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Evil Binds

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Sienna I wasn't prepared for what I would find that night. I also wasn't prepared for him. trapped with no way out taken in the dark of night by a man with no soul to speak of. I would find a way out...I will escape. Donovan I knew it was her the moment I saw her, So innocent and pure. The opposite of me in every way. I wanted her. Needed her. I was going to have her and nobody was going to stand in my way...not even her. Evil binds us together of that i'll make sure. *This is a dark romance, it will not be for everybody. Our hero is not a good man. This will be a story of good meets evil. Trigger warnings include: Dubious consent, murder, assault, talk of abuse.

Romance / Horror
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Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to change their colors. I admired the world around me as I walked down Main St to meet Molly and Kendra for coffee. Saturday morning coffee has really begun to be a tradition for us. I could see them at our usual back booth as soon as I walked into Joe's Coffee House. Joe smiled giving me a wave as I walked in. Black Mountain was small everybody knows everybody type of town and I loved and hated it at the same time.

"Coffee's on the table Sienna" Joe shouted across the counter. I was a creature of habit and hardly stayed from my caramel macchiato. "Thanks Joe" I gave a wave before sliding into the booth next to Kendra. Her golden blonde hair perfectly curled as usual a stark contrast to her sister Molly's straight indigo locks.
"We're going out tonight" Kendra said it as if it was fact. I didn't go out...not often at least. Really only when the two of them dragged me. I looked to Molly who was already nodding her head in agreement. once the two of them got started it was hard to talk them out of something. despite looking so different Kendra and Molly were exactly the same.
"I really don't wanna go to The Lazy Dog again guys we did that last weekend" I was tired of going and getting drunk at the only bar we had in town.
"Oh we're not going to the bar" Molly's smile was devious and that was never a good sign, not on either of them. "We're going out to old man Hayward's place" Kendra piped in not the least bit concerned with the confusion clear on my face.
"And why would we be going there? Its out in the middle of nowhere Ken" I picked up my coffee taking a sip and sighing at the warm taste of caramel on my tongue. Nobody made a cup of coffee better than Joe and I refused to believe otherwise.
"The circus is in town" Molly was absolutely beaming. I didn't quite understand why. It was just the circus we've been plenty of times before and it was Fall, The circus didn't come until summer.
"It's not just any circus Sienna...Its Zion’s House Of Horrors. Haven't you heard the stories?" I had heard the stories who couldn't? They were all over the news. Girls going missing, Bodies found in the rubble left behind, Guests trampled trying to escape. Somehow they haven't been shut down. Maybe they paid off the police or they are just gone as fast as they came never staying in one place more than two days before moving to the next unlucky town. No I definitely was not going to be going no damn way.
"I don't understand why you would want to go to that in the first place its dangerous."
Kendra and Molly downed the rest of their coffee and placed the cups off to the side. "Show her Moll's" Molly pulled a flyer out of her purse. I hadn't seen any of these floating around town so I wasn't sure where she had even picked this up. The flyer had a man on the front his smile evil with blood splatter across his face. He looked like someone who definitely looked like he belonged in a horror movie. In the background of the flyer there were creepy clowns and a shirtless man in a mask holding a bloody machete. It read Zion’s House of Horrors in big red letters with the ink dripping down. Two nights only come if you dare. It was cheesy and very overdone but it got my attention.
“I’ve heard you have to sign a waiver to enter that lets them touch you.” Molly took back the flyer and scanned it over admiring it.
"Cmon Sie live a little, come with us the show starts at 11:00 tonight." I wanted to say no, god I really wanted to say no I could feel it. I knew nothing good would come from this. What kind of friend would I be if I let them go alone? I let out a sigh and finished off my drink. Kendra and Molly clapping obnoxiously and drawing the attention of the other customers in Joe's
"We'll pick you up at 10:00 tonight." I gathered my purse as we all slid out of the booth. I didn't realize what exactly I had just agreed to.
I had begun to pace in my small apartment. It was 9:45 and the girls would be here soon. I was excited and nervous all at once. I knew this was a stupid idea but Molly and Kendra were right, I needed to live a little more. I checked myself once more in the mirror. My dark auburn hair was thrown into a high pony tail and I had gone with the more relaxed jeans and a more fitted shirt. I must have taken longer than I thought when I heard a horn beep outside. "It's now or never Sienna time to live a little"
The ride out to old man Hayward's place took an hour. there were no actual houses out this far just land for miles. I could see the lights coming up in the distance and the line of cars flowing into the field to park. The closer we got I rolled down my window. I could hear the sounds of people laughing and screaming and the distant roar of a chainsaw.
"hurry up and park Moll's I wanna get inside!" Kendra was never the patient one.
Molly looked at me from the rearview mirror as we parked the car. "You ready for this Sie?"
I shrugged "ready as i'll ever be"
A large 3 point black and red tent stood before us. I dont think ive ever seen one so big. It was truly a madhouse out here. people ran in all directions being chased by murderous looking clowns and large masked men wielding chainsaws as they ran after the people all waiting for the tent to open. I scanned the crowed when something caught my eye. a group of men standing on the side of the tent three of them all bloody and shirtless. Tattoos marred each of their bodies sadly I couldn’t make them out in the dark. The one in the middle was holding a machete just like the guy from the flyer. he looked intimidating from his sheer size alone as he scanned the crowed. I swear he felt my staring as he looked in my direction and stopped. He was wearing a mask like on the flyer so I cant say he was looking at me but he never wavered.
I felt a tug on my arm snapping me out of my weird trance. "Let's go Sienna were next in line"
I followed Kendra and Molly up to the ticket booth. the man inside looking every bit like he belonged in the Devil's Rejects movie. "Well hello hello" his eyes scanning us up and down like some creepy predator. "Just the three of you this evening?" Kendra seemed unfazed but she was used to men looking a her like this. She was all of 5'5 with DD tits so she got that kind of attention a lot.
"Three and keep your eyes to yourself asshole!" the man let out a sinister laugh as she handed him the money. "you'll see girl, Sign these.” The man slid three sheets of paper under the glass separating us from him.
“What’s this?” I asked as I took the paper from Kendra.
“It’s a waiver girl ever seen one? You sign it or you don’t get in.” The man hit the glass making all of us jump. He let out a deep chuckle as we signed the papers and slid them back under the glass.
his eyes locked with mine for a second before Molly grabbed my hand and I followed them into the tent I turned my head one last time to where the 3 men once stood but they were gone.
It was packed almost every seat was full. we began to look for a seat when a woman with gorgeous dark brown skin and braids down to the floor stepped in front of us. she had a snake around her neck and next to no clothes on. "you three come with me, I have seats waiting down front"
"But we didn't reserve any seats." I said as I followed behind her anyway.
"I know" she replied from over her shoulder. The seats were right in front all right. There were only two rows of seats down by the stage already full of people as we took the last 3 seats directly in the middle.
The lights inside began to dim and the loud chatter started to die down. I held my breath as one single light lit up the middle of the stage with the bloodied masked man from earlier. He held his machete in one hand and what looked to be a fake severed head in the other dripping with blood. Gasps could be heard throughout the tent as he stood there scanning the crowd. I flinched as he suddenly threw the head at a man in the crowd as the lights cut out.
"This is going to be so good" Kendra could hardly contain herself while I tried my best to adjust my eyes to the pitch black. A loud screech of a microphone made everyone groan. The voice that followed was deep and theatrical.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight. Be prepared to be scared, Horrified even, Dare I say traumatized. This is Zion’s House Of Horror’s after all. Welcome to Hell"

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