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Chapter Seven

Aurin could smell Dimitri’s lust, but the way his weight was sprawled across her head, she couldn’t do much besides dart her tongue out and tease at his cock. He tasted so good, yet she refrained because it was Aurik’s turn right now. As frustrating as it was that her brother got first crack, she still loved being Dimitri’s anchor.

She lowered her head slightly at a harsh cry from him and a harder grasp on her horns. Aurik was fucking him well.

Good move, Sister. Bend him over more. Lick him. Suck him, if you can.

Oh, that was a new one. Participating in more than an observational role in her brother’s escapades? Or he in hers, she guessed … They were a team, after all, but this was the first time he’d ever invited more direct involvement.

She flicked her tongue out, searching. She knew Dimitri’s legs were spread across her snout, but couldn’t see where everything was. First she found Aurik’s legs and darted her tongue back in to recalibrate. She had no interest in accidentally tasting her brother.

When she slipped her tongue out again, it was with more focus. Close to her mouth and up. Ah, there he was, smooth sack hanging just below her nose, and a very tasty cock riding between the ridges of her nostrils.

She looped her tongue around his very impressive shaft and pulled, moving her head up minutely at the same time.

His cock slipped right between her lips, rubbing against the front of her teeth.

“Oh, Jesus. Oh, that’s nice.”

He hadn’t let go of her horns and still stood there, getting steadily fucked from behind by her brother, but Dimitri had a very odd look, like he’d noticed a missing piece in the scenario but it hadn’t quite caught up to him.

“No, baby, I want to make you feel good, too,” he finally said.

She took his meaning immediately. The changing was a chore and sapped her energy, but it was always smooth enough. Condensing and transferring energy was all it took. Anything leftover sat in her well for emergencies. In her true form she could draw from the air, but in this form she could only draw from the residual energy left behind after the change. It rarely mattered in these situations, so she was happy to give him what he asked for. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted her. That on its own made her want him even more.

His pretty face was already flushed when she shrank back down to her human form. Aurik’s hands gripped his hips so tightly she could see the indentations of her brother’s fingertips in Dimitri’s tanned flesh.

She lay down, beckoning to him.

Aurik released him, slipping out of his ass with a sigh. Dimitri knelt between her thighs.

“You were beautiful like that,” he said, sliding his hands up her thighs in a motion that mirrored what he’d done when she’d shown him her true form. She liked being smaller than human men during sex, though, because they could touch so much more of her. “You still are beautiful, and this way I get to taste your pretty pussy again.”

She tilted her head back and let him push her thighs wider. When his hands reached the apex of their journey, his thumbs grazed over her wet lips and spread them apart. She expected a solid thrust into her, but instead she got a tongue. A slick, agile lick began at her tight asshole and continued through the flooded channel between her pussy lips. There was a reason she loved being human. There were so many more little parts to be touched, and human fingers were so small and adept, designed to tease.

He circled his tongue lightly around her clit. The wet heat of his mouth against her drove her wild. After a second, he paused and looked back behind him.

Irritated at the interruption, Aurin followed his gaze to see her brother standing and watching, steadily stroking his own cock.

Before Dimitri could speak, she said, “He wants you to fuck him, Brother. Why are you just standing there with your silly prick in your hand?”

Aurik blinked at her and dropped his hand.

“I didn’t want to interfere,” he said.

“Well, get used to interfering. We’re keeping him, and we’re sharing him.”

Aurik knelt behind Dimitri and ran his hand down his back. Dimitri’s blue eyes closed and his entire body quivered at the contact. Aurin smiled at the look of pure bliss on Dimitri’s face when her brother bent down and flicked his forked tongue out to swirl around and around between their pretty human’s ass cheeks. Dimitri sank his head down to rest against her belly, leaving his ass high in the air, spread and ready for Aurik and whatever he had to give. So trusting, so eager, yet so attentive when he flicked his tongue out and began teasing at her wet and hungry cunt again. She lost interest in what her brother was doing, too enthralled by the very talented tongue working between her thighs. He held her pussy lips apart and drew her between his lips, sucking the sweet little bundle of flesh until she began to shake. Then he stopped and licked gently, teasing and drawing it out.

“Will you turn around?” he asked in a hoarse whisper. “I want to fuck you, but …” He glanced over his shoulder at Aurik, whose hand was lost somewhere between Dimitri’s ass cheeks, busy enough to make the poor man flush and squirm.

Aurin smiled, understanding. He couldn’t compromise the very pleasurable position he was in just now by lying on top of her.

“One condition,” she said, enjoying the drugged look of acquiescence he had on his face. “Whatever he’s doing to you, if you like it, I want you to do it to me. I want to know what you like.”

