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Lily is about to start her senior year, living her best life when she catches her boyfriend, Oliver, sleeping with her best friend. With a chance encounter she meets her rivals schools quarterback who decides to help her tick off things Oliver wouldn't let her do, all to distract himself from his own pain.

Romance / Erotica
Evelyn Miller
4.7 42 reviews
Age Rating:

1 - Cheater

**Broken is now published on Galatea!**


The summer between my junior and senior year was one of the best summers of my life.

I spent the long, hot days at the lake with my best friends, Ava, Leah and Harry and of course my boyfriend of two years, Oliver.

At night we would go to different parties, drinking and dancing until the sun came up, then repeat it all over again.

Until today.

Today is mine and Oliver’s second anniversary.

We plan on going for a picnic dinner at a ‘secret’ spot that he found, then we were coming back to my house to spend the evening together. Everything sounds perfect.

“Okay you look so fucking hot right now.” Ava exclaims looking me up and down. I’m wearing a blue and white backless sundress, falling mid thigh. Showing just enough clevage.

“You think he’ll like it?” I ask doing a little spin. “He’s going to love it.” She squeals. “I better get going.” I say grabbing my phone and keys, throwing them into a small cross over bag. “See you tomorrow you sexy thang.” Ava winks slapping my ass as I walk past her.

The whole time I’m driving to Olivers my stomach does flips with excitement. I pull up outside his house, double check my make up in the mirror before climbing out of my car and straightening my dress.

I slowly walk up to his front door trying to calm my butterflies down before I knock on the door. I wait about a minute before knocking again.

I frown slightly to myself when he still doesn’t open the door. Maybe he’s in the shower?

I’m about to try the handle when the door flies open and a disheveled looking Oliver is standing in the doorway. Seeing him standing in front me in his boxers and blonde sex hair I let my anger over take me.

“You mother fucker!” I yell kicking the door open I storm inside to find out who the fuck he’s cheating on me with. “Babe, just calm down. It isn’t what it looks like!” He yells frantically.

I ignore him and throw his bedroom open only to see fucking Leah in her bra and panties. “Lily.” She gasps seeing me. “Are you fucking serious?” I scream at both of them. “How long?” I ask pinching the bridge of my nose trying to calm down.

“This is the first time.”

“Six months.”

Oliver and Leah answer at the same time, respectively. “Six months.” I laugh humourlessly shaking my head. “Lily, let me explain.” Oliver begs grabbing hold of my wrist. “Don’t fucking touch me!” I yell ripping myself free and running outside to my car.

How could he? Two whole fucking years I’ve wasted on him! And Leah! She’s one of my best friends! I never thought she’d do this to me.

I drive on autopilot to one of my favourite spots in the whole city. A running trail just on the outskirts and not to far from my home. I pull up into the small parking lot and get out of the car and start walking, not giving two shits I’m in a dress and sandals.

As I start walking I finally let myself cry. My whole life feels like a lie right now. I’m full on sobbing when someone taps me on the shoulder making me scream.

“Whoa, calm down Princess.” A boy around my age says holding his hands up. “You scared me.” I sniffle wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.

“Are you alright?” He asks gently. “I’m fine.” I answer. “You don’t look it.” He states going to sit on a large rock just off the path. “I’m a good listener.” He says patting the rock for me to sit down.

“I just caught my boyfriend of two years cheating on me with one of my best friends.” I blurt out. “That’s rough.” He whistles. “They’ve been sleeping together for six months!” I exclaim and start pacing in front of him.

“We spent the whole fucking summer together!” I yell kicking a stone, instantly regretting it when pain shoots through my big toe. “I just don’t get it. I mean it’s not like I didn’t put out!” I shake my head.

“And my best friend.” I whisper sitting down next to the stranger. “You’re not going to kill me are you?” I ask skeptically. “I’m not going to kill you.” He chuckles. “Senior year is going to suck.” I grumble pulling my knees up to my chest.

“Do you have other friends?” He asks. “Yes. But Harry is on the same team as Olly and will probably stop talking to me, Ava will probably still be my friend.” I sigh.

“You don’t mean Oliver Kingsley do you?”

