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Chapter Eight

Dimitri regained consciousness amid a tangle of limbs and long golden hair. If there was ever a Heaven, he was sure he’d died and ended up there. He lay on his side, one tousled head rested against his dead left arm. He looked down expecting to see Aurin, but the incongruous press of soft breasts into his back confused him. No, that was Aurik with his cheek and drooling mouth plastered against Dimitri’s skin. Dimitri smiled at the undignified presence, so far removed from the regal dragon he’d seen earlier.

He glanced down past Aurik’s head to where the dragon’s hand clutched his cock in a loose grip. He felt his flesh tingle and grow taut under Aurik’s hand. Before they’d collapsed into a blissful, exhausted sleep, he remembered the two dragons laying claim to different body parts of his.

“I want his tongue,” Aurin had said.

“Then I want his cock,” Aurik replied.

“I want all of you both, all the time,” Dimitri interjected. He grinned to himself, remembering the stunned expressions they’d given him.

“You can’t own us,” Aurin said.

“No? Then you can’t own me, either. If you want to, I’ll gladly sign a contract, but there’s no divvying up of body parts, all right? It makes me feel like you want to slaughter me for meat.”

They’d both looked contrite and apologized, reassuring him that they had no intention of eating him. They only intended to fuck him. Then Aurin had given him a wicked little smile and caressed the medallion-shaped tattoo she’d etched into his collarbone. He’d already forgotten about that, along with the matching mark Aurik had given him. Brands were what they were, really. They did own him. Body and soul. And the knowledge was frankly transcendent. He no longer felt like he was drifting, lost in the ether without Thea’s love or his brother’s balance to give his life roots.

The slack hand around his cock tightened and he gasped. Looking down, he saw Aurik’s goateed face gazing up at him with suggestive yellow eyes.

“You feel ready again,” Aurik observed. The dragon shifted lower, his muscular figure sliding down Dimitri’s thigh. He ran his lips along the length of Dimitri’s cock, the journey fascinating Dimitri almost as much as the sensation of smooth, warm lips against his shaft. Butterflies. Oh, fuck, that was what he was thinking? He tilted his head back with a groan while the butterflies flitted around his cock. Then Aurik flicked his velvety forked tongue over the tip and Dimitri was reminded of the truth. Dragon tongue. As if butterflies were better? He needed better fantasies.

“Oh, that’s nice. What else can you do with that tongue?”

The figure behind him stirred and Aurin slipped her arm around to caress his chest.

“Hmm, I have a tongue too. What do you want, sweet thing?”

His insides melted at Aurin’s sleepy look. She regarded him expectantly from puffy lids visible through a fringe of tangled blonde hair.

“You want to make me feel good?”

“Yeah,” she said, her voice husky in a way that made his cock twitch under Aurik’s tongue. Could he really ask for what he wanted? Hell, he’d try it. All she could do was say no, right?

“Do to me what your brother did before.”

Her eyes lit up, and that was the thing that sent him over completely. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for these two. Especially not now, with her tongue torturing his ass enough to make him shove his cock deep into Aurik’s throat.

No. Dimitri was pretty solidly in love with the both of them. Aurin’s tongue in his ass had a little to do with it. Any girl willing to do that on a first date was a keeper. And Aurik had done it first. More than that, he finally felt balanced again, but in a weird way, maybe his life had nothing to do with balance anymore. Maybe with them, he was the fulcrum. The realization let him relax and give in. He came hard in Aurik’s mouth with Aurin still shoving her tongue into his ass.

Released from the burden of grief, now he had a new burden. He looked between the two dragons. They’d just pleasured him, but were obviously eager for him to return that favor, which he would.

But just as he reached for Aurin and had his hand about her thigh, everything went utterly dark.

All Dimitri heard was a whisper of movement. Aurin and Aurik moved away from him, leaving him cold and alone.

He heard soft words coming from nearby. “The Shadow’s door is open.”

“Aurin, is that you?”

Her warm flesh slipped back into his arms in the dark.

“I’m here,” she said, caressing his cheek to comfort him.

“Who’s the Shadow?” he asked.

“He’s our brother,” they said in unison.

“You don’t sound excited about that. I’m guessing this means someone …” He paused, remembering what Kris had said to Corey before he’d opened the door. If Corey was meant for the Queen, that left one member of their party unaccounted for. “This means Hallie just opened the door. Is she safe with this … Shadow person?”

“Oh, he won’t hurt her,” Aurin said.

“No,” Aurik said. “But I hope she likes dragons with dark moods.”

“I take it he’s not a glowing, golden beauty like you two?”

Aurin shuddered. “Kol is the exact opposite of us. He was the only dragon who rebelled against the slumber, so the Council made him our keeper.”

“And that means what?”

Aurik answered. “It means he’s been awake the entire time, his Shadow patrolling the temple for five centuries keeping watch over us. He’s probably gone crazy by now.”

“It would drive me crazy,” Aurin said.

“Do we need to go?” Dimitri asked. Aurin’s soft cheek rubbed against his chest when she shook her head. Gilded breath erupted from Aurik to the other side of him, casting the three of them in a warm glow for a moment until it dissipated.

“It’ll be dark until your friend has completed that phase,” Aurik said. “We just need to wait it out. Then we go join the others for the next phase.”

“Hmm,” Dimitri hummed and pulled Aurin tighter. “I heard something about a well that needs filling. How can I help?”

Aurin’s lips pressed against his in the dark. Limbs moved around him, but he couldn’t be sure who was where at first. He felt weightless in the pitch black of the room, drifting off like a lost mote on the breeze. Then Aurin’s hot wetness sank down onto his cock and the muscled length of another hard body slid down beside him. Dimitri reached out, aimlessly searching until Aurik’s hips shifted and his cock pressed up against Dimitri’s fingers.

“Thank you,” he said softly, unable to find other words to express his gratitude more fully than that, but resolving to return the favor in any way he could until their shared darkness dissipated.

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