All These Years

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Chapter 11

I'm walking into the bank to start another uneventful, mundane day. Now that I've learned everything, my life seems so boring and I've been left wanting more. Margo won’t stop talking about the party and she goes on and on about how much fun she had, from what parts she can remember. Thank god she didn’t remember me leaving, I am not going to explain that to her. And listening to her continuous rambling all morning is what makes me admit to myself the decision I've already made.

Lunch finally rolls around and I'm absolutely ready to get away from work completely. Shane fills my every thought and I want to see him again, I want to be close to him. If I'm being totally honest I want much more than just being close to him. I shake the dirty thoughts out of my mind before they betray me and my body starts to react. I send him a text asking him what he is up to and get his response only seconds later.

*In a meeting, are you on lunch at work yet?* he asks and the quick response makes me smile.

" What are you smiling at over there?" Margo taunts " did you meet a hot guy at the party and have an amazing start to the new year?" she wiggles her eyebrows and all I can do is roll my eyes at her. " ok, keep your dirty little trists to yourself then"

*Yes. I was hoping you weren’t busy. Honestly, I wanted to see you for a little while.*

His second response takes longer to come than his first, but a few minutes later my phone buzzes with his response.

*I ended my meeting. I’m on my way, see you in a moment.*

That's not what I was expecting at all. But I can't stop the giddy feeling that comes over me while reading it. I know his business has to be important and the thought of him ending meetings to come eat lunch with me in the middle of the day sends my confidence soaring.

About ten minutes later a black SUV pulls up out front and Finn gets out to stand guard against the passenger side door. I quickly walk to the door before Shane can make his way inside. I know Margo will ask me a million questions about it if Shane Dillenger walks in here to collect me for lunch. He is standing next to Finn by the time I reach the front doors with a smile spread across his beautiful face.


" Shane, you didn’t have to end your meeting just to come see me.” I try my best to scold him but my giddy smile is a stark contrast to the words I try to reprimand him with.

" Oh but I definitely wanted to. Come on let’s get lunch.”

We climb into the truck and take off downtown. We end up at a nice restaurant a few blocks away that I had never been to and make our way inside.

We eat, talk and laughed like there had been no time lapse in between when we’d last spent time together like this. I notice the way he glances at me and I try to hide the way it makes me feel.

" Would you like to come over and watch a movie or I don’t know just hang out tonight?” I find myself asking when I catch his eyes on me again.

" I’d love that” he simply says with a smile on his face.

" Would Finn have to come too or could it be just us?”

" Finn doesn’t follow me everywhere, He'd follow me into the toilet just to make sure I don't fall in I'm sure but he knows his boundaries.” He laughs.

I know my face is red beyond belief. I want him alone to tell him that I'm going to accept this life, sight unseen because I want him, I want all of him. That I’d accept anything to be with him. Even though I think he already knows it.

“Come on. I’ll take you back to work.”

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