“You know him?” I ask turning to look at the stranger, taken back by how beautiful his green eyes are. “We’re kinda mortal enemies.” He winces. “Mason Cooper?” I frown looking him up and down.

Oilver and Mason have been enemies since freshmen year. They’re both the quarterbacks on the school teams, which absolutely hate each other. We’re rivals in everything. Every sport, academics, the graduating numbers, how many teen pregnancies happen. Everything and anything. No one knows how the feud started, all we know is that we hate each other and that’s the way it’s been for at least fifty years.

“You probably don’t want to hear this.” I mumble looking down at my feet. “I kinda like hearing how much he fucked up.” Mason chuckles. “I go to Ridgewood.” I add looking back at him.

“And I go to Greendale.” He replies in a duh tone. “We probably shouldn’t be talking.” I state. “Probably not. But you need someone to talk to and I need a distraction.” He shrugs indifferently.

“What do you need a distraction from?” I ask before I can stop myself. “Life.” He sighs. “You’re a cheerleader right?” He asks changing the subject.“I am.” I sigh wondering if I should just quit the team when school starts.

“I hate it. I only joined because my mom was in cheer and wanted me too. And it’s not like she’s ever home now or comes to watch me.” I babble.

“Oh god and being on the same team as Leah. I couldn’t handle that. I’d want to punch her in the face every chance I got.” I groan and Mason laughs. “It’s not funny.” I snap.

“It’s not.” He agrees quickly. “I’m laughing because I thought you were quite.” I purse my lips together and quirk my head to the side. “I’ve seen you at games before. You never really talked with the others.” He explains himself. “Because they all suck.” I exclaim and he laughs again and agrees.

“Anything else you need to get off your chest Princess?”

“I think I’m good.” I shake my head. “What about you? Want to spill some secrets or have a full on emotional break down in front of me to make me feel better?” I ask. “Maybe next time.” He winks.

“Next time?” My eyebrows shoot up in surprise. “I have to go. But you can text me if you want to talk.” He states handing me a black iPhone. I look at the phone then back at him. Is he serious?

“You’re meant to put your number in.” He says slowly and I roll my eyes punching my number in. “Want me to walk back with you?” He asks slipping his phone into his basketball shorts.

I’m about to tell him I’ll be fine but when I look around noticing the sun is getting lower in the sky and quickly agree. I hate being outside at night time by myself. I’ve watched one to many true crime documentaries.

“How long we’re we talking for?” I ask falling into step with him. “About twenty minutes.” He replies. “Thanks for listening.” I whisper. “Any time Princess.” He smiles sadly kicking a rock with his sneaker.

“If you want to talk, I’m a good listener as well.” I offer sensing something is bothering him. “Like I said. Maybe next time.” He shakes his head as we reach our cars. “Thanks Mason.” I smile opening my door.

“Oh, my name’s Lily by the way.” I say turning around. “I know.” He nods opening his door. I feel my cheeks start to blush so I jump into my car and peel away.

Once I’m home I kick off my shoes and flop down onto the sofa. I should probably ring Ava. I grab my phone from my purse and go to ring her but instead I find myself dialling my mom.

It rings two times before I’m sent to her voicemail.

Great. Not even my own mother wants to talk to me.

I look at myself in the reflection of the black screen when it lights up with a text.

Mom: I’m eating dinner.

I sigh to myself as I read her text. Dad has always travelled for work and mom used to stay home with me but as soon as I turned sixteen she started going on trips with him. It feels like they’re away more than they’re home now days.

I don’t know when I fell asleep but I’m woken by a vibration against my head. It takes me a moment to realise it’s my phone ringing.

“Hello?” I answer my voice heavy with sleep. “Did I wake you?” A male voice comes through. I crack one eye open and pull back my phone to see an unsaved number. “Who is this?” I ask sitting up on the sofa.


“Oh. Hey.” I say looking at the time.


“Sorry.” He mutters before the line goes dead. I frown at my phone wondering what’s just happened. I bit my lip as I think about calling him back.

I mean he let me bitch and moan to him for an hour today, it’s the least I could do, right?

Not giving myself a chance to talk myself out it and I ring him back.

“Look, I’m sorry. Go back to sleep.” His voice comes at soft yet strained. “I’ve already slept three hours.” I say getting up and heading to the kitchen in search of food.