Dimitri’s thick, hard cock lurched between his thighs. She wasn’t sure if it was what she’d asked or something her brother did that caused it, but she didn’t care. She wanted him fucking her in whatever way he chose.

She turned around to rest on her hands and knees and thrust her ass back against him, urging him to follow through.

“What’s he doing to you, baby? Show me.”

A desperate groan met her ears and he gripped both her hips, pushing her forward slightly. She closed her eyes, waiting to find out what he would do next. Strong fingertips sunk into the flesh of her ass and spread her cheeks wide. A hot gust of air hit her puckered asshole, making it tighten and tingle just before his hot tongue probed and swirled.

“Oh, is that what he’s doing to you right now? Do you like that?” she asked, only to receive a muffled response accompanied by another puff of hot air against her ass, followed by a low groan. He pulled away for a second, then resumed with fervor, squeezing her ass harder and thrusting his tongue past her tight barrier. The sensation wasn’t unwelcome, but still made her gasp in surprise and pleasure.

Aurin stretched an arm back behind her, threading her fingers through Dimitri’s hair and urging him to keep going with a gentle push. She couldn’t remember ever having a lover quite so eager or versatile, or so sweetly curious about her nature. It warmed her to her core to feel such acceptance as opposed to the cautious fear she’d experienced during the time before she’d slept. There was, of course, something even more warming about having a talented tongue thrusting into her ass, and it made the whole situation even more delicious. Her pussy was ripe and dripping with juices now, so thick with arousal it felt like a hard knot of flesh between her thighs, but she was patient.

Her patience was rewarded a second later when Dimitri shifted a skittering palm up her side and cupped her breast, tweaking her nipple hard enough to make her cry out, but the sharp bite of pain was tempered by his tongue slipping down between her thighs and thrusting into her wet snatch, teasing at her swollen clit, then moving back to resume licking at her ass.

She no longer cared whether he was mirroring what her brother was doing to him. Not that her brother could’ve been doing that anyway. Nor thrusting a pair of fingers deep into her pussy while his tongue swirled around her tight, puckered asshole. Dimitri still seemed to be trying to honor her request, though. Every few minutes he’d pause and switch, tonguing her ass one second, then biting her ass cheeks, then stroking her clit. Then the pair of fingers he’d been fucking her soaking pussy with slid up and prodded tentatively at her tight opening. When she pushed back, he moaned and pressed them in.

“Oh, God, you’re tight,” he murmured.

“Are his fingers in your ass, too? Tell me, baby. Do you like that?”

“Uh huh. Fuck, it feels nice. It all feels so fucking amazing. I want to fuck your ass so hard you scream. Can I fuck you now, or do I have to wait for him?”

Aurin bit her lower lip hard, trying to resist an overeager response. She might just fall in love with this lovely human man. So considerate, but so eager. She should make him wait just a little, but oh, did she want exactly what he did.

“You may fuck me, but fuck my wet cunt first. Make sure my juices are coating you well enough before you switch.”

“But I’m too big, I think. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Her heart swelled just a little more at that.

“No, sweet thing, you won’t hurt me. I want that thick cock inside me. The lubrication is to make it better for you. Go on, fuck my pussy with it.”

He obeyed, pressing the tip against her and sliding in. Oh, sweet Mother, did he feel good, so hot and hard. Once he was solidly seated deep inside, he even gave a hard little push, just to be sure. But that might have been a result of whatever her brother was doing back there, judging from the harsh grunt that had accompanied it.

He gripped her hips and began fucking, resuming the fingering of her ass with one hand while he moved. Soon she became lost, the pleasure of his cock rubbing against all the sensitive places inside her sending a myriad of tiny jolts straight to her brain. The intensity made the room all fuzzy.

He let out a deep groan and paused, his cock pulsing against her pussy walls. His fingers departed from her ass and he slipped out of her, sliding his slick, swollen tip between her ass cheeks and pushing. She pushed back, urging him deeper, relaxing against his steady pressure until his girth stretched the ring of tight muscle and penetrated her fully. They both sighed when he slid deep in. Another little lurch drove him even deeper and he grunted again, leaning across her back much the way he’d prostrated himself over her head when Aurik had been fucking him earlier, but this time she knew she would get to come finally. And she was very close.

“Aurik,” Dimitri gasped in a harsh whisper. “Oh, fuck, yeah. Fuck my ass like that.”

Aurin shared the same sentiment, but was too far gone to articulate it. Now that he was spread across her back with his hands slipping alternately across her breasts and between her thighs, nothing else mattered.

He found her clit in the midst of his own grunts and desperate rutting into her backside. All it took was a steady little rub against the hypersensitive bundle, coupled with a tweak of one nipple, and she might as well have been flying again for the first time in centuries. Yet flying had never felt quite that good.

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