t sure, but it was definitely a tongue that slipped between a second later to tease at his tight asshole.

“Oh, fuck!”

“He does have a sweet ass, Sister,” Aurik said.

Dimitri clutched hard at Aurin’s horns and closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of her soft scales beneath his body. Aurik’s very hot, wet tongue teased at his sensitive asshole, delving deeper with delicate thrusts while Aurik spread him apart with a solid grip on each cheek. Aurin’s large tongue still lapped, each one sending him farther and farther from his grip on sanity.

Dimitri panted, anticipating the moment of clarity he loved that always came just before an orgasm.

He whispered a few words, having no idea if either of them would hear, “I’ve never felt this close to another human before. I want you both like you couldn’t believe.”

“That’s very good,” Aurik said. Then he pressed the head of his cock hard against Dimitri’s slick ass and pushed it home with an agonizingly delicious thrust.

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