“It’s only midnight.” He chuckles. “In case you’ve forgotten I have had a very emotional day.” I reply finding a frozen pizza and chucking it in the oven. “Fair enough.” He says.

“Do you want to come over and eat pizza?” I offer sitting down at the counter. There’s a pause and I check to make sure he hasn’t hang up again. “What flavour?” He finally replies.


“Text me your address.”

I quickly pull my phone away from my ear and send a text to him. “I’ll be there soon Princess.” He says almost immediately after I hit send.

“See you soon.” I whisper. Holy shit. What the hell am I doing? Why am inviting Mason Cooper over to my house? If Harry or anyone from school finds out my life will be made a living hell.

My internal freak out doesn’t last long as Mason texts to say he’s outside. Why didn’t he knock like a normal person?

I go open the front door and there is standing on my porch dressed in a black hoodie and basketball shorts. “Where’s your car?” I ask peering over his shoulder to look down the street. “I live two streets over.” He half smiles as I open the door wider for him to come inside.

“Sooo.” I draw out as we sit next to each other at the counter, pizza in the middle of us. “You feeling any better?” He asks grabbing a slice. “I do.” I answer honestly. Crying and sleep seemed to help. “I’m more angry than sad now.” I add taking a bite of my slice.

“I think you were pretty mad before.” He smiles down at me. “So are you going to be the stereotypical cheerleader and plot your revenge?” He asks clearing his throat and scrunch my eyebrows.

“Revenge? Sounds like it’d take to much time away from eating and sleeping.”

“So no revenge?” He asks raising his eyebrows. “No. I’m just going to forget it happened.” I sigh knowing it’s easier said than done. “So there something you want to talk about?” I ask finishing the last part of my pizza.

“I’d rather just be distracted.” He sighs and I notice dark circles under his green eyes. “Do you want to go swimming?” I ask standing up. “At the lake?” He questions with an amused smile.

“I have a pool.”

“I don’t have any swim trunks and I don’t think you want to see me naked.”

“I’ve never been skinny dipping.” I say bite my lip nervously. “You haven’t?” He gapes at me. “All my friends have but Olly always said it would make me seem like a slut.” I mumble feeling myself blush. “He’s an idiot.” Mason snorts rolling his eyes.

“So what? All your friends went skinny dipping while you were in a swimsuit?” He questions. “I sat on the shore.” I mutter wishing I never brought it up. “Well come on then Princess.” Mason smiles standing up. “Are you serious? I’m not getting naked in front of you.” I gasp looking at him with wide eyes.

“It’s not like I’m going to look.” He rolls his eyes and for some reason I feel slightly hurt. “Live a little.” He adds pushing his lips together. “Unless you’re a chicken.” He smirks.

“I’m not a chicken.” I state confidentiality standing up. “I’ll believe it when I see it.” He sing songs. “Come on.” I demand stomping towards the kitchen door.

“You might want to get towels for afterwards! Unless you like running around your house naked!” He calls after me. I turn around and stomp past him, not saying a word and grab two towels before shoving them in his arms and keep stomping outside.

Once I’m outside standing at the edge of the pool I don’t feel as confident as I just did. “You promise you won’t look?” I ask quietly as I feel Mason come stand next to me.

“I promise.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” I add turning my head to look at him. “If I did, I’d be admitting to being with someone from Ridgewood. That’s social suicide and I actually want to enjoy my senior year.” He replies.

I take a deep breathe closing my eyes as I reach for the zipper on the back of my dress. I struggle to reach it and huff. I’m about to just pull it over my head but instead I feel Mason’s fingers brush my bare skin softly, goosebumps breaking out on my skin, then he slowly unzips my dress.

I let it drop to the ground and pool at my feet. Mason’s hands touch the middle of my back giving me a small fright, then I realise he’s undoing my barely there strapless bra.

Once my bra has joined my dress I take another deep and slide my panties off. I look to my left to be greeted by Mason’s chest.

His eyes focused on the pool in front of us. “Ready Princess?” He asks turning his face to look at me.

True to his word his eyes don’t stray further than my face. “I’m ready.” I say and grab his hand. “Three, two, one.” He counts down lowly before we jump into the cool water.

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