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Sudden Seduction

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I was never meant to sleep with my best friends dad. I had never met him before. How could I have known? I came to England to get away from my overbearing mother; my best friend Grace told me I could move in with her until I got myself sorted. Then one night, she ditched me for her boyfriend whilst we were out. That's when I met Owen alone at a bar. One thing led to another, and I ended up in a hotel room with a handsome mystery man only to wake up alone. I never expected to see him again years later at my best friend's wedding as the bride's father. The only thing is the night we spent together; I got pregnant. He has a daughter he never knew about. (Please note that I am dyslexic, so they will be quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes.) Book one of The Forbidden series.

Romance / Erotica
K.A Tilson ❤
4.9 112 reviews
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The doors open, but I don't turn to look as my thoughts go to the mystery man like it does every time I think about my daughter, I start thinking about the moment I laid eyes on him.

I knew I needed to have him. It’s been years since I’ve seen him, but I see him in our daughter every time I look at her sweet, angelic face.

I tried to find him when I got pregnant with her three years ago. I had no luck, but that was ok because my daughter had my best friend and me.

I hear an intake of breath behind me. It's then I turn, but the moment I locked eyes with the mystery man I dreamed about for three years here at Grace’s wedding, I knew then and there I fucked up.

I know my world is going to come crashing down at any moment. Soon as he sees Lacey, he’s going to know she’s his daughter.

How do I explain to my best friend that Lacey is her sister? After all these years, she’s had a sister she never knew about.

My stomach turns at the thought of losing her. I stand up straight when I see he’s heading towards me. I look toward's Lacey to see her and Grace walking back from the bathroom.

Oh no. My eyes go wide, and I try to walk away, but before I do, Owen is standing in front of me. He starts to open his mouth but shuts it just as fast.


Owens’s eyes lock on Lacey’s. I can see the wheel spinning.

“Dad, this is Ellie, my best friend I was telling you about.” How didn’t I know he was her dad? I knew he travelled a lot from what she told me, and when I moved in with her, he was leaving that following day for a job in Sydney.

All of Grace's features are from her mother. She’s the spitting image of her. I never asked that much about her dad because they have a strange relationship.

I see his jaw clench, and I know he’s figured it all out.

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